2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]

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  1. 2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]: http://youtu.be/o1HEN3t3SIc
  2. The fun rapper, The O.G. and the new spitter this is the perfect combination. 
  3. One of my fave songs of all time. Love the instrumentals 
  4. I miss "this" 2 chainz. The mainstream 2 chainz is wack
  5. Unreal 
  6. i hate 2chainz, but this is track is da shit !
  7. whoopi's ok, i agree i wish she would stay underground with the rap game but shes one of my favorite rappers in the game right now # Goldberg.
  8. Krit one of da realist, trilliest, and true rappers in da game. Now watch everybody jump on his band Wagon in a lil bit, but shout out to all the original BIG K. R. I. T. Fans.... Awready!! 
  9. The Kenny G sample was perfect on this! 
  10. It's ironic that 2 Chains has on a Spud Webb jersey
  11. write that trick a loveee letter
  12. And you know who produced this.. #YungKrizzle #BigKRIT #Cadillactica #TrillOG 
  13. BIG SANT mothafucka OG
  14. Dopest rapper outta Mississippi right now. Nice to see him tellin the 662 so well; I'm comin for you, though, KRIT! Lol
  15. So...2 chainz was a dope rapper but then became shit? What happened
  16. All the credit should go to the musician playing that saxophone. 
  17. Krit killed it.
  18. I swear, my nigga KRIT be gettin slept on. Hardest verse.
  19. 2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]: http://youtu.be/o1HEN3t3SIc
  20. The beat is by KRIT right? Sounds like a typical krit beat
  21. This beat is MURDER! When I hear beats like this, for some reason I think of poetry, and video games like Sly Cooper and Conker's Bad Fur Day. I don't know why though! ahahahaha
  22. KRIT
  23. Krit is the only thing that makes it worth listening.
  24. Nig fell off after the robbery, fake trap clown 
  25. Bun B killed it!
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