2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]

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  1. I miss "this" 2 chainz. The mainstream 2 chainz is wack
  2. One of my fave songs of all time. Love the instrumentals 
  3. KRIT
  4. Got a starting 5...
  5. R.I.P PIMP C... Would have been dope if he was on this cut
  6. The fun rapper, OG and the new spitter, man this is the perfect combination. 
  7. Nig fell off after the robbery, fake trap clown 
  8. Bun B killed it!
  9. I swear, my nigga KRIT be gettin slept on. Hardest verse.
  10. O-FF-ICIAL!!! Beat is one of a kind!!!!
  11. you're a true fan of Hip-Hop if u know what song they got the hook from...
  12. they shoulda thrown this track in GTA 
  13. +Esther Fran this is more me
  15. Get deep in the mind of a pro...take her where she never been, but where she wanna go. - KRIT
  16. my idol 2chainz my nig...Aint it!
  17. Love the way Bun attacks his verse, just comes hard with it from the get. 
  18. Pree dopee 
  19. This is 3 tha hard way!! Smooth jazz traxx
  20. Rip pimp c 2chainz is pimpc j.r
  21. All the credit should go to the musician playing that saxophone. 
  22. Ugk reprise...he couldn't of done it without the king himself "BUN B" it's only right...classic !!!!
  23. I even pimp in my sleep hahaha