2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big Krit - Pimps [VIDEO]

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  1. whoopi's ok, i agree i wish she would stay underground with the rap game but shes one of my favorite rappers in the game right now # Goldberg.
  2. I miss "this" 2 chainz. The mainstream 2 chainz is wack
  3. *reppin
  4. So...2 chainz was a dope rapper but then became shit? What happened
  5. One of my fave songs of all time. Love the instrumentals 
  6. Dopest rapper outta Mississippi right now. Nice to see him tellin the 662 so well; I'm comin for you, though, KRIT! Lol
  7. big krit is the shit.! like this verse 
  8. Krit is the only thing that makes it worth listening.
  9. The beat is by KRIT right? Sounds like a typical krit beat
  10. What album is the intro song on?
  11. my idol 2chainz my nig...Aint it!
  12. Krit is the only thing that makes it worth listening.
  13. Love the way Bun attacks his verse, just comes hard with it from the get. 
  14. you're a true fan of Hip-Hop if u know what song they got the hook from...
  15. Krit sick shout out miss
  16. The fun rapper The O.G. and the new spitter this is the perfect combination. 
  17. 2:02 Like Bun B Dont Like THAT SHIT
  18. And you know who produced this.. #YungKrizzle #BigKRIT #Cadillactica #TrillOG 
  19. 0 L
  20. I swear, my nigga KRIT be gettin slept on. Hardest verse.
  21. Nig fell off after the robbery, fake trap clown 
  22. I agree with both of yall fam. KRIT got the spirit/energy of PIMP C. One of only few new niggas that really representin. Much respect to BIG KRIT!
  23. KRIT
  24. R.I.P PIMP C... Would have been dope if he was on this cut
  25. This beat is MURDER! When I hear beats like this, for some reason I think of poetry, and video games like Sly Cooper and Conker's Bad Fur Day. I don't know why though! ahahahaha