2 year old asian guitar prodigy improvises song stuns audiences

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Child guitar genius improvises new song. Amazing dexterity and rythm while singing. Looks like Dora the explorer.

  1. This is adorable.
  2. This was so cool already grasping the concept. 
  3. Thats shit I was expecting her to play the song not sibg random wordd
  4. Seriously? you call that a guitar prodigy? She's a ukulele prodigy.
  5. That's Fantastic! What an improvement over that other song. I am truly impressed and I don't impress easily.
  6. 1. Not a guitar 2. Not a prodigy
  7. prodigy?
  8. Didididididora!
  9. Only in North Korea :-)
  10. Another talentless idiot!
  11. watta fuckin cunts that dislike dis ...
  12. amazing! if she is really improvising, then that is really phenomenal for her age
  13. We Asians ROCK!!!!!
  14. so cute
  15. pretty in pink! >.<
  16. because it says "asian" in the title, 2,179,053 bit..
  17. Very cute!!!
  18. I think I'm better than her, maybe!
  19. fuckin asians, they can do everything better than justin beiber
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  21. Horrible.
  22. prodigy??
  23. She needs to work on her F#m bar chords. lol
  24. Because us asians are
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