2008 Soo Bahk Do Forms

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The incredible Master Frank Tsai! He makes it look so easy. What more can I say?

  1. well, tsd and tkd originally were just korean karate using karate forms till the 60s on up when they morphed into uniquely koreanized kicking arts with there own forms(TKD) tang soo do taught the karate katas up until black belt then they taught the chinese forms Sorim jangkwon(shaolin long fist) taegukkwon(taijiquan 88 form) and dam doi ship ee rho(12 road tan tui) and soo bahk do uses new forms- which is the three chinese forms above recreated into chilsung n yuk rho forms.
  2. Wow that's amazing. My petty 8th gup skills are nothing compared to this. It's people like Master Tsai beginners such as I awe and aspire towards.
  3. I apologize for my ignorance, but what is this form called? Thanks : )
  4. @janbjorn13 cream of sung yung gai
  5. I take this. I love it. Master goes hard on us though when I go on Fridays.
  6. Woooow frikin amazing *W*
  7. I am not Master Tsai but here's what he'd say I'm confident. The mere fact that you have reached 8th gup is reason enough for you to be confident that as long as you continue, one day you'll be where Master Tsai is in this form demonstration! KWK50
  8. @EugeneRFitzpatrick And I agree, Shotokan Karate, beautiful.
  9. fantastic!!
  10. are you asking if anyone know's this guy? sure, i do. he's my master lol :P
  11. i must say i saw oen of my seeners do that forms im oraneg belt :D Lol
  12. hey who did Hwang Kee train under?
  13. is that coral springs gymnasium?
  14. This is Master of Han-Dol Danbury CT. His forms are pretty much flawless.
  15. Guys, one question for you: in Soobahkdo you learn the applications of your forms? do you have a "bunkai" work or something similar? thanks and congratulations for your art!
  16. Soo Bahk!
  17. You can see the taijiquan moves in this video and other chil sung yuk rho forms of soo bahk do, like here the slow moves are the same as taijiquans like Brush knee,slantin,roll back and push, the arms like a pole were u have both arms straight from the front n back are from Shi Er Tan tui. as are the rolling punches and hammer strikes. the tornado kick is from shaolin Long Fist and so is the double broom sweep into a crane stance upper cutt. there just REALLY karate-ized if u ask me.
  18. Yang Kuk Jin. Also, it is argued by some that he may have also studied under Won Kuk Lee (Chung Do Kwan).
  19. You are amazing Sa Bom Nim Tsai! Truly flawless! check out moodoweb.com
  20. Wow. Amazing tension relaxation, inspiring form to watch.
  21. so they do share the same technical background. Well I can can indeed see the difference between SBD and Shoto-kan, but where does this difference come from? Wu-shu or other chinese martial art?
  22. Do you mean Byung-In Yoon - the founder of the YMCA Kwon Bup? If so, that's interesting, since Byung In Yoon also learned Chuan Fa in Manchuria. Who knows, they might have known each other.
  23. yes i can...the moo duk kwan was found back in the 1940's in south korea... from there it branched into the most popular being tae kwon do.. and tang soo do moo duk kwan... then about 15-20 years ago they changed to Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.. and it still carries the most original of traditions, and the source from where those separate arts originate
  24. @EugeneRFitzpatrick The punchs are not good enough, the position of them is bad for the wrists but nice demostration, I think.
  25. Form is Chil Sung Yuk Ro Hyung