360 - Boys Like You (feat. Gossling)

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Video for 360's Boys Like You (feat. Gossling) featuring Gossling & Ruby Rose. Album Falling & Flying out now.

  1. hahaha omg i remember when I liked this! :')
  2. if I had a lizard.
  3. 360! Respect. He was the only person at the concert to give a heart felt apology to NZ for the missing acts. (Lamar and OF) Plus he's just genuinely great to listen to.
  4. Love dis song so Suck it haters
  5. Best song ever 
  6. love this song
  7. Well... I'm actually from Mexico and I've just heard this song today. I liked it from the first time! :) There's nothing wrong about it, but you know... haters work it's just "hate". Let them be, doesn't pay attention to them, it's all they want. ;)
  8. Came here for gossling
  9. no matter how old this gets it'll still be fucking amazing, this is my jam
  10. Who is that goddess
  11. Cynta <3s 360
  12. Fuck this shit listen to a real rapper ekselone on soundcloud
  13. Oh my god, your music is as shit as you
  14. One of my favourite songs 💕
  15. Is that Ruby Rose?
  16. This song is great!
  17. i love this song!! i just watched him live at rapture in nz hes got such a sikk live show..much respect real ass rapper
  18. Story of my life...
  19. Why do people hate this song? This is a great song... (Says an Australian) ---Ben the Sheep :/
  20. k I'm from america and I ran across this song. I have no clue what any of you are talking about but I kinda like the song... Is that bad?? 
  22. I am Australian
  23. It's odd to hear a Aussie rap
  24. 360 went to my school!!! yeah man
  25. Hahahahahahahaaaaa Oakes. "Whitest country in the world". That's a good one. Especially when Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Get your facts straight. this song is sick, reminds me of Aussie indie mixed with Aussie hip hop (even though I'm pretty sure it's just Aussie hip hop) awesome song, my favorite hip hop song in general.