360 - Boys Like You (feat. Gossling)

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Video for 360's Boys Like You (feat. Gossling) featuring Gossling & Ruby Rose. Album Falling & Flying out now.

  1. crazy how 360 got so big 
  2. 360! Respect. He was the only person at the concert to give a heart felt apology to NZ for the missing acts. (Lamar and OF) Plus he's just genuinely great to listen to.
  3. Best song ever 
  4. Love dis song so Suck it haters
  5. if I had a lizard.
  6. hahaha omg i remember when I liked this! :')
  7. Red wine and australian rapper 360 ( http://youtu.be/HDGSlfXsRiw ) about to hit the pokerstars poker table with my neighbours.... ahhh, end of the week I love you.
  8. ♥
  9. If anyone from America is watching, please know we hate this faggot, ashamed he's aussie.
  10. Story of my life...
  11. Fuck this shit listen to a real rapper ekselone on soundcloud
  12. Why do people hate this song? This is a great song... (Says an Australian) ---Ben the Sheep :/
  14. great local talent, right here...
  15. Just watching the ARIA's and gotta say, love this song!!!!!
  16. 360 - Boys Like You (feat. Gossling)
  17. http://youtu.be/HDGSlfXsRiw
  18. k I'm from america and I ran across this song. I have no clue what any of you are talking about but I kinda like the song... Is that bad?? 
  19. WTF did i just witness? I wouldn't even want my worst enemy to stumble upon this guy's music
  20. Is that Ruby Rose?
  21. Oh my god, your music is as shit as you
  22. all you shit hots gangsters; give us aussies a go. With real stories.
  23. cant stop listening to thiss
  24. Ruby Rose?
  25. Well... I'm actually from Mexico and I've just heard this song today. I liked it from the first time! :) There's nothing wrong about it, but you know... haters work it's just "hate". Let them be, doesn't pay attention to them, it's all they want. ;)