360 - Boys Like You (feat. Gossling)

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Video for 360's Boys Like You (feat. Gossling) featuring Gossling & Ruby Rose. Album Falling & Flying out now.

  1. Is this a joke song? I hope it is. It's terrible
  2. crazy how 360 got so big 
  3. her voice is amazing omg!
  4. who the fuck is this Mac Miller wanna be
  5. Hi, I do not know what I did not make available over Poland that your music in our country, where, and love it is provided for a great song, but apparently we are not worthy of our ears............
  6. Yo 6, legendary song with a tad of reggae. KrispeKay's emerging as an Aussie rap artist, too: http://www.reverbnation.com/krispekay
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa this is so bad
  8. its amazing i loveeeee ;)
  9. He totally got her pregnant. 
  10. 360 the fucking madest mother fucking from australia hilltop hoods and 360 to do a album or a track
  11. You and your raps are absolutely terrible you might have your fans fooled but you're simply an idiot, a piece of talentless centre-link trash. I know your fanboys will reply to me saying i couldn't rap any better but atleast i don't attempt to rap like you, your dumb, piece of garbage bogan cunt.
  12. this video is fuckin depressing lol
  13. 360! Respect. He was the only person at the concert to give a heart felt apology to NZ for the missing acts. (Lamar and OF) Plus he's just genuinely great to listen to.
  14. is this the song that plays in transformers?
  15. bad song bad film clip bad tattoos
  16. Who the fuck is Mc Miller
  17. fuck this cunt is so shit 
  18. Atleast 360 don't only talk about Hoes, Money and cars..
  19. epic song
  20. Poppin three-0`s!
  21. hes a douche i watch for helen
  22. 360 is a mad dog and cant wait for his Eutopia tour
  24. looks like mickeys got his cock out with cum dripping off it you gay cunt
  25. if I had a lizard.
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