5 people covering Somebody that I used to know on one Uke, walk off the earth...Trace...'TIL 4AM!

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Cover of a cover.... TRACE not pronounced trah see ay, but that would be cool. Just a few of the bartenders (who were perfectly cast) making a video for our Bottleneck MGMT company party! WOTE did a great job and we borrowed the song! Great original Video!!!

  1. READ THE DESCRIPTION... haters... 
  2. READ THE DESCRIPTION... haters... 
  3. Fake
  4. 5 people faking it.
  5. That's not a fucking cover, they just stole the original song and ad-libbed on it... What a let down....
  6. That lip sync.... unlike haha
  7. Majarones saturantes.
  8. OMG that's soooo FAKE OMG 
  9. Fail
  10. OMFG !! this is a Walk off the earth cover song.. i dont know how this tards can steal it. .' a big unlike for us !!
  11. They fucked up the real cover
  12. AMAZING!
  13. Thought the dark haired girl was a guy :P
  14. When she was singing :P
  15. :)) Funny =))
  16. stupid lip sync
  18. LOSER
  19. wa'y ayo inyo oie!
  20. looking at the girl in the middle spook me out..ohh now m gona have nightmares..
  21. haha noob!!
  22. buhay paba sila??? sarap pata>>n ang mga yan..lakas ng tama ng katol!!!
  23. increible !
  24. stupid vid. retared dushbags...
  25. Holy shit !!!!
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