5 people covering Somebody that I used to know on one Uke, walk off the earth...Trace...'TIL 4AM!

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Cover of a cover.... TRACE not pronounced trah see ay, but that would be cool. Just a few of the bartenders (who were perfectly cast) making a video for our Bottleneck MGMT company party! WOTE did a great job and we borrowed the song! Great original Video!!!

  1. Is the girl in the middle being inappropriately touched?
  2. this is an abomination all the pople who took part in this video should be killed brutally or locked up to prevent future atrocities like this
  3. Turn the regio off
  4. wow 
  5. Fail
  6. Fake
  8. OMFG !! this is a Walk off the earth cover song.. i dont know how this tards can steal it. .' a big unlike for us !!
  9. That lip sync.... unlike haha
  10. That's not a fucking cover, they just stole the original song and ad-libbed on it... What a let down....
  11. They fucked up the real cover
  12. OMG that's soooo FAKE OMG 
  13. nisiquiera tocan
  14. READ THE DESCRIPTION... haters... 
  15. 5 people faking it.
  16. READ THE DESCRIPTION... haters... 
  17. Daha dün annemizin kollarında uyurken Çiçekli bahçemizin yollarında koşarken :) Giriş müziği :)
  18. Majarones saturantes.
  19. When she was singing :P
  20. Thought the dark haired girl was a guy :P
  21. いったい。。。
  22. :)) Funny =))
  23. stupid lip sync
  24. El nota del gorrito a la derecha ¿que hace?
  25. いったい。。。
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