50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. Ill take you to the candy shop
  2. I'll take ya to da candy shop, I'll let ya lick mah dick, go head girl dont u stop, now girl dont you stop!
  3. I really thought he was talking about candy when I was younger.
  4. +Jesper Persson 
  5. Can I visit your candy shop? ;)
  6. #50Cent
  7. When I was Grade. 5, my Mum would always play this for me in the car, and I'd sing the chorus... But, now, I'm fully educated of what sexuality is, and listening to this song now.... Wow, I was so blind! No wonder my Mum would video tape me singing it! XD
  8. Hmm.. I shouldnt have been singing this as a kid.. that must have looked really silly ("=.=)
  9. Listening 2 this while playin Candy Crush. thumbs up if ya doin that same
  10. Anyone else actually thought this song was about candy when they were little?
  11. And when I was little, I thought it was about a Candy Shop selling 50 cent Candies lol 
  12. I fucking LOVE that MOVIE !!! young man XDDD FUCK yeah .. the moment I heard it I was shocked and opened my mouth for a minute while I'm remembering him get slapped by the young guy when he sang it XD
  13. Gosh can't believe I listed to this song and the others 
  14. who else hummed to the beat of this song??
  15. love it
  16. i knew this song since i was 4
  17. I will tack anybody to the candy shop but the only pople I now
  18. My highschool song.....i love 50.
  19. oh its that kind of song haha 
  20. A real classic
  21. i can't believe i used to listen to this when i was nine 😂😂😂
  22. omg I remember when we were little and this boy stood up on a table singing/rapping to this song an we girls stood around him singing with him and stuff .... :'))))
  23. I love this
  24. Definition of simplicity-"Baby if u be a nympho,I'll be a nympho" ;)
  25. Most kids think this is about candy... I'm 9 and I know that its about his dick.. Yup. I just realized I'm that kinda kid. :P