50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. i always get turned on when i listen to this song...sorrynotsorry. ;)
  2. When I was little I thought this song was just about candy...Now I see how wrong I was.
  3. haha omg so many memories :3
  4. This song brings back so many memories XD 
  5. Hmm.. I shouldnt have been singing this as a kid.. that must have looked really silly ("=.=)
  6. Wow, this sure is a nice song about giving a girl a free trip to the candy store. :)
  7. +Serena Xy still like candy?
  8. Can I visit your candy shop? ;)
  10. "I'll take Ciara to the candy shop I'll show her what Future doesn't got..."
  11. When i was little i used to sing this all the time but now i understand
  12. É uma música fixe com batida e é a música mais FIXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. good job 2 quarters, I hear your friends call you 5 dimes, and only your BFF calls you 10 nickels
  14. i will take you to my dickeshop
  15. i always get in the mood when i listen to this song 
  16. dey is talkin greek mythszzz riiight?
  17. I used to sing this when I was 7 and got my first school suspension. Hahah not knowing what I singing!
  18. I will take you to the Shisha spot, we can smoke and never stop lol
  19. omg I remember when we were little and this boy stood up on a table singing/rapping to this song an we girls stood around him singing with him and stuff .... :'))))
  20. Good days of being 8 :)
  21. wow this was when music was good!! Now a days music sucks!
  22. i can't believe i used to listen to this when i was nine 😂😂😂
  23. I wanna go to the candy shop! SPONGEBOB CAN I HAVE 5 CLAMS!
  25. oh its that kind of song haha