50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. Wow, this sure is a nice song about giving a girl a free trip to the candy store. :)
  2. When I was 8, I sang this to my older cousin as a way to tell him I wanted to go to the candy shop (aka that one store in the mall near my house). He started laughing so hard, and now I know why. 
  3. you think this is bad? think of this poor little first graders singing anaconda....... tbh it was the funniest thing xD
  4. But I remember thinking this song actually meant going to a candy shop. Oh.
  5. This was the first MP3 I ever downloaded I think, Limewire days
  6. "I'll take Ciara to the candy shop I'll show her what Future doesn't got..."
  7. Oh my god love this song . I actually thought he was going to buy her a lollypop when I was little ... I feel stupid now •__•
  8. I really thought he was talking about candy when I was younger.
  9. I used to sing this when I was 7 and got my first school suspension. Hahah not knowing what I singing!
  10. When i was 8 i sang this to my older cousin as in a way of asking him to buy me candy from the shop which is near his house He just looked at me and started laughing his fucking head off and now i know why he laughed
  11. when i was like 4 i thought this was about you eat candy, oh god 
  12. I was in high school when this song came out, so I was pretty damn sure what this song was about haha. 
  13. i will take you to my dickeshop
  14. i always get turned on when i listen to this song...sorrynotsorry. ;)
  15. I walked around Wal-Mart singing this "Take me to the candy shop, I will let u have a lollipop" I understand why my mom would cover my mouth and walk faster.....
  16. I will take you to the Shisha spot, we can smoke and never stop lol
  17. When I was younger I asked my mom to go to a candy shop close to my house with this song and I got grounded lol I now know why.
  18. singing this xDD
  19. haha omg so many memories :3
  20. Still listening this in 2015!
  21. 50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics: http://youtu.be/8e0kWkDwtpQ
  23. *grabs $500* could I buy 50 lollipops please
  24. I don't know what year this came out but i remember singing to it younger. I'm 24 now and i never understood the lyrics till today. I'm in shock
  25. they should literally play this at a candy shop...