50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. This was the first MP3 I ever downloaded I think, Limewire days
  2. you think this is bad? think of this poor little first graders singing anaconda....... tbh it was the funniest thing xD
  3. When I was younger around first grade, I would sing this all the time and my parents would burst into laughter... now I know why ._.
  4. When I was 8, I sang this to my older cousin as a way to tell him I wanted to go to the candy shop (aka that one store in the mall near my house). He started laughing so hard, and now I know why. 
  5. My teacher sung this song once. He got fired the same day for having child porn on his laptop. 😳😳😳
  6. Wow, this sure is a nice song about giving a girl a free trip to the candy store. :)
  7. When I was little I thought this song was just about candy...Now I see how wrong I was.
  8. Oh my god love this song . I actually thought he was going to buy her a lollypop when I was little ... I feel stupid now •__•
  9. i always get turned on when i listen to this song...sorrynotsorry. ;)
  10. "I'll take Ciara to the candy shop I'll show her what Future doesn't got..."
  11. When i was 8 i sang this to my older cousin as in a way of asking him to buy me candy from the shop which is near his house He just looked at me and started laughing his fucking head off and now i know why he laughed
  12. I really thought he was talking about candy when I was younger.
  13. Still listening this in 2015!
  14. when i was like 4 i thought this was about you eat candy, oh god 
  15. i will take you to my dickeshop
  16. I used to sing this when I was 7 and got my first school suspension. Hahah not knowing what I singing!
  17. I was addicted to this song when I was younger, oh my god.
  18. I walked around Wal-Mart singing this "Take me to the candy shop, I will let u have a lollipop" I understand why my mom would cover my mouth and walk faster.....
  19. I was in high school when this song came out, so I was pretty damn sure what this song was about haha. 
  20. Back when 50 was killing the game and outselling everybody
  21. I will take you to the Shisha spot, we can smoke and never stop lol
  22. *grabs $500* could I buy 50 lollipops please
  23. I was 9, me and my mom, where in the car and this song was playing and i was singing along. Then, i told my mom, "Mom, I wanna lick all the lollypop in the whole world!". Then she said, "Honey DON'T EVER say that that around boys, just don't". I never understood why but now i know why. Funny how the songs you used to sang back then were about sex. XD
  24. Compare lil kids to secondary school kids These days little kids are listening to dirty songs like this and on the other side secondary school kids are singing and getting hyper for little einsteins