50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. Ya taptap your Money :D
  2. Gosh can't believe I listed to this song and the others 
  3. Anyone else actually thought this song was about candy when they were little?
  4. I'm sure there is more than just a lollipop in a candy shop (Yes I know what he means to)
  5. geiler beat !!
  6. WHOA! I thought it was actually about taking a girl to a legit candy shop. After reading the comments, i understand what it actually means...
  7. so seductive lol jk
  8. really u guys are seriously wierd im fro the music not the nonshit seriusly u guys are fuckin immature
  9. I take you to the cand shop yeayeayeya mmmmm best song
  10. When i was little i used to sing this all the time but now i understand
  11. love song but not that big of a fan of him
  12. He said Magic Stick :DDD
  13. my shit
  14. still better than raps we have now 
  15. Ruined my childhood. My dad is fucked up ._. But, love the beat xD
  16. like girl
  17. DIRTY!!!
  18. damn still has the sexiest beat ever
  19. This song makes me dance! ooh yeaah
  20. First time I have listened to the whole song besides the chorus? Childhood definitely ruined lol :)
  21. This song is funny to me for some reason
  22. omg I love this song
  23. listenin to this song today still turnin tf up!
  24. Dx its not about candy
  25. that's so fuckin song so seductive