50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics

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50 cent Candy Shop Lyrics PLIIIZZ RIGHT C0mment´s

  1. i always get turned on when i listen to this song...sorrynotsorry. ;)
  2. When I was 8, I sang this to my older cousin as a way to tell him I wanted to go to the candy shop (aka that one store in the mall near my house). He started laughing so hard, and now I know why. 
  3. When I was little I thought this song was just about candy...Now I see how wrong I was.
  4. But I remember thinking this song actually meant going to a candy shop. Oh.
  5. Wow, this sure is a nice song about giving a girl a free trip to the candy store. :)
  6. Hmm.. I shouldnt have been singing this as a kid.. that must have looked really silly ("=.=)
  7. I really thought he was talking about candy when I was younger.
  8. Can I visit your candy shop? ;)
  9. I don't know what year this came out but i remember singing to it younger. I'm 24 now and i never understood the lyrics till today. I'm in shock
  10. haha omg so many memories :3
  11. Any boys want to take me to the candy shop ?
  12. LOL I love this song so much!!! it brings back so many memories.LOL I think my mom would kill me if she only knew and if I was still living with her.......Oh well,it has already been done!
  13. Psshhh totally not eating a lollipop right now..and I totally didn't just spit it out
  14. when i was like 4 i thought this was about you eat candy, oh god 
  15. I honestly still don't get what this song means. I think i have an idea but still not sure. Please don't hate.
  16. me and my boy fuck to this song it get's me so horny ;P
  17. This song brings back so many memories XD 
  18. I love this song
  19. When i was little i used to sing this all the time but now i understand
  20. Love the beat to the song and 50's voice perfect combo ;) 
  21. I get turned on for absolutely no reason when I listen to this song I'm sorry I'm not sorry😝
  22. Happy I'm happy to be talking about
  23. "I'll take Ciara to the candy shop I'll show her what Future doesn't got..."
  24. this song is CRACKIN'
  25. the comments are worse than the song guys :/