50 Cent - Still Will ft. Akon

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Music video by 50 Cent performing Still Will. (C) 2007 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

  1. Money change people !! 50 ain't hungry anymore !!
  3. The fuck happened to Akon? Nigga just disappeared.
  4. I broke the bench listening to this...
  5. What up with this censored bullshit man its annoying 
  6. One of my favs from this guy...Akon killed it too
  7. This song is LIFE YO !! THAT'S RIGHT HOMIE, WHITE GIRL LIKES RAPPERS TOO ! lol Iook at me trying to be hip xD
  8. Cause i will kill dip and hide on these niggas, fuck vevo and i toast to that.
  9. curtis was one dope album but humans began to suck after 07 thats why it didn't do well
  10. будучи школьником слушал, нравилась музыка, сейчас понимаю английский язык и смысл, вот это настоящий чёрный рэп, довольно тяжёлый, худ нига гэнста щит :D
  11. esse som eh loko
  13. I love how Akon always is featured to a Hip Hop song. He brings the song to life. Long Live Oldschool Hip Hop/Rap
  14. I still willlll....chill. Nigga this censored shit had me laughin, killed the song. 
  15. Vevo the best for censor music...
  16. this track broke my mothers glass was on speaker.,.,dope beat
  17. Yo Fiddy, I listen to your whole damn video but guess what, gorilla? I ain't scared of you nigga. Big G antics, heavy bass, no effect man, a waste, you shout loud but my words go skin deep, flip a coin at me and I'll drown you while you sleep, you'll still kill? You still will? Get cuffed up and thrown in the cell, where you belong, part of the circus that's where you can sing this song. Yeah I see you e'ey day, and your kids in the yard, you know e'ey things a target once you leave a door ajar. You threaten me nigga I will watch you till you lie dormant, only difference 'tween me and you is that I ain't just the informant.
  18. Like this if ur still watching in 2015!! :D
  19. 1 hour till i fownd this fucking song , 50 ur motherfucking great
  20. How to rape a song? Just ask vevo, they make money with it
  21. Visto em 2015 .. ^^
  22. i bought this off itunes and thought the music was like glitching lagging or something had to come here to confirm lol
  23. 50 cent...just love d guy
  24. diz is Akon's best song ... 50 Killed it !
  25. maaan they butchered this one with the censorship