50 Cent - Still Will ft. Akon

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Music video by 50 Cent performing Still Will. (C) 2007 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

  1. The fuck happened to Akon? Nigga just disappeared.
  2. Yo Fiddy, I listen to your whole damn video but guess what, gorilla? I ain't scared of you nigga. Big G antics, heavy bass, no effect man, a waste, you shout loud but my words go skin deep, flip a coin at me and I'll drown you while you sleep, you'll still kill? You still will? Not when I snipe you from a big hill, camo'd in the bush I'm watching the space above your win'sill. I see your girl too, I like the way she takes off her bra, and walks to the window, as I observe from afar. Yeah I see you e'ey day, and your kids in the yard, you know e'ey things a target once you leave a door ajar. You threaten me nigga I will watch you till you lie dormant, only difference 'tween me and you is that I ain't just the informant.
  3. I still cannot understand why 50cent doesn't want to record more songs :3 :// ...
  4. 50Cent and Akon 100%
  5. Parceria forte.
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh
  7. 50 Cent is incredible. I am a rapper trying to get heard. if you could check out my music and maybe subscribe? Thank you so much for reading peace?
  8. Still in 2014 !!!
  9. dope ass song
  10. Video ended before 50 got put to jail and gang-raped :)
  11. Don't worry Akon we won't look at you wrong. We can't even see you because you're so damn dark! ha
  12. i wanna marry fifty so hard :p 
  13. Whats the first song??
  14. Negão akon
  15. Ummm wait soo umm WHAT!? ya um great message to the kids
  16. Очень давно искал эту песню, наконец то нашел!!! Классный клип!!! 
  18. The OG's wanna talk but i don't know this niggas, and i aint go no business with them i dont owe this niggas..,
  19. 50 he's not only rapper he's an actor too and he's the best in the world
  20. i miss this fucking music !!!
  21. Lembrando quando eu ouvi essa musica pela primeira vez quando tinha 7 anos.
  22. Play your game!!!
  23. love this song
  24. Dahora dms
  25. LMAO he's wearing his Nike's and designer jeans in "prison."