56 Chevy Pickup - $$$$ Spent on Restoration - $OLD!

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Just reduced over $4,000! With over $50K invested--at $19,750 it's an absolute steel! This truck originally had a 1956 GMC cab and was replaced by a 1956 Chevy cab which looked the same at the time. It is powered by a completely rebuilt 350 w/rebuilt 350 turbo tranny and represents a long range and very expensive project. Features and changes are as follows: an '86 Camaro front clip, forward tipping hood has all new brackets (but original fittings available), new chrome grill, new chrome front bumper, headlights assembly, front disk brakes, single rear leaf springs and all shackles pins, etc which lowered the back to be equal with the front, digital shaved dash, power steering, freshly rebuilt bed, chrome header, new wiring harness, '87 Cadillac taillights, rolled rear, new gas tank, there are 1500 miles on the new tires, the interior has 2 covered single seats (40's) from two 60/40 1995 Suburbans. All hoses and cables were replaced, there is a custom steering wheel and the steering column is from a 1986 Chevy car, head lights and turn signal lights are new as are the chrome front bumper and chrome front grill. The oak floor boards have new chrome strips, the chains have been removed from the tailgate and it has the new "inside of bed" tailgate w/locks, taillights are from a 1986 Cadillac and there are new chromes wheels and tires. More pictures and video coming soon! Much has been done that has not been fully listed and some minor things need to be completed. Altogether, the seller has not only spent hours and hours of his time but around $52K worth of parts. He is no longer capable of driving this outstanding truck and his loss is your gain! Please call 503-855-4345 or 503-998-5499 for more information or to see this truck which is located in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

  1. Don't understand the minor on passenger side only
  2. You could have called me before ya sold it. SHIT.
  3. Don't understand the minor on passenger side only
  4. 50,000 invested yeah right. that's a 20,000 job at most.
  5. $50,000 invested. Bull Honky. Either he spent $50,000 and got ripped on labor, or he did it himself for $20,000 or less.