7 Year Old Raps Eminem - Love the Way You Lie - PARODY (MattyBRaps ft Julia Sheer)

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This is 7 year old MattyB. He's learning how to rap and is excited about starting his career in the music industry here on YouTube through his music videos. This is his Parody he did with his friend Julia Sheer to the popular song, "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem ft Rhianna. Let him know what you think by commenting on this video and be sure to support him if you like this by clicking the "like" button, saving to favorites, and subscribing to his channel! Your support means so much to him! MattyB Links: http://www.Facebook.com/MattyBraps http://www.Twitter.com/MattyBRaps http://www.YouTube.com/MattyBRaps Julia Sheer Links: http://www.Facebook.com/JuliaSheerTunes http://www.Twitter.com/JuliaSheerMusic http://www.YouTube.com/JuliaSheer Thanks for watching!

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  3. You're just ruining the EMINEM's song. Please shut the f**k up a**hole.
  4. Rapping to Eminem songs. Do you have a death wish?!? 
  5. He is a nice guy and also he is not gay what by sister said to me in the morning 
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  7. this kid sounds terrible
  9. Complete crap. Don't start by "parodying" the Great White Hope who gave everyone opportunities. I bet he played a role in you even being born. 
  10. Sweet baby teeth. 
  11. I wish Eminem would sue this kid and his parents for everything they own .
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  14. Internet Et eres el peor tipo osea canta super bn y era super pequeño y es lindo
  15. DONT LISTEN TO ALL THOSE HATERS!! Follow Your Dreams =)
  16. How in the fuck did he get her to show up to perform
  17. Come see my channel I'm 11 yrs old. I love music and I want you to see mine
  18. Love your videos 
  19. Julian he is not a wanna be he is a great rapper/singer and he should keep up the great work so i agree with lucy please please please stop cyber bullying please
  20. Which your next concert ?? 
  21. She is Perry
  22. Lol so cute
  23. He can rap and she can sing love u geys
  24. I love matty b and your singing
  25. Que lindo que canta Matty 
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