1985 Chevy K20 383 Stroker Burnout

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Burnout with '85 chevy k20 with a 383 stroker.

  1. Doubt.
  2. @ALEXort2007 great respect for this guy and his truck
  3. Sick Truck, whoever talks shit about it can go fuck themselves.....
  4. sounding good?
  5. Well then put a video up of you in your little s10 and see who cares.
  6. U got that chevy sounding good
  7. @devilselbow - I agree with you, this was an acceptable burn-out. This is more than likely a 3/4 ton truck too. I have a 1967 chevy c20 Longbed. It still has the original 327 engine, and a very tired engine. But it still does solid burnouts. Check it out!!
  8. @ALEXort2007 i can go either way, i have a slammed 72 chev long bed and wouldnt have it any other way but i also race so the short wheel base helps in the mud runs
  9. Can't we Chevy drivers get along and hate on Dodge and Ford, instead of fellow Chevy drivers?
  10. @ALEXort2007 that kid is a fucking morron .... SWEET BURNOUT!!!!
  11. I got a 1976 K20 Silverado 4x4, it's a truck now a race car. I use it as a daily driver and a my project. But I also use it as a truck.
  12. @buttloco lets see your scaby ass k5 then .. i call BS!!!
  13. is it a C/K cause K's are 4wd
  14. Compensating?????
  15. bad ass i want to put a 383 in my chevy but ain't got 12k for a crate build but i want to supercharge my 350
  16. @Baseballstud5964 long beds should be 4wd, short beds should be 2wd. And i also gurantee your motor cant do what you're saying it does. so quit shitting on everyones videos
  17. Very nice truck man i built mine from the frame up too sadly tho it is only a 2wd i have not got to the engine yet it is still a stock 305 but what i find sad about this is that Baseballstud5964 is pissy about your burn out and how he can do a 100ft one..... My stock 305 can do that it aint hard he could have done one if he wanted you fucking sicking me baseballstud..... get a fucking life dude.
  18. @ALEXort2007 hey, hey, its a k20 it's allowed to be a longbed and still be badass
  19. everyone is having a big dick contest with the negative comments... maybe a bunch of fags? but anyways... sick truck man!
  20. well your best bet would be to find a 283 and build it or a sb 400
  21. @Baseballstud5964 Always got be a dickweed in the crowd. And what are you doing comparing a 2WD to a 4WD? Many prefer short 4WD too, but I don't. Much better angle for the driveline with a lift. Of ourse 2 wheel lover wouldn't understand that. And for your 100ft burnout, you're about an idiot. My 350 will spank your 383 in my 2WD Long Bed, because I know how to design suspension to hook up and put the speed to moving the vehicle. Not impressed by a 100ft burnout, 11.25 in the quarter does tho.
  22. are you from sycamore il
  23. @zombiewatcher729 500 is a caddy big block right?
  24. Kudos to you i wish i had that kind of money
  25. for 12k u can get a 502
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