90's Slow Jam Mix

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The Lincoln West High School Renuion Class of '93

  1. This Is REAL MUSIC! My DAMN...
  2. This wat I'm talkin about!!! Haha
  3. what sthat 702 song
  4. track list please
  5. @Hoodstarr92 i couldn't agree more
  6. Does 90s baby u born n the 90s or does it mean u love the 90s well I'm both I was born in the late 90s n I love the music even though people expect me to like drake n nick minaj , but I hate today's crap
  7. Please stop by and add me as a friend i have probably one of the best collection of 90's songs that will bring back shitloads of memories back Im new on youtube and only have two videos up but i got like 800 classic songs so PLEASE I BEGG U ADD ME AS A FRIEND AND SUBSCRIBE Thanx SO MUCH
  8. @TheSneakyc its two different types of music, so u really cant compare,. im 16 and i love this music too.
  9. Hot!
  10. because ima 90s baby baby
  11. This is real music right here.
  12. est 1993 .I must say this is the best of the best.
  13. Aye marlin this selection is on point!
  14. why snippets...? Why not the entire songs... just when you start to nod and reminisce it's over... :-( #disappointed
  15. @greatpyramids ok thank u
  16. im 17 n i love da 90s thats all thats on my ipod
  17. dang....the good ol days...now it's hard to find meaningful music...some of it is good and gets you hype but nothin to really speak to you or you can play with everyone around...now u have parental advisories on everything smh..
  18. This real music!
  19. true music..... man i miss it
  20. youtube.c o m/watch?v=6bkgy6tIVAY -  What's the name of that song???
  21. Not necesarily a great smooth mix but definately touched on all the songs I loved in Hiughschoiol. Thanks for the memories!
  22. sick!
  23. I was in 1996. Don't remember my early childhood, but I most say I'm in love with 90's r&b and hip hop.
  24. yes forever my lady
  25. I grew up in the 90's and i have to say, 90's was by far the best era.