A Mustang Story - "Training a Wild Horse" (Introduction)

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Jay O'Jay, who specializes in natural horsemanship, is faced with the challenge of training a wild mustang. This is an eight-part online movie series showcasing Jay's effective horse training techniques and how any wild horse can be trained so that even a novice can ride it. Simply amazing stuff!

  1. Wow. I seriously thought this was Monty Roberts. He looks and SOUNDS just like him! Weird.
  2. There is SO many trainers that are a lot like Monty Roberts and that is a good thing. We shouldn't worry about how someone trains like someone else. The most important thing is how we or they train. There is SO many people that will actually go to the big named trainers and pay to learn to train like them. The trainers are happy to do it because the more people that train like them the better off the horses experiences will be.
  3. i know a horse named kitty who had her ears cut off because of frostbite
  4. whats that about the tips of the ears frozen off in Canada? Is that some kind of mocking about Canada being cold or what? Cause mustangs live all year round in BC and Alberta, and it gets about 35 degrees celcius in the summertime up here.
  5. at 0:49, I see my horse. No joke. Shes a 4 y/o seal bay Mustang mare. Crazy that i would find her in a video :) I love my mustang.
  6. I think you are doing a wounderful thing for the wild mustangs at lest they or not going to slaughter. GOD BLESS YOU.
  7. That guy is too much like Monty Roberts. What's that all about???
  8. wow i cant wait to hear the rest of the story!
  9. heh, that was random
  10. What a disappointment. Where is the training of the wild mustang?
  11. i love mustangs soooooo much that im willing to do anything to save them
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  13. That's so cool u caught a mustang!!
  14. That was just the introduction. He was just telling you the story. You have to watch the other clips to watch the rest of the training.
  15. Wow! I am so glad to see this -- as I have a BLM one year old gelding I've just adopted coming soon, and I have never trained a horse, and well -- not super experienced as a rider, not having grown up with horses or anything -- but it breaks my heart to think of, to learn of the alternative for these majestic creatures. . . some of the slaughter videos I saw are absolutely frightening. . . I know where I'll be tuning in -- Thank you Jay O'Jay!!!!
  16. If a horse isnt used to the cold in Canada then it would be a huge shock, happens to horses when even moved to a climate with only a few degrees difference
  17. @CowgirlTess1981 Yaa! exactly, i loved Shy Boy and Monty
  18. This guy is kidding right....a spoof of Monty?