Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video)

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Official video for Aaron Lewis' single "Country Boy", featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels & Chris Young. From the EP "Town Line". Buy "Country Boy" at iTunes - http://budurl.com/atmp Buy the "Town Line" EP at iTunes - http://budurl.com/86cm Follow Aaron Lewis on Facebook - http://budurl.com/cbpd - and Twitter - http://budurl.com/frva. To find upcoming shows visit Aaron on the web at http://aaronlewismusic.com.

  1. That speech at the end was so retarded hahaha
  2. No that's not me cuz the biggest thing in life are your friends and family!!!!!
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  4. Real American patriot! #AaronLewis Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  5. We should all feel and think the same way, unfuunitly we have a lot of people in this country that hide behind the everyday bull SHIT and are afraid to stand up for what's right. Leave this country and see how good you really have it! 
  6. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" Great song... 
  7. Alrune la what the fuck ever your name is.. If you don't like our nation... Then number ONE: do us all a favor and the get the fuck out of it. Number TWO: Sounds like you need to stand in front of an fully automatic... I'll stop. Lol America shits on you.
  8. Check out this video on YouTube:here's to start the weekend. This to all my Country Folk😎
  9. Proud of my country, not my government. I think we still have hope and if we get back to the values of american pride, limited government, freedom, community values and brotherhood, we can make america great again. I always say, if you arent PROUD of america, MAKE it something to be proud of! Get off your asses and make it great. I still love this country!
  10. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw If you really listen to this song and you feel what he's saying then I don't need to say anything else. However, I will still be talking til I spread the word across the land. God bless ya'll! I love each and every one of you! Thank you Blake R Marshall
  11. This guy isn't country lol. He used to be in some emo band and he's just listing a bunch of stereotypes, trying to sound real. What a fake. Anybody he thinks this guy is sincere, get your head out of the sand. He already sold his soul and he there aren't any refunds. 
  12. God, Family, Country and Guns... God created everything, give Him thanks. I serve Him. I created my family, I serve and protect them from ANY enemy FOREIGN or DOMESTIC. My country, AMERICA (not United states of America) was formed because FREE men fought against tyranny AND WON!!! THEY USED GUNS TO WIN OUR FREEDOM WE HAVE TODAY!!! You don't like my beliefs? THEN LEAVE!!! Because History is going to repeat itself REAL SOON! And you tree hugging, bleeding heart liberals are gonna want someone like me to STAND for JUSTICE!
  13. I am from what was country in NC, moved to the country in Maine,night and day brother, I can smoke weed while asking a cop for directions. We have more atv and snow mobile roads as apposed to paved roads. My town will not accept fast food franchises, were for the little man,Nobody is going to take our guns were armed and miserable. 
  14. 2 flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel. One is colors that fly high and proud: The red, the white, the blue. The other one's got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made, "Don't Tread On Me" is what it says, and I'll take that to my grave.
  15. Country Boy, hell yes.
  16. Awesome tune, great message.
  17. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  18. I rarely drink from the bottle but I smoke a little weed -_- that's great man
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  20. This song has every damn cliche you can hear in a country song. How can somebody who was unique in rock music, turn around and play up to every cliche in country music?
  21. Many country boys are like the Texas Chainsaw Murderers .... eating roadkill and hating on folks.
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  23. It's been a while…since i've heard a song this generic. 
  24. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy"