Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video)

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Official video for Aaron Lewis' single "Country Boy", featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels & Chris Young. From the EP "Town Line". Buy "Country Boy" at iTunes - http://budurl.com/atmp Buy the "Town Line" EP at iTunes - http://budurl.com/86cm Follow Aaron Lewis on Facebook - http://budurl.com/cbpd - and Twitter - http://budurl.com/frva. To find upcoming shows visit Aaron on the web at http://aaronlewismusic.com.

  1. That speech at the end was so retarded hahaha
  2. We should all feel and think the same way, unfuunitly we have a lot of people in this country that hide behind the everyday bull SHIT and are afraid to stand up for what's right. Leave this country and see how good you really have it! 
  3. Such an ironic song. 
  4. Alrune la what the fuck ever your name is.. If you don't like our nation... Then number ONE: do us all a favor and the get the fuck out of it. Number TWO: Sounds like you need to stand in front of an fully automatic... I'll stop. Lol America shits on you.
  5. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  6. This song gives me chills every time I hear it! 
  7. F_ _K It! I get "TO BALLED-UP & ANGRY" reviewing the news, our lack of Government Leadership and the loss of America's "GOD & COUNTRY" CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS! and all the "LOW LIFE GOVERNMENT PUPPETS" stealing our heritage like some Bullshit Punch & Judy Show! THANK GOD , we have music ! To Vent, Re-Charge & Un-Wind! I Fear for my Grandkids kids and the country I was born into in 1961, but hey! What Do I know? I'm just a Country Boy! 
  8. fuck Aaron lewis. fuckin faggot. he wrote this song to sell more shit. 
  9. This guy isn't country lol. He used to be in some emo band and he's just listing a bunch of stereotypes, trying to sound real. What a fake. Anybody he thinks this guy is sincere, get your head out of the sand. He already sold his soul and he there aren't any refunds. 
  10. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  11. There are 3000 commie bastards that voted thumbs down on here!
  12. My favorite all time singer songwriter and guitar slinger.
  13. this is me. NAVY vet, friends n family, I like my southern slang and my steel toed work boots, work..something my generation seems to fail on. The American dream is alive and well for those with the will to achieve it. god bless
  14. this song points out what a true country boys are. we work hard and never forget where we came from. we respect our elders and always yes sir and yes ma'am. that is what a TRUE COUNTRY BOY IS.
  15. Aaron Lewis has moved up to my favorite singer. I hope you haters get a spider in your house and you cry and call 911.
  16. At sould of said if you dont like america then you can get out lol.........The old guy seems like he a bad ass.......
  17. Aaron says that he sold his soul to the devils, but at the marquis he denies the producer's offer ? I doesn't understand ? :8.
  18. Lol since when did the lead singer of Staind become a country singer? I must be living under a rock.
  21. This reaches the soul and I can relate
  22. Flippin' awesome :) not his style but nails it 
  23. Now it's been 12 years since I sold my soul to the devil in L.A. He said "sign your name here on the dotted line and your songs they all will play"
  24. Good song. This type of America still exists all across the Midwest, all across the Southland, and in the Western states. If the Liberal Communist Traitors ever come for our Guns/Freedom they will wish they were dealing with the sand people in the Mideast again because we shoot a hell of a lot straighter and the German and Irish Americans are much tougher and smarter. Guns=Freedom and the day they try to take those away a million revolutionaries will be born.
  25. i like the song redneck style