Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video)

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Official video for Aaron Lewis' single "Country Boy", featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels & Chris Young. From the EP "Town Line". Buy "Country Boy" at iTunes - http://budurl.com/atmp Buy the "Town Line" EP at iTunes - http://budurl.com/86cm Follow Aaron Lewis on Facebook - http://budurl.com/cbpd - and Twitter - http://budurl.com/frva. To find upcoming shows visit Aaron on the web at http://aaronlewismusic.com.

  1. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw If you really listen to this song and you feel what he's saying then I don't need to say anything else. However, I will still be talking til I spread the word across the land. God bless ya'll! I love each and every one of you! Thank you Blake R Marshall
  2. FRIENDS & FAMILY!!!!!
  3. Real American patriot! #AaronLewis Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  4. ~ Sorry Aaron, but this isn't country. It's a good song, but a fiddle, steel guitar, and some country legends don't make it a country song. Not that it really matters, I guess. I'm not a fan of country, for the most part. Either way, again, good song.
  5. Flippin' awesome :) not his style but nails it 
  6. Such an ironic song. 
  7. Good song. This type of America still exists all across the Midwest, all across the Southland, and in the Western states. If the Liberal Communist Traitors ever come for our Guns/Freedom they will wish they were dealing with the sand people in the Mideast again because we shoot a hell of a lot straighter and the German and Irish Americans are much tougher and smarter. Guns=Freedom and the day they try to take those away a million revolutionaries will be born.
  8. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  9. Lol since when did the lead singer of Staind become a country singer? I must be living under a rock.
  10. Lets hope he takes the belt this time!
  11. Damn Proud! That's me!
  12. good old days
  13. 2,810 niggers collect welfare hahaha
  14. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  15. " cuz the biggest things are your friends and family." Can't wait to play and sing this to my elders. Here's a swig of booze to you reading this drunkin blog mannn
  16. I'd say this is more country than the crap that's made today! Using beats in your damn songs! Use some real talent
  17. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  18. Alrune la what the fuck ever your name is.. If you don't like our nation... Then number ONE: do us all a favor and the get the fuck out of it. Number TWO: Sounds like you need to stand in front of an fully automatic... I'll stop. Lol America shits on you.
  19. This is the worst stereotype of what a city person would think that a country boy would be like. Aaron Lewis is a talentless clown and his video made me sick and as a Southerner, this video is an embarrassment. Playing a guitar in the woods with a rifle and driving around in an army truck with an American flag tattoo and showing pictures of his Grandpa Cork as well as other military personnel and singing about the flags that he flies in front of his house, which he feels the need to describe for all of the blind fans that he apparently has, is the way to convince you people that this turd that he calls a song isn't so bad because it's about America. I know that most of the 91k people who like this video are complete morons due to the arguments they make when someone doesn't like it, like accusing the critics of being communists and from the city and calling Aaron Lewis a "Real American Patriot". You are irrelevant, you are ignorant, and the rest of us can do with out you and this crappy music.
  20. at the end of the song an old man said... "I love my country, my guns, my family" but He never said, I LOVE JESUS; be careful americans, do not give your back to God.
  21. idiots are bitching about how ironic and generic this is when hes getting rich with 0 fucks givin well ya'll fight on the interenet ha
  22. perhaps a pre anthem to the revolution that is forthcoming.... sucks its gonna happen in my lifetime but that is what you get in a democracy...every 150 yrs or so it will reinvent itself..the time is upon us now and the catalyst will be..... trickle down economic theory...... and why it just don't work (human greed)...our economy had been based on this theory since 1982, it don't work