Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video)

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Official video for Aaron Lewis' single "Country Boy", featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels & Chris Young. From the EP "Town Line". Buy "Country Boy" at iTunes - http://budurl.com/atmp Buy the "Town Line" EP at iTunes - http://budurl.com/86cm Follow Aaron Lewis on Facebook - http://budurl.com/cbpd - and Twitter - http://budurl.com/frva. To find upcoming shows visit Aaron on the web at http://aaronlewismusic.com.

  1. Such an ironic song. 
  2. Damn Proud! That's me!
  3. good old days
  4. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  5. 2,810 niggers collect welfare hahaha
  6. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  7. This song is about me I barley drink from the bottle but I'll smoke weed
  8. That's NOT Me...Eye dooooo love this song...
  9. DTOM...
  10. dont tread on me !!
  11. Truely said.... we give up our right to live free, walk free, and God Bless us, Walk free...then we have sold our soles to a government that we the people, are supposed to rule. Hmmm, makes you think.....
  12. Good song. This type of America still exists all across the Midwest, all across the Southland, and in the Western states. If the Liberal Communist Traitors ever come for our Guns/Freedom they will wish they were dealing with the sand people in the Mideast again because we shoot a hell of a lot straighter and the German and Irish Americans are much tougher and smarter. Guns=Freedom and the day they try to take those away a million revolutionaries will be born.
  13. Flippin' awesome :) not his style but nails it 
  14. Love this song 💜
  15. Aaron will be a legend if he isn't already.
  16. ok so shock of the night... Staind were never *good* but they were ok Aaron Lewis had a pretty decent voice. so tonight on a youtube session, came across old staind accoustic sets... then i saw some Aaron Lewis solo stuff.... er WTF country? gtfoh Lewis you dickbag. wail til the end when upber neo con grandpa says those immortal lines... i love my country, i love my guns... im proud of america... fmd
  17. Amen! A country boy is all I'll be!
  18. RIP "Possum".
  19. the guy with the white hair at the mic saying to lose that wife looked alot like george jones lol
  20. "I've said it before and I'll say it again, because I've never needed government to hold my hand" That sent chills down my spine. God bless you Aaron Lewis for singin it how it is!
  21. Proud to be American and strong in my beliefs!
  22. song is awesome guys!