Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video)

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Official video for Aaron Lewis' single "Country Boy", featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels & Chris Young. From the EP "Town Line". Buy "Country Boy" at iTunes - http://budurl.com/atmp Buy the "Town Line" EP at iTunes - http://budurl.com/86cm Follow Aaron Lewis on Facebook - http://budurl.com/cbpd - and Twitter - http://budurl.com/frva. To find upcoming shows visit Aaron on the web at http://aaronlewismusic.com.

  1. That speech at the end was so retarded hahaha
  2. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" Great song... 
  3. We should all feel and think the same way, unfuunitly we have a lot of people in this country that hide behind the everyday bull SHIT and are afraid to stand up for what's right. Leave this country and see how good you really have it! 
  4. Someone find that that leftist Alrune La Brune shemale and shit on her face. What a name as her parents were so doped up, they couldn't decide on a real name so they open the kitchen cabinet and just picked names off a few cans of fruit. Probably makes minimum wage at some side coffee cafe. Nothing else to do as she has no one, nobody and no life. Keep your ass out of America you shitbag bitch....
  5. Flippin' awesome :) not his style but nails it 
  6. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" 
  7. This guy isn't country lol. He used to be in some emo band and he's just listing a bunch of stereotypes, trying to sound real. What a fake. Anybody he thinks this guy is sincere, get your head out of the sand. He already sold his soul and he there aren't any refunds. 
  8. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy 😎👍
  9. I'm Proud to be American and Strong in my Beliefs... 
  10. That SHOULD be all of our attitudes. When every American looks up at that flag waving in the wind, we should remember where the fuck you are, what ground we are standing on, its called the United States of America dammit. Every single one of us should be loud and proud that God decided to give YOU the gift to set foot in this land, to be born and raised in it, to live your free life in it. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Doesn't that mean anything any more? We need to get up and be thankful for the gift of being Americans.
  11. I like how the Possom was the voice for the Devil
  12. hmm for all of use that know there is no reason to be baited into anything other than the fact this is what we are and what we believe. I am done defending such basic needs and beliefs. I'm in a mixed mirage and my kids are mixed so I really have to tell all you fucks that try and make this into a racist song I have to say hmm could you be more predictable? 
  13. Damn Proud! That's me!
  14. Dear 2A.L.E.X2, U obviously have no idea what ur talking about. He was in a band called "Staind" and they wasn't even hardcore! Alot of their songs sound like this. I'm betting he didn't get those tattoos just to lie in this video. Why does he have any reasons to lie. He already has millions more than u. Ur talking $hπ cuz ur jealous and that's pathetic!
  15. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  16. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  17. Lets hope he takes the belt this time!
  18. "I love my guns"??????????????????? that's a violent phrase :(
  20. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw
  21. Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" (Official Video): http://youtu.be/vsQzw_Ax8Cw Don't tread on me..
  22. Thank you for heading in to you, Your still hanging on to who gives a fuck and that truth will open and ignore walls.
  24. Alrune la what the fuck ever your name is.. If you don't like our nation... Then number ONE: do us all a favor and the get the fuck out of it. Number TWO: Sounds like you need to stand in front of an fully automatic... I'll stop. Lol America shits on you.
  25. perhaps a pre anthem to the revolution that is forthcoming.... sucks its gonna happen in my lifetime but that is what you get in a democracy...every 150 yrs or so it will reinvent itself..the time is upon us now and the catalyst will be..... trickle down economic theory...... and why it just don't work (human greed)...our economy had been based on this theory since 1982, it don't work