(ABBA) Dancing Queen - Sungha Jung

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Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at http://www.sunghajung.com Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com plays 'Dancing Queen' arranged by David Sick. Sungha's 1st CD'Perfect Blue' is now available. Visit www.sunghajung.com

  1. Every time I hear him play this song, I just get lost somewhere in my mind that I don't want to leave.
  2. (ABBA) Dancing Queen - Sungha Jung
  3. WOW!!!! You actually captured the ENTIRE essence of EVERY single note, chord and riff!! YOU are EXTREMELY talented. EVERY song I have had the pleasure of listening to is like hearing the same song for the very first time, again. 
  4. nice sungha u always motivated me to learn like u almost made it but u know it fails ;'(
  5. Waouh ! It's very very good !! ♡ *_*
  6. This kid gives new meaning to the word genius.
  7. i love all ur vids my fav is somebody i used to know
  8. "Sungha Jung" means Real Music & Inspiration!
  9. That does it Im selling my guitar today
  10. That is the lowest tuned E string I've ever heard. Is that down to an A? Listen to it buzz! Too cool...
  11. wooo SAMBA!!! Amazing!!! :))
  12. superb
  13. Sunga Jung, you are wonderfull.
  14. Amazing kids
  15. Very original version of the best hit of the seventies! Greatings, Sungha Jung.
  16. very nice.. that version its like professional.. good job SUNGHA JUNG
  17. you are the dancing King Mannnn
  18. He He He
  19. How old was Sungha Jung here??
  20. Amazing kids
  21. Youre awesome!
  22. See you on August 17!
  23. You are the best!!!! I very like you
  24. Brilliant!!!!!!
  25. Shocking!!! Its awesome...
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