(ABBA) Dancing Queen - Sungha Jung

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Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at http://www.sunghajung.com Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com plays 'Dancing Queen' arranged by David Sick. Sungha's 1st CD'Perfect Blue' is now available. Visit www.sunghajung.com

  1. Waouh ! It's very very good !! ♡ *_*
  2. This kid gives new meaning to the word genius.
  3. wooo SAMBA!!! Amazing!!! :))
  4. You are the best!!!! I very like you
  5. superb
  6. Sunga Jung, you are wonderfull.
  7. Very original version of the best hit of the seventies! Greatings, Sungha Jung.
  8. very nice.. that version its like professional.. good job SUNGHA JUNG
  9. He He He
  10. I LOVE HIM :D
  11. Shocking!!! Its awesome...
  12. love it
  13. Brilliant!!!!!!
  14. How old was Sungha Jung here??
  16. Is it just my feeling, or has he his low E string tunned a waaaay down? Anyway amazing..wish I could have such talent and fingers... ;)
  17. bravo!
  18. There will always be haters. Haters gonna hate. It's time for God to push the reset button on this world.
  19. 0 dislike f* awesome childhood Sungha!
  20. Holly cow, Get over yourself man, You dont have a freakin clue. Your additude towards people are so far beneath what you think he is which in it'self shows your lack of charactor. The fact that you hate peole you havent even met shows that you need to get a life. Maybe you should learn guitar and make a few video's and see how you do...
  21. Asiáticos...
  22. genial
  23. Muito lindo, nem dá pra comentar. Sensacional.
  24. Well try and watch up and smile while playing guitar like he does and btw this video is from 2009 that was 4 years ago. and i don't have a single idea how old he is but i know that he was not old back then
  25. like