Ace Hood - Overtime ft. Akon, T-Pain

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Music video by Ace Hood performing Overtime. (C) 2009 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. as much as i like this song, 5 years later i still don't understand why its necessary to have BOTH Akon and T-Pain on the same song.
  2. damn. now i got respect for ace hood just for making this song. i dont know his other songs except the bugatti, which i am not a fan of.
  3. this song is cool but that girl can't play ball with the men. It just doesn't work that way
  4. this song is amazing
  5. underrated song and video
  6. i actually go to school where this is filmed.
  7. I don't know why if I open you tube music and videos am not getting the pictures clear, so please if something can be done about it so that the pictures can be seen clear to me. Thank you.
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  9. i like
  10. Sometimes I just listen to the first 20 seconds lol
  11. Akon and T-pain the voices are sick for verses
  12. this is the hottest ace hood song ever ya'll! #ACEYACE 
  13. Motivation 
  14. overtime :))
  15. I remember this one. P.S. DREWTAMIS
  16. I feel as if DJ Khaled just pops in every music video just to be in it. lmao.
  17. i listen to this every time i think and train soccer/football wish me luck and pray for me people :)
  18. I got money on my mind, give me every penny and every dime, working Overtime.
  19. this is one of the best clips i've seen . This is one i use of inspiration on helping to win in life . great song man .
  20. Ace hood what a nice AceHoodTwista-
  21. I would have liked to see more scenes from that basketball guy like crossing over someone or shooting a 3 in that big guy's face
  22. mothers fucker GRINGOS. !!! LOL.
  23. tbh, Ace Hood has all inspirational songs, he's like a person who's been through a lot and got the result that he wanted, reached the goal....and wants to share it with everyone else, and wants them to know that they can achieve it too, he's great, never said something like this to any other modern rappers, but he is great.