Ace Hood - Overtime ft. Akon, T-Pain

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Music video by Ace Hood performing Overtime. (C) 2009 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. as much as i like this song, 5 years later i still don't understand why its necessary to have BOTH Akon and T-Pain on the same song.
  2. Hell yea this is what im talkn about ;) <3
  3. i love this song <33 :) !!
  4. Listening to this on repeat studying for my last final this semester. Putting in overtime!
  6. i literally paused at 3:13 to see what shoes they wearing lmao
  7. damn. now i got respect for ace hood just for making this song. i dont know his other songs except the bugatti, which i am not a fan of.
  8. damn everything is related to hand move in that clip, i mean all the clip every 2 sec there's something about a hand move? is it a gangster habits LEL
  9. this is one of the best clips i've seen . This is one i use of inspiration on helping to win in life . great song man .
  10. i know the feeling this song speaks about. for me i get up before the sun does i jump in my yukon drive to the local high school at 4am run 4 laps on the track then do 5 stadiums then go back to the track and do 2 laps of high knees then do stadiums with a single leg up the steps then the other leg then double leg jumping up 1 step at a time then 2 steps then 3 steps then i leave bc by that time its 6am and the teachers r getting there. so i go to my personal gym and hit the weights then i go get breakfast, and my day starts.
  11. I feel as if DJ Khaled just pops in every music video just to be in it. lmao.
  12. i actually go to school where this is filmed.
  13. What, somebody actually rapping about shit and people are listening? 
  14. I don't know why if I open you tube music and videos am not getting the pictures clear, so please if something can be done about it so that the pictures can be seen clear to me. Thank you.
  15. you gotta put in overtime if u wnna get sum where in life thats y they made this song u fuckin dummies
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  17. good motivational song
  18. Ace Hood - Overtime ft. Akon, T-Pain:
  19. This a real song with real meaning and it should be number 1 for life
  21. Thats A COOL As Video!!!! :D
  22. I will say that this song is very empowering people think that all rappers just talk about girls drugs and money but ace hood is real most of his songs are inspiring i really admire him he started off little now look where he is KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING ACE!!!!!! LOVE YOU
  23. (Ace Hood!) It's do or die {Hey we go by The Runners} Gotta go put in overtime Yea, cause it's now or never [Hook: Akon] I'm a put it on the line Gotta win so I'm ganna grind Put it overtime, overtime Overtime, overtime Cause I got money on my mind Give me every penny, every dime Put it overtime, overtime Overtime, overtime, overtime Cause it's now or never - put in overtime [Ace Hood] Well I'm sitting on the goal line, staring at the game clock Facing a hundred years, 'member Jordan had the same shot Carolina blue, California green Jump for the white, get yo' frilly sheets Ace Hood they go crazy when I'm in your city Ace Hood, that's what they sayin in every city I put my team first, we never reheard We the best franchise cause it's squeeze first Start the life where I give to the G-code Drafted outta high school then I hit my free throws You see them free shows, we call them free throws Now it cost em 20 stacks just to witness me flow Just to witness me flow [Interlude: Akon] It's do or die Gotta go put in overtime, cause it's now or never [Hook] [Ace Hood] Chea, on the road to riches and diamond rings Real niggas do real things I say hanging with the bitches and the songs I sing Real niggas do real things I'm listening to Pac, but it's a human being If your tryna win the trophy then u gotta do it big Louie on every bag, bitches I keep a flock We don’t need to see the tag, we just see it and we cop Ballin out of control, put it all on the line Oh mumma sippin for calfornia I want it triple time Now get hold onto your seats, I'm about to double time Ace Hood, Konvict we gonna put in overtime [Interlude] w/ T-Pain singing along [Hook] w/ T-Pain ad-libs - minus last line [T-Pain] Nappy Boyyyyy~! And I can't slow down for nothing See I gotta get overtime Cause I'm a stay on my grind Cause money stays on my mind I feel like 24 hours just ain't enough for me If you feel me put your hands up for me This is overgrind, I'ma go for mine I'm going blind cause I'm putting overtime [Hook] [Ace Hood - over Hook] I gotta win, baby Losing is not an option, ya understand me? Ruthless is the way to go, ha Blood, sweat and tears is what I've done, ya understand? Put it on the line, baby Hood is the name... [Outro: Akon] Ace Hood, Akon We the best one time
  24. this is the hottest ace hood song ever ya'll! #ACEYACE