Adam Lambert - If I Had You

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Music video by Adam Lambert performing If I Had You. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

  1. This song never gets old. Love it
  2. This is one of my all time favorite songs and music videos. :D 
  3. If i had you.............. ;) if only you know who.....
  4. #soundsofsunday #whateverwedesday #adamlambert if i had you!!!! ok i'm walkin' my strut!! just no eye liner!!! lmao!!!!! and i must say my butt looks good!!! :-)))) 
  5. I just like this song
  6. If I were a guy, I would be gay.
  7. Why do you care that he is gay? Why do you judge him because of that? He isn't worse than you are just because he likes boys.. He is an amazing performer and such a sweet guy, stop being ignorants people 
  9. only 41 mil views for such a great song? this is really a homophobic world........ 
  10. am I the only straight guy who kinda likes this song
  11. He only lost American Idol cause he is gay, which is the dumbest excuse ever.
  12. i love his clothing
  13. Is it just me that is reminded of Ylvis's fox music video when watching this?
  14. Yes he is gay but i love her still cute and sexy
  15. I don't give a crap that Adams gay i just love him
  16. Let the hair loose, lose the spikes on your clothes and add more black, and seriously don't wear girl makeup lol
  17. He should have won American Idol.
  18. I love this song!
  19. cs188?
  20. OMG I love this song.... and I found it by watching a Hillywood parody.... oh well... it's still AMAZING!!!!!
  21. he is like.. the sexy version of the mad hatter
  22. yeah Adam if I had you , U R life well comleted hehehehe
  23. orgasmic 
  24. "But if i had jew, that would be the only thing i ever need!"
  25. I hate adam lambert but my friend sarah is obsessed with him I mean what dose she see in him eew I guess everybody has there own opinion