Adam Lambert - If I Had You

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Music video by Adam Lambert performing If I Had You. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

  1. Adam Lambert - If I Had You
  2. Just outta curiosity, is Adam gay or bisexual? thanks
  3. #soundsofsunday #whateverwedesday #adamlambert if i had you!!!! ok i'm walkin' my strut!! just no eye liner!!! lmao!!!!! and i must say my butt looks good!!! :-)))) 
  4. Every time he walks into the forest I yell "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!?!"
  5. I hate adam lambert but my friend sarah is obsessed with him I mean what dose she see in him eew I guess everybody has there own opinion
  6. "But if i had jew, that would be the only thing i ever need!"
  7. dobry kawałek :D Adam Lambert - If I Had You
  8. This song never gets old. Love it
  10. +chris madzier did you like this song?
  11. Is it just me that is reminded of Ylvis's fox music video when watching this?
  12. Can I say gay !!! 
  13. If i had you....
  14. I only looked this song up because of the HillyWoodShow :)! I love this song now!!
  15. This song is really good honestly why do people bagels him people shouldn't hate him because he is gay because his music I don't care what people think of him or his music 
  16. I just realized how much good music 2010 had... all the music now is crap.
  17. don't get me wrong I love me some adam lambert but is he gay strait or biy
  18. Adam Lambert dancing with a chick.....(in Shao Kahn's voice) Don't make me laugh
  19. 2:29 when he says good, his facial expression is sexy, and hen in the white pants after that, those pants for him so nicely.
  20. Isn't that red head one of the other AI contestants? Does she make music now?
  21. love it
  22. this only makes Gothics or death metal heads look like yolo swag fags lolz
  23. 1:52 wtf is that!?
  24. Best song I know
  25. I just have a question, is that Allison Iraheta? 2:40