Adele- Don't You Remember

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  1. Adele- Don't You Remember: for u
  2. Don't u remember?...the reason u loves me before? Baby please remember me..once moreee..☝💔
  3. Dont you remember sweety
  4. Adele- Don't You Remember:
  5. I like Adele because she actually uses her voice instead of auto tuning everything like everyone else.
  6. Adele- Don't You Remember:
  7. Adele- Don't You Remember
  8. Bonjour J'aimerais avoir un (une) correspondant (e) qui m'aiderait à perfectionner mon anglais et moi je peut rendre en retour pour le français merci d'avance
  9. My wife made me listen to this, I love her, and will call her right away, and then go back home
  10. When will I see you again ??
  11. Adele- Don't You Remember:
  12. Alíviate de luna y veronal en el pálido claro de mi letra. No guardes tu tristeza enmohecida no guardes tu memoria déjamela en los ojos. Y el hacedor de luces y luciérnagas encaja las mandíbulas para no devorarme mientras lloro. (MdP) 
  13. i am from indonesia, and This song is very touching my heart :'(
  14. ********************ADELE****************
  15. beautiful song..!!
  16. Baby, please remember me once more ♪ ♫ ♩ <3 <3
  17. ♬♫ ..•❤ ★¨`•♫.•´.¸.•´❤♫♬♩✩❤ ♬ ★♪ ✩♬★.*Don't You Remember.*.★♪✩♬ ★♬ ♫ .❤.•* ★¨`•♫♩.❤.•´.¸★.•♫♩❤🎶 *I Love It* ✩.*Adele*.✩ *..༺-`ღ´-༻..Șίɱριεɱεɴτε ℒơɾy ✿⊱╮..༺-`ღ´-༻..*
  18. Adele- Don't You Remember:
  19. Adele- Don't You Remember:
  21. I had no idea of the state we were in 
  22. I have nothing to say....