Adele- Don't You Remember

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  1. bad day music :.(
  2. Que tal buena tarde a todos los de g+
  3. BUENA MUSICA.....
  4. Cried my eyes out...
  5. OMFG this song says everything I'm in right now....
  6. Owh.....please.....this song to make me cry...........this my love story.......
  7. I <3 adele 
  8. Kekasihku Tersayang Linda Dea.....pulanglah ke rumah anak2mu Thoriq , Hannan dan Abang selalu mencintaimu....lupakan kerja di Bali , surabaya bersama John Fucking Sherman go the Hell.....semuanya tdk ada berkahnya jauh dari rumah dan keluarga......Abang U.....Don't U Remember
  9. I love you Adéle
  10. I like Adele and this song after a blind talented 8 years old girl sang this song in Indonesia's Got Talent, so touching, made me cry and made me thank God for everything I have now. If you want to watch it just search it in YouTube 'Putri IGT'
  11. malala
  12. I likee
  13. Hmmm She Never Remember All I Did For Her Now She Is Telling Me GOODBYEE
  14. A modern day Janis Joplin...Man does she have a voice with soul!! 
  15. waww adele!!! my favourite song ♥♥
  16. Grandeeeeeeeeeeeee Adele 
  17. Adele geniaaa me gusta esta cancion:)
  18. LS 
  19. Don't You Remember in 2014 like like like like