Adele- Don't You Remember

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  1. una buona serata ...a tutti...
  2. ADeLE...U make me Sad..n' CryinG......LuV U AdELe.....!!!
  3. Owh.....please.....this song to make me cry...........this my love story.......
  4. Que tal buena tarde a todos los de g+
  5. Esta muy padre
  6. nice : padek nian
  7. Essa música é linda! Me faz lembrar de vc...
  8. OMFG this song says everything I'm in right now....
  9. :')
  10. Love this song & It was just as she said! Not a word!
  11. this womans voice could sing the angels from the sky, turn tears into diamonds, night into day, clear clouds from the skies, and an icy heart into a warm living thing.
  12. voice love
  13. But don't you remember? Don't you remember? The reason you loved me before Baby, please remember me once more :( albertoooo
  14. My god this describes what I'm going through to the word...Why don't you remember Ashley...why...
  15. This reminds me of my mother. I moved away from her when I was 8, and I rarely get to see her. <3 But I still remember.
  16. eres espesial te quiero mucho tu musicaes my pasion
  17. 37.576.457
  18. Hahahahahaha bas tako :D i ja isto :D
  19. J'ai tes adore. .... So nice
  20. <3
  21. sad song