Adele- Don't You Remember

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  1. beautiful song waaaouuuh
  2. Check it out,happy Easter.
  3. Don't you remember? The reason you loved me before..
  4. Old mems.. E.
  5. Yup
  6. Don't You Remember
  7. I don't like this song. It's too sad, it's like rubbing salt in a wound.
  8. wau! bella ♥
  9. Once u've cannot let them go completely. I still think of my exes..and i wonder if they think about me too :c <3 Moment when u meet an ex that doesnt remember you though.. :'c Thanks Adele for this song! <3 Idk what i'd do without music with such meaningful lyrics! :) 
  10. I'm having a loud Friday here at work. 
  11. this song reminds of you! how i was so crazy inlove with you. but in all its gonna be ayt 
  12. Everytime I here this song. I remember you :(
  13. i love adele
  14. Love this song
  15. :'(
  16. What about her new songs?
  17. What a sad but beautiful song ... I like it! Its lyrics is so heartening ...
  18. I love this song!
  19. that song says it all yes its sad but so true this happend to me and im remembering 
  20. Beautiful song
  21. uuuuuh! c triste!
  22. dont cry
  23. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡I LOVE Adele
  24. I love this music♥
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