Adele - Someone Like You - Official Cover by Pandora's Box

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This is a Pandora's Box cover of "Someone Like You" by Adele. It's the tenth in the series of our project; covering every number one every week! This week with special guest Susanna Cork on vocals. Special thanks to Mark Kempson, and Tom Lee for film/sound/editing! This song was featured on BBC Radio 1! Check out the guests' respective pages: Susanna Cork Mark Kempson Tom Lee and our websites Ben Cork Also please check out Ben Cork's (piano) new youtube channel here:

  1. Could you please identify all from left to right. Would like to search for CDs.
  2. susanna cork's voice was so much better suited to this song then the other two they should have showcased that better give her more of the song to herself
  3. just butchered it....
  4. Fake..
  5. Great Talent. Bravo.
  6. Excuse me, miss, playing your guitar all cutesy and stuff. Can I fly you in and take you on a date?
  7. I fully agree with you. All very talented, but all singing there own song. It's like everyone was on his own island, barely hearing whats happening next to him/her. Becoming a unit is a very important step, and I'm very sure you are all capable of being one. -Some other music teacher from Holland
  8. I really like you're cover guys, it's amazing with the cello. Piano + cello = a good combination. Really awesome! Like all the voices & I believe what you sing. Just another Adele-someonelikeyou-cover? No, this one is beau-ti-ful. Congratz!
  9. you guys definitely set a high standard of Adele covers :)
  10. Good job musically but camera work good be better :) made me motion sick.
  11. Wer ist das Mädchen ins weiß? Die Stimme ist ja riesig!!!
  12. Freakin' Amazing.
  13. Ill being honest, im not a big fan of Adele, But they made me like this song! XD
  14. Mark my words...within three years the guy on the piano is gonna be a well known voice all around the world...
  15. Nothing, bro. Just... nothing.
  16. Wow it's great! I'm impressed!
  17. harmonies need some working on
  18. Lost me at the chorus....but the rest was great! someone give that pianist a record deal.
  19. That was awesome! By the way, I love the textbooks holding the piano open; college kids know how to get things done.
  20. The girl in white... just fucking killed me.
  21. piano guy singing is funny
  22. This cover isn't bad at all, but the sound technician sucks.
  23. eh/
  24. I like the Music and the cat-bridge in this Song ;)
  25. the girl in black cardigan looks a bit angry there....
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