Afrojack ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Official Music Video) [HD]

2.95 min. | 4.865599 user rating | 6612172 views

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Subscribe to Spinnin' TV : Spotify: G+ : Facebook: Twitter: Download on iTunes : This is the big one people. A monster of a record! It has that signature Afrojack sound combined with divine vocals by Eva Simmons. Already heavily supported by BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong (3 plays in a row) and David Guetta, 'Take Over Control' will do ultimate damage everywhere!

  1. So many memories #2010 
  2. I always thought that she was sayin: 'I want you to take a birth control'
  3. Great music, weird video...
  4. i really remember good times with this song
  5. Lekker nummer Afrojack ft. Eva Simons
  6. Old times, beautiful, old, times...
  7. Esta chido el video pero no el baile
  8. Yes mena
  9. Im so bored of seeing women perform sexually for men in music videos. Women are so much more - please raise the bar and consider the other half of the population that wants to watch videos without seeing their gender constantly reduced to nothing more than something to fuck.
  10. cool afrojack is good dj
  11. Amply good
  12. afrojack should come to ecuador
  13. She's devil possesed: 1.07 lol
  14. I wonder if this song is about sex? 
  15. NICe
  16. afrojack 
  17. cual yo no lo veo :(
  18. HOLLAND!!!
  19. wow you're rly smart
  20. 0:14 Is that Alexandra stan? DUTCH POWER BTW =D
  21. Nope, decent desktop ones. It just sounded better when being blasted in the gym, the electronic beat in the chorus seemed more full-on. Here on youtube it feels a tad toned down, not as good.
  22. I remember already havin a love at first sight in this song...Now she is feat WILLIAM. GO honey
  23. yeah! This is amazing! This is what I love. sounds beautiful, striking, synth, snare! everything fits. how can you not love dance music!