Akon - I'm So Paid ft. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy

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Music video by Akon performing I'm So Paid. (C) 2008 Universal Records & SRC Records Inc., a division of UMG Recordings

  1. so in 40 years young jeezy will be called old geezy? 
  2. I STILL LOVE THIS (OLD) song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #(:
  3. What I sing when I get paid XD
  4. Stupid McDonald's ad lol
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  6. The best ever i love this song so much
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  9. 4:10 LOL :D
  10. He needs to get a bigger boat. There wasn't much room for his helicopter to land. 
  11. I dont understand these white racists like seriously, they just hop on hip hop videos and comment some racist crap, you dont see us commenting on ur "metal" or "rock n roll" vids being racist -_-t suck it 
  12. Hahaha played her ass. She thought she got paid them M's
  13. I'm hoping to say this for the rest of my life as I get older
  14. Can't tell if this video is trying to be The Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize" or All About The Benjamins.
  15. Assisto 10 vezes seguidas e nunca enjoou Q Clip Perfeito!!!!
  16. he left you with a Ferrari honey... 
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  18. This song should of had Eminem instead of young Jeezy he sucks dick at rapping. Eminem would kick his ass any day in a rap battle 
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  20. lil wayne needs to stop using that fucking autotune shit sounds like trash and every song i hear him use it and i just turn it off because its annoying. Love Lil wayne his lyrics are genius just his delivery with that auto tune crap ruins it for me,
  21. I ball in they ball out.
  22. Thank God for African Americans (black people for the stupid people)!! Music would not be as great. Don't believe me? Listen to some music 
  23. We still believe in the Founders...
  24. the stars above my house are the same every night the pattern right above my steps is kinda in the shape of one of my favorite numbers 3 ....... the same pattern u can also look at it one way and see a y another way with ur head sideways and see a m all in the same pattern SWARE!!!!! hahaha blazeup
  25. IM ON A BOAT