Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P

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Music video by Akon performing Locked Up. (C) 2004 Universal Records & SRC Records Inc., a division of UMG Recordings

  1. this song is dumb, why should they let you out ?.. in the verses theyre telling us why theyre locked up.. "My car is stolen, no registration." .."back with a couple keys" .. So youre in a stolen car pushing dope and youre asking why they dont let you out. 
  2. First time I heard this song I was in 23 hr/day lock up, 3 months in county waiting to be transferred to state prison to serve a 7 flat. I came from a white, middleclass, suburban area but I must have listened to this song over 1000 times. Now fast forward a decade. Never broke the law again but anytime I hear this song I get serious flashbacks and goosebumps.
  3. Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P: http://youtu.be/14PgWitIbSk
  4. Just got released from jail. Feels good to be a free man. 
  5. Why is you car stolen when you have millions. Just buy a new one you cheapscape
  6. Akon kinda fell off the map. What happened to him?
  7. Damn I remember hearing this song back in middle school days back in 2006 , miss music from back in the day. Nothing like This bs now a days lol. 
  8. How I feel at work...damn 5 o'clock, I'm out this joint at 3:30.
  9. Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P: throwback Friday song.
  10. is it just me or did styles p pretty much ruin the song?
  11. Imagine if prison officers play this song for prisoners that get sent to the SHU(solitary confinement) and they leave it on repeat..
  13. These artists now a days. Fucking sucks in producing music, music that i listed to back in the years of 2003-06-09 was the shit. Now a days its all bullshit!!.
  14. Is it just me or did anybody else thought first this song was Styles P Ft. Akon?
  15. Pregnant bitches be like: I GOT KNOCKED UP!!!!!
  16. Gosto muito G+...p@z
  17. Traffic Cops brought me here some drunk hoe started singing it in the back of a cop car then they started playing the actual song in the background
  18. I would sing this in my head when my parents locked me in my room when I. Was 6 years old cx
  19. #4th grade memories #locked up in the school cafeteria
  20. "I'm Locked Up, They Won't Let Me Out" - Akon ft Styles P
  21. @ 3:18 he was doing the 'hot nigga' dance ahahahah
  22. Lol i was 5 wen dis came out remindz me ov da pen imma crip Fuck da bloodz 
  23. STFU👇👇👇and just enjoy...46Million views and these asswipes STILL...smfh and kmft
  24. This is a throwback song for real