Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P

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Music video by Akon performing Locked Up. (C) 2004 Universal Records & SRC Records Inc., a division of UMG Recordings

  1. this song is dumb, why should they let you out ?.. in the verses theyre telling us why theyre locked up.. "My car is stolen, no registration." .."back with a couple keys" .. So youre in a stolen car pushing dope and youre asking why they dont let you out. 
  2. Just got released from jail. Feels good to be a free man. 
  3. Akon need to make a comeback and save the music industry from all these trash r&b singers..
  4. First time I heard this song I was in 23 hr/day lock up, 3 months in county waiting to be transferred to state prison to serve a 7 flat. I came from a white, middleclass, suburban area but I must have listened to this song over 1000 times. Now fast forward a decade. Never broke the law again but anytime I hear this song I get serious flashbacks and goosebumps.
  5. Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P: http://youtu.be/14PgWitIbSk
  6. Why is you car stolen when you have millions. Just buy a new one you cheapscape
  7. How I feel at work...damn 5 o'clock, I'm out this joint at 3:30.
  8. but why are you locked up Akon ????????????????????????????????????
  9. Akon kinda fell off the map. What happened to him?
  10. Damn I remember hearing this song back in middle school days back in 2006 , miss music from back in the day. Nothing like This bs now a days lol. 
  11. Imagine if prison officers play this song for prisoners that get sent to the SHU(solitary confinement) and they leave it on repeat..
  12. I haven't a case since 2012 thanks to my beautiful kids. Btw...does anyone care that I'm eating a Texas whopper with no cheese??? 
  13. this songs shows the worst of the hood, a year later they dropped can you believe it showing the good in the hood. Akon and styles P compliment each other well. 
  14. blacks do crime because there forced to by this sick society that makes people work for a living and only be able to own a home a car have holidays and hobbies and electricity and gas and food when ever they want and hospitals and a good standard of living and not have all the great things they have in Africa like slave camps slavery and aids
  15. Damn hip hop used to be so good. Not saying its all bad now, but it used to be better.
  16. This song use to be the shit 😂😂😂
  17. These artists now a days. Fucking sucks in producing music, music that i listed to back in the years of 2003-06-09 was the shit. Now a days its all bullshit!!.
  18. serious song
  19. Back in the halo 2 days
  20. Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P: http://youtu.be/14PgWitIbSk
  21. @track4smiley shhhaarddup!
  22. i wish people would stop useing the n word you youg cats dont even use it right there is ignorant people in every race!!!! listen to some nas or soja,collie buddz or even some slightley stoopid thats real music they sing about freedom and peace
  23. Goes out to all the prisoners in risdon vale prison in hobart tasmania did a lil stint 3 months at the start of the year
  24. I would beat sense into Ricardo Santiago. White people aint shit huh? I am sorry your dad abandoned you and that whore you call mom. It is not the white mans fault. Sorry fuck