Akon - Locked Up ft. Styles P

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Music video by Akon performing Locked Up. (C) 2004 Universal Records & SRC Records Inc., a division of UMG Recordings

  1. Akon's first big single. Remember hearing this on the radio 8 years old and shit.
  2. Message for the youths....
  3. I cant believe how much hip hop has fell off, I miss these days turning on BET and watching something I could relate to
  4. Theme Song For Friday Night In 505!! LMSAO!!
  5. this nigga rhymed orange with garbage....haha really but dope song at least he tried 
  6. Reminds me when I was locked up ... (the door handle broke on my bathroom door and I got stuck in there for 15minutes...)
  7. Man styles spit that real
  8. well they shouldn't let you out, you're in jail for a reason. nice melody. 
  9. This song deserves well more than 40 million views. Young sprouts should listen to this track without a doubt,
  10. he rhymed orange with garbage
  11. Remember getting jailed for 14 month in hmp just after this came out
  12. im sorry but did u actually say this is how u feel wen u in school???!!?!?!?! wat is wrong with u??? I dont kno how old u are and i hope u never have to do a fukin bid. how ridiculously disrespectful ... God Bless the dead...State and county keepa ya head up.
  13. Sang this when I went to.jail the cops were dying g
  14. Locked my ass up in d block had to stab a niggah for his cookies and shit .. 
  15. School be like
  16. BEEN LOCK UP A BITCH!!!! Who da fuck invent da damn prison anyway?
  18. This my shit when im thinking about life realshit
  19. Free my nigga Akon
  20. The food is garbage I dont want to live here the phones is broke.
  21. When I go to detention I sing this XD
  22. this is how i feel when i am at school lol
  23. Styles P's biggest hit to date and he never had to sellout, proving to today's artist that you can achieve success in the music industry while keeping your integrity.