Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Official Video)

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  3. Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Official Video):
  4. So Rihanna is in white makeup here?
  5. This video is fake because well.. how can 3 hot chicks walk past so many guys unnoticed?
  6. i'm a romanian and this music is shit
  7. Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
  8. süperrrrrr yaaaaa :)))
  9. whats with the channel name blanco y negro music? racist much
  10. Os dejamos con la bellísima Alexandra Stan y su mitico Mr Saxobeat para empezar el fin de semana con buen humor
  11. Wow ,that cop was such a dumbass...
  12. I covered this on my sax!
  13. Ate enjoei de ouvir essa musica nas radios ; pqp. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  14. Damn Never knew gypsys could be that sexy
  15. !!!! Jeśli do więzienia zamknąć by mnie mieli Pragnę dożywocia.... Z Tobą w jednej celi ......
  16. Is not all land Gypsies land? How ironic would it be to say: "let's not dwell on it" . . . as if it were our choice . . . . if Indians weren't slaughtered by the millions, how would we have a "United States" . . . how would we celebrate Thanksgiving Day? . . . So, then wouldn't it be more appropriate to call it "Fallen Indian Day" . . . you know . . . vs calling it "Thanks Giving Day"? . . . in their remembrance sort to speak. So, in conclusion, aren't Gypsies modern day Indians? Aren't the children of immigrants called "Americans", having been born on this Indian land? Too bad we only live 100 years! We will never know.
  17. Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Official Video):
  18. You make me this, bring me up bring me down! M. Saxobeat
  20. Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Official Video):
  21. now thats what i call perfect
  22. make me move like a freak.. mr. saxobaet!
  23. like si lo ves en 2015
  24. Funny they show the process AFTER the slaughter and murder of the beautiful intelligent cows. And Fact or Company.... come the eff on... FACT that it's a company. There's no way they can supply McDonalds with the insane amount of animal meat they go through each and every day in any sort of HUMANE way.
  25. She is so sexy woman,I would like to fuck her :D
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