Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Official Video)

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  2. ♡♡ (¯`Alexandra´¯) ♡♡
  3. weeeeee
  4. 15 830 gays
  5. BUENOS DIAS:))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. that push-up bra though
  7. push-up bra level... uhh... I'd say about a 5.. yea.
  8. Heard this song on KidzBop XM today, pretty shocked and pumped at the same time.
  9. I should become a cop in Romania
  10. WOW , deci 213.760.393 , cineva sa-mi aduca un scaun , lesin!
  11. 90% porn 10 song
  12. she is very butifull you cant say anything wrong just it would be perfect if she had a little bigger boobs thats wy they used that push up
  13. rumanian gypsies :)
  14. i swear she sounds like rhianna
  15. Oh my, the guy singing 'mmm yh'- who is this guy?
  16. süper bir şarkııııııııııııııııııııııııııııııı
  17. i just orgasmed,but not literaly, but i did o_o ......please kiss me 
  18. She looks like a balkan slut nuf said.
  19. I thought Rihanna sang this...
  20. Is it bad that pandora just introduced me to this song this week?
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