Alicia Keys - Killing Me Softly

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Amazing Live performance of Killing Me Soflty by Alicia Keys!

  1. Keyifli dinlemeler. ­čÄ­čÄÁ´╗┐
  2. bom dia´╗┐
  3. Lauryn Hill Luther Alicia Just to name a few... All of there takes on this is immaculate, phenomenal, soulful! Music like this, where did it go? ´╗┐
  4. Perfection´╗┐
  5. Alicia keys is the best! i wish their was ample amount of bass and drums in this version or some version downloadable´╗┐
  6. Killing Me Softly~Alicia Keys´╗┐
  7. Maravillosamente versionado... Fantastica Roberta Flahk´╗┐
  8. Just the opposite my dear friend. Lieberman recorded it before anyone else in 1971 and released it in 1972. Flack's version didn't come until 1973.
  9. Both Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys sang this song so beautifully.
  10. Eh. After listening to the Jacksons preform this, I'm not so stunned.
  11. Lauryn Hill is not the original singer of this song, look it up!
  12. @kukukachooification TROLOLOLOLOLOL. Yes I'm serious. GTFO? You started it with me. So take your happy ass back to where you came from and don't jump into people's conversations.
  13. better Shoot Alicia you're the best <3
  14. she's so pretty :)
  15. bel├şssima musica...
  16. Dawm alicia dawm beautyful an a great singer
  17. I thought the original version is by Roberta Flack 0_O
  18. She needs to be reminded it is not an R&B number and to listen, again, to what she says is her influenece... Then she may learn.
  19. wonder if Alicia Keys knows the origins and the reason this song was written....the song was in response to watching Don McClean sing AMERICAN PIE back some 38 years ago
  20. some songs should not be allowed to get covered. Killing me..... is one of them. No one sings it like Roberta.
  21. I'm a Lauryn Hill fan all the way but when you ask the question who is the artist most deserving and capable of using her work. Its Alicia Keys hands down. You could say Janelle Monae but she's not really not on that level.