Alien electric guitar

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A tubular electric guitar from a crashed alien spacecraft ;-). This one has 22 frets to the octave (31 total). Hutch had never played a 22-tone guitar before, or a tubular one! He plays Henry Mancini's theme from Peter Gunn (or Blues Brothers or Planet Claire) followed by a basic 12 bar blues shuffle in E. See for more info and photos. Creator's home page

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  2. Sooo..... where do i get one ?
  3. How long did it take you to make this?
  4. hahahaha
  5. It has both.
  6. Not MIDI. Just a standard guitar audio output jack. In fact the strings and the output jack are the only standard guitar parts.Everything in between is custom, including the piezo pickups under the bridge.
  7. гитарка прикольная а музыка хуйня
  8. Wow very innovating. Great work.
  9. Although a neat looking guitar, it doesn't really look..."practical". How do you keep it from constantly slipping off your left since it's just a straight bar?
  10. Thanks mate!
  11. Ahhh Blues
  12. The frets are spaced for 22-tone equal temperament and the open strings are tuned to the nearest equivalent to EADGBE in 22-tET, such that BEADG is a chain of that tuning's best approximations of a fourth.
  13. smoke more weed and practice...dreamer...
  14. How about no?
  15. AWESOME!!!
  16. OMG, and i thought 12 frets to the octave and 7.25 radius was hard enough to play... now we've gone 22 and tubular... LOL ! but very cool...
  17. Make a bass like this
  18. And I suppose I also faked the detailed close-up photos linked from the description, "Show more".
  19. Why do I find it strange he has an alien guitar and he starts playing country near the end?
  20. double it up as a bong and your ready!
  21. Sick
  22. shut up and take my soul!
  23. that a bug zapper lol
  24. burn that shit now!!! lol... sorry i love strings and frets, cant help it ^^
  25. How do you get this through customs?