Alyssa Reid - Alone Again

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Alyssa Reid - Alone Again Ultra Music is one step ahead in the world of dance music and is a leading independent electronic label. Ultra's current roster includes North American artists deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Kaskade, Roger Sanchez, Markus Schulz, Tommie Sunshine, David Morales, Sharam, Cedric Gervais, and international artists Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Alex Gaudino, Kraak & Smaak, Morcheeba, Congorock, Adrian Lux, GRUM, Unicorn Kid, Fedde le Grand, and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others such as Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Timo Maas, Sasha & John Digweed, 4 Strings, Panjabi MC, Despina Vandi, Junkie XL and DJ Antoine. Ultra Music Online:

  1. I thought you needed to be at least somewhat attractive in order to get recording contracts. Alyssa Reid has a 4/10 face. Lopsided, asymmetrical eyes. The face is too wide and her midface looks to be too long, or maybe it's just her chin? Her whole face looks too long. Pause the video at 00:15 and look at her - her face looks like one of those african decorative masks that people hang up on walls. She looks REALLY unfortunate. It looks like prenatal testosterone has done some serious damage on her facial features. I'm glad she could find success in life despite being so unattractive though, not many people can do that.
  2. Alyssa Reid - Alone Again
  3. CELINE DION - ONE AND ONLY..........
  4. original best this is fake 
  5. luv this song!!!
  6. listen Celine Dion Alone.. is the same song
  7. ALONE AGAIN ............
  9. Yuck, they had to ruin a good song by bringing that guy into it.
  10. alyssa is a reallllyy nice name ;) 
  11. @thundersay1 is a cunt
  12. adele and steven tyler aren't the best looking so you are just being an ass because Alyssa is very beautiful!
  13. i live in dis song......thz song reminds me.....that m livin........
  14. What a way to carry the voice! Absolute feeling brought forward.
  15. I love her
  16. i love this song <3
  17. nice song xx
  18. LMAO I was listening to this song like a lot a long time ago. I forgot about it. Thx youtube xD.
  19. Listen to Heart's original version. Ann Wilson's voice is a amazing! 
  20. This song and 'Alyssa Reid - The Game' contains: When you said I could move on and go You said I'm weak and it shows I couldn't go on without you Now you're sitting in your house alone Wonder why I left home And I'm hoping that you know why these two numbers contain this??!!
  21. Why are they using corded phones. Either write your own or leave the original to be sung correctly. It's like going through a car wash.
  22. The best cover.!!
  23. man this song is so emotional I have heard of it first time since it came out and always seems to amaze me and makes me emotional a lot sometimes makes me cry
  24. ...Heart song*
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