Amazing Grace | Grandpa Elliott | Live in Boston

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Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement here: See this band live during their 2014 Peace Through Music Tour: We are honored to announce the release of PFC3: Songs Around The World - available everywhere now! This CD/DVD set highlights the passion and talent of 185 musicians from 31 different countries. Buy PFC3 Here: Buy on Amazon: Buy PFC3 on iTunes: - Grandpa Elliott has been closing our shows each night of our fall 2009 tour with a powerful rendition of "Amazing Grace." His performance is so beautifully soulful that words don't do it justice. Fortunately, we were able to film it at the Orpheum in Boston, and are excited to share it with you here. Learn more and join the PFC movement at To browse our videos and CD/DVDs available for purchase, visit News from the road: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Support the PFC Foundation: Participate in PFC Day: Photos from the road:

  1. Good grandpa elliot
  2. dear grandpa Elliot, it is so good to meet you again on You Tube.... We met in New Orleans in 2010 and I made pictures of you not knowing you then........... hope you are well! <3
  3. One of the greatest!
  4. lots of screaming....not too much singing.....bad recording and video....
  5. My son and I enjoyed this angel after Katrina while we were there helping rescue animals. He is a true angel and my son has since joined the angels but he can hear them everyday signing now. Love you Mason!! Thank you Grandpa Elliot for making New Orleans amazing for two Canadian Prairie boys unforgettable and treasured!
  6. I love you with an open heart and open arms grandpa elliot. 
  7. Nothing explanation on this acception in the social !!!! I like you, Grandpa
  8. ...muito coraçao no cantar, agente sente a emoçao mesmo sem ta perto!!!
  9. Mashallah ... what the world needs now is sweet sweet peace...selams !
  10. Just amazing Elliott!
  11. Finally, the light at the end of a tunnel, End of a Rainbow, ... Hope at the bottom of the Zeus Box, ... THANK YOU ALL!!!! May be this can help that "Sorry", "Συγνώμη", "Извини", ... shouldn't be "the hardest word" in the world anymore!
  12. Playing For change - Amazing Grace - Grandpa Elliott
  13. one shirt one overalls and one hat.... all that man needs to be happy.
  14. love
  15. My heros are GrandPa Elliot and Iggy Pop
  16. It is impossible! Fantastik!
  17. i love it...
  18. o tilzinho e muito bom
  19. when you become as exppirenced in life such as granpa, some call him old isay expirenced, you dont care what your clothes look like you just do what you enjoy.
  21. by playing for change
  22. what does he brings on his pockets? why so much pockets? amazing singer and player fills your soul like fills his pockets!!
  23. Granpa Elliot, stop making me cry already! Beautiful!
  24. Wasn't he on Toy Story? I love this guy
  25. I dislike this video just because it poor sound. I admire Grandpa Eliot but the sound of this video is not enough for his talent.
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