Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. A real Talent. One of the best singers ever Rest in Paradise
  2. She never died :( --she left her music. She's alive in it.
  3. My Amy XXXX
  4. *FNS: Late Night Tracks* Amy Winehouse - "Back To Black" (Live) Sitting up in the early morning hours of Snowmageddon, and stoking the fire every half hour, I have some pent-up musical energy. So I'm doing what I love - playing some random tracks for you all! #FNS #fridaynightsessions #amywinehouse *Sean*
  5. Sie war so großartig, Amy forever!
  6. Her sound is differennt each time she sings the same song , A true "Artist" her sound becomes intoxicating, mesmerizing and addictive. Her song writing brutally honest with the ability to improvise lyrics at will. Her music will live forever and inspire future artists who are yet to be born. She was no angel, but her contribution to music in such a short carer cannot be overstated . Imagine what she would have created if she was still with us. I hope some more of her recordings will be released by her family . RIP AJW 
  7. Yes and yes!! 
  8. tattoos, piercings, junkie.... three easy ways to make yourself ugly.
  9. Un'altra grande cantante!
  10. Amazing voice, performance and woman....Amy RIP !!! 
  11. She's always the best !
  12. i miss her so much
  13. If I could pick a handful of people to come back and live a clean and happy life Amy would be one of them. Such a waste, really is. Such is life though, don't take drugs people
  14. <3 <3 <3 :-(
  15. #amywinehouse #norway #remember #history #anniversary #gooddieyoung One year and 2 days ago 77 people were murdered in the Oslo and Buskerud counties of Norway...all by the same person. The next day Amy Whinehouse died from too much alcohol. I wonder if that isn't a coincidence...she quite likely new what had happened in nearby Norway and that news certainly was as depressing as it gets. In the past year Amy's music has sold well everywhere...855000 albums since her death in the U.S. alone, according to Nielsen SoundScan. And so she lives on thanks to her fans. Hopefully those lost in Norway live on in the minds of all who knew them too as well as all such incidents. And the media should do more coverage of them and less of the deranged cowards (whose names should be forgotten) that did such terrible things. *This video is Amy doing Back to Black is excellent but it is also so sad...*
  16. R.I.P. Amy
  17. #amywinehouse is one of those performers that I unfortunately never had a chance to listen to until after her death. What a great talent that is now gone. Here's a live version of "Back to Black" that showcases her talent very well.
  18. G++d Morning My G++d Friends! On the way to the office, I heard it in my car... I love it!
  19. Un fin predecible, una voz y un look que salia del montón, RIP Amy
  20. Poor, poor dear gone far too soon - if only she knew that help would actually have helped had she been able to surrender you know? Lost a great talent for sure. SAD. I love this song.
  21. #Música
  22. The best thing about Amy were her two male dancers!! They dance pretty cool!
  23. No comments ...... Jim !!!
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