Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. Petite AMY, disparue trop tôt. UN TALENT FOU !!!
  2. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  3. She was so good ♥
  4. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in…:
  5. she was an angel.
  6. Just heard this song in the radio when she died. Her words I died a hundred times makes me think...
  7. La reina, por siempre. 
  8. So beautiful!! you dont get tired of listening to her...
  9. I remember watching the full concert back in 2011, and I was surprised by her performance. The best performance ever!!! To this day, Back to Black and Rehab is my favourite song. She's a legend.
  10. Simply nonpareil. No one like her since.
  11. A beautiful singer! R.I.P.
  12. Simplemente me encanta!!! O no LauRitHiTitha? 
  13. Hola a todos, alguien sabe en donde fue este concierto??
  14. RIP My dear in heaven We still enjoy your lovely rythm and Music 5*
  15. back then, when music was alive !
  16. "Solo nos dijimos adiós con palabras y morí cientos de veces; y luego beso mis mejillas con la yema de sus dedos" Tremenda mujer, por que son tan escasas estas musas del amor extremo. Amy Winehouse. 
  17. My Amy XXXX
  18. Not my style of music, but there is something in this song, and in her, that match with my soul
  19. wow. what a performance. what talent. may she rest in peace, the peace she clearly could not find on earth.
  20. Мне очень силно жаль что такой великий человек от нас ушол. Каждый делает в свое жизни ошибки, и я себя не искючаю. Это была не пивица, а богиня музики. Боб Марлей, Виктор Цой, Игорь Тольковь и Кми это святое. К сожалению их больше нет.
  21. R.I.P Great but at dingle was a different level love you Amy x 
  22. I wish so much that I'd gone to see Amy live. She is an absolute legend, like Ella Fitzgerald. <3
  23. her 'best"? I dnt know about that-she was drinking on stage-having the black male dancers was annoying
  24. love and tristesse forever 
  25. This performance is great, she looks beautiful and sings with so much soul
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