Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. Petite AMY, disparue trop tôt. UN TALENT FOU !!!
  2. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  3. She was so good ♥
  4. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in…:
  5. R.I.P Great but at dingle was a different level love you Amy x 
  6. I remember watching the full concert back in 2011, and I was surprised by her performance. The best performance ever!!! To this day, Back to Black and Rehab is my favourite song. She's a legend.
  7. Her sound is differennt each time she sings the same song , A true "Artist" her sound becomes intoxicating, mesmerizing and addictive. Her song writing brutally honest with the ability to improvise lyrics at will. Her music will live forever and inspire future artists who are yet to be born. She was no angel, but her contribution to music in such a short carer cannot be overstated . Imagine what she would have created if she was still with us. I hope some more of her recordings will be released by her family . RIP AJW 
  8. A beautiful singer! R.I.P.
  9. RIP My dear in heaven We still enjoy your lovely rythm and Music 5*
  10. I wish so much that I'd gone to see Amy live. She is an absolute legend, like Ella Fitzgerald. <3
  11. Simplemente me encanta!!! O no LauRitHiTitha? 
  12. My Amy XXXX
  13. Not my style of music, but there is something in this song, and in her, that match with my soul
  14. love and tristesse forever 
  15. wow. what a performance. what talent. may she rest in peace, the peace she clearly could not find on earth.
  16. 1:55 = chills
  17. te entiendo tu soledad y tristeza correo mi sangre
  18. Her story is such a shame she was a great talent and she stopped herself but her body was intoxicated it makes me cry that day she fell asleep and never woke up was a tragedy and what a loss!
  19. Miss you
  20. Her voice is heaven.
  21. u will always be BEST of bests singers and womens
  23. Give this rendition a go and if that doesn't work, here's a shorter version, about half way in watch?v=gwEID-umz3I
  24. I love her voice, but this is choppy. For theatrical reasons I guess. ;)
  25. '....we only said goodbye with words.'