Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. A real Talent. One of the best singers ever Rest in Paradise
  2. <3 <3 <3 :-(
  3. Her sound is differennt each time she sings the same song , A true "Artist" her sound becomes intoxicating, mesmerizing and addictive. Her song writing brutally honest with the ability to improvise lyrics at will. Her music will live forever and inspire future artists who are yet to be born. She was no angel, but her contribution to music in such a short carer cannot be overstated . Imagine what she would have created if she was still with us. I hope some more of her recordings will be released by her family . RIP AJW 
  4. Yes and yes!! 
  5. *FNS: Late Night Tracks* Amy Winehouse - "Back To Black" (Live) Sitting up in the early morning hours of Snowmageddon, and stoking the fire every half hour, I have some pent-up musical energy. So I'm doing what I love - playing some random tracks for you all! #FNS #fridaynightsessions #amywinehouse *Sean*
  6. She never died :( --she left her music. She's alive in it.
  7. She's always the best !
  8. What I would do to be there!😘
  9. What a voice!! 
  10. Only a mystery in music history <\3
  11. It´s worh loving, seeing, and supporting this great artist! Wherever you are now you´re in a better place where there is not suffering. God bless you and Rip in Peace!!!
  12. -- Back to Black [] Influenced by the likes of Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Aretha Franklin and Carleen Anderson Amy Winehouse was indeed a musical genius.
  13. I love her singing...
  14. How many more great singers can this world of our produce who just dies from us?
  15. Rest in peace beautiful one....u will be dearly missed...God keep u...
  16. love amyyyy forever
  17. She was a legend.
  18. Dear... We only said goodbye with words... 
  19. She was the best. She is the best. She wil be the best 4 ever!!!!
  20. She's gone back to the Pure Black.
  21. the best singer ever !!!! i love you amy !
  22. Idiots..don't say that! they are Justin Beber followers!
  23. Rest in Peace Amy :') We will never forget you !!! :')
  24. Yes ... Our Amy
  25. 1:55 = chills
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