Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. ci siamo detti addio solo a parole io sono morta un centinaio di volte tu torni da lei e io ritorno da... io ritorno da noi 
  2. My Amy XXXX
  3. Poor, poor dear gone far too soon - if only she knew that help would actually have helped had she been able to surrender you know? Lost a great talent for sure. SAD. I love this song.
  4. We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her And I go back to... We only said good-bye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her And I go back to...
  5. Jedna z najlepszych piosenek Amy
  6. one of her best live performances, love you and miss you Amy ❤️ posted a cover of this yesterday, rest in peace 
  7. She was really good... I miss him a lot:'''(
  8. She sing so Perfect !
  9. She's a legend; thank God we still have Adele Lady Gaga and Beyonce in this fucked up industry
  10. love amy but this was a pretty bad performance 
  11. This performance is great, she looks beautiful and sings with so much soul
  12. q pedazo de artista por dios como extrañamos a amy :(
  13. Sie war so großartig, Amy forever!
  14. Sie hat was in der stimme das zu lässt ihr immer weiter zu zu hören.B-) 
  15. hope the two black dudes are living good lives,lol
  16. Mi manchi tanto!
  17. the best song !!!
  18. Another level of existence. I hope I meet her in the afterlife... 
  19. that youman, she was the best
  20. Check my and my sister's acoustic cover of this song on my channel if you want... R.I.P. Amy
  21. I miss her so bad!!
  22. Angel Amy!
  23. Another year gone but never forgotten , No one can match this talent. God Bless X 
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