Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in her best performance. R.I.P.

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The best Live Concert ever, God save her !!!

  1. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  2. "Solo nos dijimos adiós con palabras y morí cientos de veces; y luego beso mis mejillas con la yema de sus dedos" Tremenda mujer, por que son tan escasas estas musas del amor extremo. Amy Winehouse. 
  3. She was so good ♥
  4. Simplemente me encanta!!! O no LauRitHiTitha? 
  5. She's a legend; thank God we still have Adele Lady Gaga and Beyonce in this fucked up industry
  6. I remember watching the full concert back in 2011, and I was surprised by her performance. The best performance ever!!! To this day, Back to Black and Rehab is my favourite song. She's a legend.
  7. love amy but this was a pretty bad performance 
  8. Not my style of music, but there is something in this song, and in her, that match with my soul
  9. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Live in concert in…:
  10. My Amy XXXX
  11. This kind of talent is very rare... Dont fuck with hard drugs. Everytime I hear her voice i feel so damn sad R.I.P. 
  12. Best ever.. Loved her <3 And wonderful shoes and dress :) She really was herself!!
  13. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  15. Jedna z najlepszych piosenek Amy
  16. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  17. Sie war so großartig, Amy forever!
  18. her 'best"? I dnt know about that-she was drinking on stage-having the black male dancers was annoying
  19. Мне очень силно жаль что такой великий человек от нас ушол. Каждый делает в свое жизни ошибки, и я себя не искючаю. Это была не пивица, а богиня музики. Боб Марлей, Виктор Цой, Игорь Тольковь и Кми это святое. К сожалению их больше нет.
  20. The most incredible performance ever!
  21. She was so good ♥
  22. bom dia noção do rocK!!!!!
  23. RIP My dear in heaven We still enjoy your lovely rythm and Music 5*
  24. A beautiful singer! R.I.P.
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