Amy Winehouse- Back to Black Lyrics

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Yay!! a new vid, but this time AMY WINEHOUSE!!! Yeah, i love her songs... anyway here u go!! hope you enjoy!!! :) I DO NOT OWN UNIVERSAL RECORDS. ALL SONGS GO TO THEIR COPYRIGHTED OWNERS

  1. why did you died amy...
  2. is it just me or are the transitions really bad on this
  3. This is the worse lyrics vid ever
  4. Music is my religion, my god, the air I breath, wonder of wonders, this song is killing me!
  5. Even if she is dead, i still love her <3 R.I.P It doesnt even feel like shes gone when she sings.. :(
  6. US
  7. pljuc ma svima koji zarađujute na njoj ,pljuc prijateljima koji prodavaju uspomene koje su dijelili s njom ,pljuc na 4 novinske kuće koje su živjeli od njene bolesti ,hranili se ,ma pljuc
  8. wow i did not know the lyric was "kept his dick wet" my face: :o
  9. We miss you Amy <3
  10. im sorry and im not trying to be rude, but please work on the timing of the lyrics. this has really bad timing. 
  11. "I died a hundered time" But, but.. yolo... XD
  12. I hate Katy Perry's "Unconditional"...You would expect a lot more from Katy Perry than the whole time the same damn line!
  13. I wish you have lived a bit longer, i know the Almighty has set the time to go for everyone!!!!! i love you. Sweet Angel!!!!!!!!!
  14. so sad that she is dead now such a shame 
  15. dedicated to my husband
  16. Amy Winehouse- Back to Black Lyrics
  17. That unforgettable voice....
  18. Minimalist esthetic, just screens with words and overall not even synchronized with the song when some aren't clearly lacking!!..Very poor job, indeed..Sorry..
  19. I love this song so much, such a unique voice. We miss you Amy!
  20. xaaaaaaaaaliaaa lyriccs!!
  21. i love this song so much <3 x
  22. You guys know what sucks is that when I first heard her on Mtv in the morning, I was like FINALLY I FIND SOUL!!! then I looked at the t.v. and its breaking news was that she died... 
  23. XD LOL Kept his dick wet so funny