Amy Winehouse- Back to Black Lyrics

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Yay!! a new vid, but this time AMY WINEHOUSE!!! Yeah, i love her songs... anyway here u go!! hope you enjoy!!! :) I DO NOT OWN UNIVERSAL RECORDS. ALL SONGS GO TO THEIR COPYRIGHTED OWNERS

  1. wow i did not know the lyric was "kept his dick wet" my face: :o
  2. That unforgettable voice....
  3. You guys know what sucks is that when I first heard her on Mtv in the morning, I was like FINALLY I FIND SOUL!!! then I looked at the t.v. and its breaking news was that she died... 
  4. Amy Winehouse- Back to Black Lyrics
  5. My odds are stacked
  6. song is great Lyrics is SHIT
  7. is it me or the lyric is wrong kept his dick wet instead of kept his lips wet
  8. dedicated to my husband
  9. A legendary song and a legendary singer...
  10. Minimalist esthetic, just screens with words and overall not even synchronized with the song when some aren't clearly lacking!!..Very poor job, indeed..Sorry..
  11. I love this song so much, such a unique voice. We miss you Amy!
  12. video is really bad, you're skipping through the lyrics too fast.
  13. I'm sick and tired of Katy Perry Unconditional ads as well as all the same other ones coming on before EVERY VIDEO.. Like shut up. And on every ad, they ask you if they should show you things like this, and EVERY TIME the WHOLE TIME I've been clicking no, but they keep showing the same exact advertisement. YouTube, you're an idiot. ASIDE FROM THAT, I love Amy Winehouse, and her unique voice...! (; <3
  14. xaaaaaaaaaliaaa lyriccs!!
  15. i love this song so much <3 x
  16. :)
  17. you put the lyrics as a shit fuck off
  18. About Time ;)
  19. this is terrible. Your lyrics are wrong and wrongly timed.!
  20. R.I.P
  21. wtf :o 
  22. lady was the real fuckin deal
  23. <3 
  24. j’adore cette chanson .