Amy Winehouse- Back to Black Lyrics

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Yay!! a new vid, but this time AMY WINEHOUSE!!! Yeah, i love her songs... anyway here u go!! hope you enjoy!!! :) I DO NOT OWN UNIVERSAL RECORDS. ALL SONGS GO TO THEIR COPYRIGHTED OWNERS

  1. Amy Winehouse- You should stay... 
  2. is it just me or are the transitions really bad on this
  3. Music is my religion, my god, the air I breath, wonder of wonders, this song is killing me!
  4. wow i did not know the lyric was "kept his dick wet" my face: :o
  5. im sorry and im not trying to be rude, but please work on the timing of the lyrics. this has really bad timing. 
  6. Bad timing
  7. don't hear music like this anymore at all...classic and no even old enough to be considered classic...might not see this talent for a long long time
  8. I always wondered what she could of had next? An new album, a kid, possibly marry some rapper like Kim K. did? Possibly another good album or maybe would of join the twerking crew with Nicki and Miley? A new hair style or clothing line? Who would know? We didn't have long in the business but I still listen to her songs like I'm waiting for a new hit by her.
  9. Shit FAM! This shit bumpin
  10. You had one job job....
  11. What a shame though 27. :'( she was talented un like a lot of these so called singers/artists 
  12. People didn't realize how deep Amy's words were, she's talking about a relationship and comparing it to heroin use. The play on words to prove a point about love. 
  13. That unforgettable voice....
  14. You guys know what sucks is that when I first heard her on Mtv in the morning, I was like FINALLY I FIND SOUL!!! then I looked at the t.v. and its breaking news was that she died... 
  15. pljuc ma svima koji zarađujute na njoj ,pljuc prijateljima koji prodavaju uspomene koje su dijelili s njom ,pljuc na 4 novinske kuće koje su živjeli od njene bolesti ,hranili se ,ma pljuc
  16. "I died a hundered time" But, but.. yolo... XD
  17. tres desolee.very true,very beautiful.these songs.
  18. video is really bad, you're skipping through the lyrics too fast.
  19. Love this song, but the timing of the lyrics in this video is just anoying..
  20. +babak babak64 " Music is my religion, my god, the air I breath, wonder of wonders, this song is killing me! " <<<< !!! DANG YOU GOVERNMENT !!!... How come you have NOT regulated music as a DEADLY WEAPON??... Welcome to the UK er under er Cameron er.. !!!CAMERON!!! ER!!... Boy George inside 10 Downing Street to be IN CHARGE!!!2016!!! or sooner. The sooner, the better... In charge of: Cleaning and unclogging the 5hit filled toilets ..cuz those 5hite filled toilets R NOT GOING TO Unclog nor clean themselves... Now are they??... So hop to it Kharma Chameleon BOY make em shine... make em shine... & !!!HEY!!! No doing COKE off the toilets now.....
  21. Más mala ka sincro de las letras. ..
  22. so sad that she is dead now such a shame 
  23. I thought she said "kept his lips wet" 
  24. Even if she is dead, i still love her <3 R.I.P It doesnt even feel like shes gone when she sings.. :(
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