Andre Rieu & 3 year old violinist, Akim Camara 2005

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Andre Rieu introduces 3yr old violinist, Akim Camara, during his 'Flying Dutchman Concert' at Parkstad Stadium in the Nederlands (2004). Akim (born 27 October 2001 in Berlin-Marzahn) plays Concerto G Major op.11 with the Johan Strauss Orchestra. NEWS:- Akim Camara now has his own channel on YouTube. I recommend you go to his channel and see more recent performances by this talented young man.

  1. Всем хорошего настроения!!! Родился Аким Камара (Akim Camara) в 2000 году в Берлине (Berlin), в семье его есть африканские и европейские корни. Способности своего сына родители Акима заметили очень рано – позднее они уверяли, что он был способен воспринимать музыку буквально с пеленок. Играть на скрипке малыш начал в два года, и его первым преподавателем стала Биргит Тиель (Birgit Thiele) из музыкальной школы Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music. Учился мальчик невероятно быстро – обладая абсолютным музыкальным слухом, Аким схватывал все буквально на лету, и был способен слышать даже мельчайшие партии в произведениях, исполняемых большими оркестрами. Талант Акима принялись развивать, а также всячески поощрять – уже в три года Аким впервые выступил перед публикой, исполнив скрипичную пьесу на Рождественском концерте 'Schneefloeckchen, Weissroeckchen'. Вскоре о юном даровании услышал известный голландский скрипач-виртуоз Андре Рьё (Andre Rieu). Увидев на видео игру Акима, Андре был просто поражен, он немедленно пригласил мальчика вместе со всей его семьей в Керкраде, Нидерланды (Kerkrade, Netherlands), в свою студию, и вскоре и сам маэстро, и весь его коллектив недоуменно слушали маленького Акима Камару, который легко выводил на своей маленькой скрипочке сложнейшие композиции. В июле 2004 года Андре Рьё включил выступления Акима в свою программу, и вместе два великих скрипача – большой и маленький – наделали среди любителей музыки немало шума. Так, стадион Parkstad Limburg Stadion вместимостью 18 000 человек был занят до последнего места. На музыкального вундеркинда хотели смотреть, его хотели слышать, а под конец выступления он непременно срывал самые бурные овации. После такого триумфального начала Аким на некоторое вр
  2. Check out this video "Akim Camara : R.R.Bennett - Hexapoda" from Akim Camara's youtube channel. This is a recent Akim.
  3. Well. He's obviously talented, but he's too young and inexperienced. His performance was not impressive at all for a beginner violinist, so they should've waited just a little longer and let him develop more. But I guess the purpose of his appearance was to show a cute kid playing violin amongst talented musicians, not to show an exceptional player.
  4. Obviously he needs more practice but he's just so cute and funny :D
  5. Andre Rieu & 3 year old violinist, Akim Camara 20…:
  6. Un joven violinista de tres años.
  7. Почему то он мне напоминает ручную мартышку, которая пляшет на публике за деньги... Ну чисто визуально.
  8. holy sh** I can't even play that good and he's younger than me
  9. I'm 18, and I've taken a couple violin "lessons" from my little brother. I don't quite have the dexterity for faster tunes, but I could probably play this song, with a bit of practice. But this guy? He's definitely better than I am. And he's goddamned three years old. He may not be as amazing as a professional violinist, but even with those tiny little toddler fingers he still plays at a level far above what I would call "beginner." Now that I know that a three-year-old can learn violin, I sort of want to try it myself. :D
  10. A cabsalt, I didnt mean any harm, i was like that when i was his age now i gotten better and so did he now. But if you watch the whole entire vedio clip people are snickering ( giggling at him) ive saw in the vedio that his fiddle had slipped underneath his chin. And the notes is... well sqickey sounds like he was hitting bad notes. No affence. And im sorry. Really i am. But now i think he is better then his younger times its take practice. Believe me.
  11. Many things can be said about André Rieu, but he seems to be a great entertainer.
  12. This kid is better than me
  14. talent haben bravo Akim
  15. this kid is 3 fuckin' years old .. just wait until he hits 15 or 16 .... you are going to hear a lot about him .... unbelievable 
  16. Andre Rieu introduces 3yr old violinist, Akim Camara, during his 'Flying Dutchman Concert' at Parkstad Stadium in the Nederlands (2004). Akim (born 27 October 2001 in Berlin-Marzahn) plays Concerto G Major op.11 with the Johan Strauss Orchestra.
  17. To those who think that many children 3 years old can learn while only a concertino in a few days just listening without partitions, I say review your references, Because there is no comparison of such a phenomenon in the world of the violin. There are rare talents in learning, virtuosos who for all, spend hours and months of training, But this kid is unique, regardless of its origin and regardless of size or age. The most important is the love of music and his creations in terms of evolution.
  18. Some people do not know how hard it is to learn violin, its very hard. He is just 3 on the video do not forget this …I am pretty sure today he is near mastery…. and by the way he pails this out of his mind…. no notation…. GREAT …
  19. Рано, конечно, взял скрипку, но не освоил - фальшь слышна.
  20. какая мерзость, приезжайте в Россию здесь умеют и в три года играть по человечески! 
  21. He is incredibly precious! You know how hard it is to do something like this, and at the age of only three? Some kids can barely even talk then. Not only that, but he's so silly and he's doing this in front of gosh knows how many people without any fear. Bless his heart. He's a cutie. <3
  22. merci, j'ai souris bien sûr mais aussi les larmes aux yeux ....félicitations!!
  23. I come back to this video from time to time when I need an attitude adjustment and/or relief from depression. This (and there is a lot happening that makes this video "This!") makes happy tears come from my soul, out through my eyes, and I let the tears freely run down my cheeks. 
  24. iets zeer leuk vind frans dit ook voor het zeer lief meisje die het hier neer zetten
  25. Akim, you're wonderful...keep playing always, you'll get to a place that is right for you. Thank you for your brave showman ship. Keep a trusted loved one close to your heart who can take charge of your musical engagements.