ANSWERS with Sarah Blackwood pt 1

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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. So sorry this took long folks. I am working right now on part 2 and part 3 and part 4...I will keep 'em coming as long as you keep asking questions! xoxo Thank you so much for all the support and love! I love you all so much! xo

  1. Olá vi você tocando com garfo e colher, juntou os dois, fantástico. Como é feito?
  2. Sarah, you probably won't see this, but I just want to say I love you and your music. I love Walk off the Earth as well. You inspire me to learn as many instruments as possible, and keep singing. (There are a couple of videos on my channel. They're... Not great. But anyway.) So far, I play the violin, the guitar, the ukulele, and a little piano. I am learning the harmonica. :) 
  3. im going mad i saw her playing lefty also 
  4. The marine asked if she was single.. She said yes! I thought she was with Gianni?
  5. "But I can't play any of them well" lies! 
  6. You guys are amazing amd jack black is awsell. Respect for that answer 
  7. She is so hot
  8. hi Sarah ,can you play Fur Elise
  9. Inky Ben Affleck????
  10. You're the best!
  11. I just have a multitude of questions haha. First being, how did you and Gianni get together? Second, can you please, please, please do a cover of Better Together by Jack Johnson?The third being why are you so awesome? Lastly, I'd like to ask why Gianni's name is pronounced Johnny? My boyfriend and I have been fans for over 3 years and just recently realized that was how to pronounce his name. We thought it was just a joke to piss him off, but apparently it's not! I think that's enough questions haha (:
  12. how old r u
  13. Acoustic and electric are not the same. Dumb ass
  14. Sorry but acoustic guitar and electric guitar is still the same instrument. The advise for shows is no body is perfect and expect stuff to happen so save the perfection for the studio.
  15. I knew you were talented, but left-handed too??? LOL
  16. Did you meet Jack Black yet? I would love to see this happen xD : peace in, girl ^_^
  17. Is it just me or does she have pink hair
  18. Jack Black is a friggan rockstar! Sarah you are like this petite delicate flower with a little bit of feisty thrown in but you become a Giant when you take the stage! Keep doing what you are doing!
  19. Cool to see how you, a 'famous' person, care about good causes. My dad's passed away the first of july this year, because of cancer. You're awesome.
  20. Your cover of Stand By Me gave me the chills. Love your voice! Your so talented
  21. dammit. :(
  22. Beautiful, talented, and funny. How the hell are you single?
  23. so AsPiring and beautiful your an a true musician
  24. Hey Sarah I was just wondering if you would glance at my channel. I live in Kearney ON I`m just a couple hours north of you guys, up in Muskoka!
  25. 4:14 she was pointing at her boobs