Antonio Banderas - La Malagueña (Érase Una Vez En México)

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Intro de la película "Érase Una Vez En México" por Antonio Banderas tocando "La Malagueña" en guitarra española, ¡excelente!, ¡muy buenos solos! Intro for The film "Once Upon A Time In Mexico by Antonio Banderas playing "La Malagueña" on a spanish guitar, excellent!, very good soloing!

  1. Impression movie!
  2. Daily hot !!!!!
  4. La Malaguena - Antonio Banderas
  5. niye lan
  6. No mames, se robo la guitarra
  7. What a mess! The WHOLE of Spain speaks with the th sound, it's called the ceceo. In the past the settlers from the south of Spain colonised the American continent and they at the time did not speak with a th sound, but an s sound, it's called seseo. Later on in Spain the th sound spread to the whole of Spain and now the whole of Spain speaks with a th sound, whereas American Spanish kept the s sound.
  8. viva españa y viva mexico!!!!
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  10. Banderas es lindo
  11. magnifico...
  12. bueno idea
  13. stolen?
  14. para nosotros es diferente, porqe conocemos netra propia cultura, es lo mismo que te pasa ati entre los marroquies y los egipcios o los sirios ;)
  15. Jajajaja eso quisieras pendejo gringo
  16. ac no es solamente ezio ._.
  17. Claro, porque una película basada en un juego nunca ha sido horrible no? ...coff coff.. resident evil coff coff.. street fighter.. cof mortal kombat coff cof the house of the dead cof coff etc.
  18. tony banderas and his guiter way played its exactlty how played my piano in my personal radio station locted down my personal basement.
  19. viva mexicooooo cabroneeeeees
  20. española creo, porque Málaga es una ciudad española
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