Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. What the song? 2:17
  2. Those judges are assholes, takes a lotta balls to do that 
  3. 0:18 no one is watching? okay, keep going
  4. Damn When I started watching I was thinking "this guy is gonna blow me away" then I saw the real thing and I truly felt sorry for the guy he loves the song and he really puts everything in to it he said so so I assume he does.
  5. people always have time to show the asian as a looser, nerd kid. 
  6. Ну зачем он пришел туда, клоун!
  7. the judge--"What's happening here"..ha ha...poor guy tho
  8. You been had, it's a joke. The producer threw this guy in there to play a joke on judges. He's an actor.
  9. Am definetly going to sue this guy , for making me to spit a hot coffee on my laptop . LMAO 
  10. dat solo 
  11. He also sings!! :))
  12. is he retarded?
  13. this kid got issue. need treatment .
  14. That's the beats for ya you damn New age born outs and fakes that's what that band is
  15. he's a disgrace to all asians...
  16. A waste of millions of peoples time.
  17. Brilliant use of atonality and dissonance with the vocals. Creative and surpising use of chromatics and dead notes on guitar. Different approach to a nylon string guitar by use of a plectrum. Overall beautiful and outstanding performance worthy of musical virtuosos. Nah who the fuck am i kidding this kid cant fucking fret properly yo lmaooo
  18. I also ummm umm....yeah 
  19. Omg, my sides. They hurt.
  20. Steve Morse, is that you?!
  21. THe judges are what the last guy said....
  22. уха ха ха ха это шедевр
  23. how the hell is this guitar legend not signed?
  24. I expected something awesome. Im not mad but this guy atleast tried
  25. Im thinking maybe he's got mental illness? 
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