Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. I think I'll make a guitar lesson on how to play this, lol....
  2. this guy has at least more musical talent as lady gaga for sure!!!!!!!!!
  3. Most of you don't realize that you actually sound this bad too. The only difference is you don't have low life people making fun of you about it, or posting it on YouTube. It's amazing how many people can take a few minutes out of their day....just to be mean to someone they don't know. You people make this such a fucked up world. And it's only getting worse since it's unfortunately illegal to spay and neuter stupid humans. Nice to see this video has more like than dislikes though. At least there's still hope out there. We need something.
  4. I was disturbed by the judges reaction as Mr. Bui has talent...a talent best suited for the depths of hell. 
  5. C'mon guys. There's a long history of people being absolutely appalling on shows like this and making a bit of quick cash out of it. Remember William Hung? He's just trying for a bit of notoriety. Judging by the view count of this video, mission accomplished.
  6. These shows always have somebody bad as a cheap sort of comedy. This bloke is obviously taking the piss.
  7. I give him an "E" for Effort. It took guts to get up there.But, I'll tell ya from 44 years experience as a Guitarist. This dude ain't got a clue. Mel Bay has been publishing beginner Guitar Lesson Books for as long as I can remember and I started at 5 years old. If he wants to play that bad then he has to do like the rest of us. It doesn't matter if it's a Guitar or a Juice Harp. You have to know your instrument like the back of your hand and there's only one way to do it. Everyone sucked when they first started. But you practice practice and practice and each day you'll suck just a little less.
  8. There is two things in my mind abt this guy and both of the are so right that one of them has to be true with this guy: One thing there is in abundance more than we want is mediocre, so very very best are rare and they are fun and the worst!!so worse that they make a statement that, 17.5 million views is quite a statement of how shit he is that he doesn't know nd that's the beauty Or This guy is bullshitting with all of us by playing dumb....some part of this video the way he carries himself seems quite like all of this act and it's effect on us viewers is exactly what his plan was...,I dunno why....,may be for attention one way or other, today's narcissistic generation of ours all we want is the main focus of talk of the town be us....if that's it than well than dude!!
  9. Troll level over 9000!
  10. What a fucking legend those judges just couldn't see his true talent. It was more about the emotion he put in it, almost as if he was strumming the harps of the beautiful angels in heaven. I cried. I want this played at my funeral. 
  11. Wow, I actually pissed myself laughing! That was awesome! I don't know what made me laugh more, Vinh's lack of facial expression, his guitar playing, or the judges cracking up so hard they had to hide their faces under the desk! LOL! That was a good laugh!
  12. this guy is killed himfels last week to put classical guitar in his ass off 
  13. come all ye no hopers, make the public laugh and make Simon Cowell even wealthier. 
  14. I Think thats an awesome rif he just played
  15. Avant-garde guitar)
  16. At least he got out there and made a fool of himself. All keyboard warriors in here can only dream of what he did. 
  17. Is he... retarded of something? Not as much as me, i lknow, but. How can you imagine to have enough skill to go to this show when you are that bad?
  18. can i have a thumbs up for no reason? thank you all.
  19. Wow how can people be that unkind to laugh at him.I mean LOOK AT HIM! That's not for lauging!!! You should be kind to him because he had GUTS to come to that show...And he is probably nice guy but people simlpy love to make other people feel bad ofc...That's a shame!
  20. For all you assholes laughing at him he atleast had the balls to go there and give it a try.
  21. i wonder what Simon Cowell will say if he sees this? 
  22. The very talented panel of judges have really earned the right to mock people...
  23. What did you expect.... she's a blond. -_-
  24. Well, I will never listen to "Imagine" (which is in my top 5 of Lennon's best arrangements) without seeing this dudes face every time...until I'm dead! Thanks for misleading us with your title! 
  25. his fuking trolling 
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