Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean how do you not realize you're that BAD.
  2. He's Vietnamese
  3. Those judges are assholes, takes a lotta balls to do that 
  4. Omg i really feel bad for that dude these judges if i had to kill them i would kill them and cut their balls
  5. 0:18 no one is watching? okay, keep going
  6. If you honestly can't tell where this video is going solely by these clues: -The sarcastic YouTube title (biggest giveaway) -The way the narrator said "... then, in walks *this* guy." -The sad and sarcastic song playing "♫ Nobody does it better... ♫" -The way he fails when giving reasons why he chose the song "... because I also, um... um... yeah..." -And ultimately, his horrible guitar posture when holding and playing that guitar before he plays if you don't know where this vid is going, then please... kill yourselves. Thanks!
  7. Titles like this one really piss off people who are actually looking for good guitar music. I wanna kick liars right square in the crotch.
  8. O.O
  9. i need those tabs O:
  10. Damn When I started watching I was thinking "this guy is gonna blow me away" then I saw the real thing and I truly felt sorry for the guy he loves the song and he really puts everything in to it he said so so I assume he does.
  11. What the song? 2:17
  12. Im thinking maybe he's got mental illness? 
  13. hahahaha
  14. what bullshit is this ? ,poor guy cant sing/play the guitar and you post best guitar solo ever, fuck off and stop wasting our time dickhead
  15. 0:20 is he masturbating?
  16. Much better than Jimi Hendrix!!
  17. Never have they gotten troll'd harder.
  18. 10/10 best solo ever and would bang again
  19. i dont understand man haha maybe hes just trolling? trolololo
  20. kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  21. freddiew?
  22. Apparently this video serves no legitimate purpose other than proving that the television entertainment industry often presents a level of intelligence below that of a tree stump. How anyone can think this is humorous proves that there are total idiots with way too much power in the entertainment industry and far too many dimwitted infantile minded cretins buying the shit that keeps these low-lifes in business.
  23. I didnt realize that he was singing until i saw the judges laughing
  25. now i think even i can go
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