Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. Those judges are assholes, takes a lotta balls to do that 
  2. 0:18 no one is watching? okay, keep going
  3. O.O
  4. i need those tabs O:
  5. Damn When I started watching I was thinking "this guy is gonna blow me away" then I saw the real thing and I truly felt sorry for the guy he loves the song and he really puts everything in to it he said so so I assume he does.
  6. What the song? 2:17
  7. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean how do you not realize you're that BAD.
  8. Im thinking maybe he's got mental illness? 
  9. hahahaha
  10. He's Vietnamese
  11. what bullshit is this ? ,poor guy cant sing/play the guitar and you post best guitar solo ever, fuck off and stop wasting our time dickhead
  12. 0:20 is he masturbating?
  13. Much better than Jimi Hendrix!!
  14. Never have they gotten troll'd harder.
  15. ช่างเป็นการเดี่ยวกีต้าร์ ที่ไพเราะจับใข เสียจริงๆ คุณเยี่ยมมว๊ากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก ปล....ตูประชด
  16. IG Chuan
  17. Really?
  18. Wait, wait...I think that's Yoko's long lost abandoned son. She taught him the song the best she could...sounds just like her.
  19. haha this title is deceiving..
  20. 0:18 Is he masturbating in public? :)
  21. what was he thinking!?
  22. how can anyone be THAT clueless. it's impossible. he had to be goofing on them.
  23. This is the BEST guitar solo I've ever heard!!!!! He's excellent. I think he's going to have a great future ahead of him in music!
  24. I did not IMAGINE that this truly happened
  25. The guitar is brand new ffs. Its like he just bought it an hour before the audition.
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