Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. You're all fucking stupid. This right here is the most honourable example of complete anarchy in music. Vinh did not ruin the song, instead he neglected the traditional covering method and went for a total-rearrangement. This is freedom, this is new life. this is punk.
  2. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean how do you not realize you're that BAD.
  3. I think I'll make a guitar lesson on how to play this, lol....
  4. Most of you don't realize that you actually sound this bad too. The only difference is you don't have low life people making fun of you about it, or posting it on YouTube. It's amazing how many people can take a few minutes out of their day....just to be mean to someone they don't know. You people make this such a fucked up world. And it's only getting worse since it's unfortunately illegal to spay and neuter stupid humans. Nice to see this video has more like than dislikes though. At least there's still hope out there. We need something.
  5. this guy has at least more musical talent as lady gaga for sure!!!!!!!!!
  6. If you dont see this video till end then you will miss something #bestguitarsolo #guitaristcommunity #musician #musiciancommunity #guitarsolo 
  7. can i have a thumbs up for no reason? thank you all.
  8. lmfao. i think i might be racist for thinking this guy was going to be amazing. hahaha. this makes me feel so much better about my guitar skills. 
  9. So I guess the misleading title is sort of a new age rick roll? That's the only way I can make sense of this lol..
  10. I spent the whole Damn video waiting the moment he would say ' just fudging with you , guys " and start actually playing some decent music. 
  11. this is obviously a joke right?
  12. This guy could use a backing track....I make tons of backing tracks to jam with if anyone wants to check them out!
  13. My God I miss Australia! What a great country and people!
  14. At least the judges were nice about it. 
  15. I was waiting for him to just bust out the jams! I was thinking he was just faking it.
  16. DAMNIT i just wanted that he did the same thing but sudenly he stands up and play like heaven 
  17. "Do you imagine?" ..... "Yes" Lol..
  18. Lmao i thought he was being bad on purpose, yet cheers for having the balls to show up
  19. Dammm. He's good.
  20. Best solo ever my ass. Fuck the person who uploaded this video. Change the fucking tittle. WTF
  21. Man, that was... AWESOME!!!!!!!
  22. very cool good judges respect for all them 
  23. Pity is that before this action no one was there to open his eyes ... He need now live the rest of his life with that mistake, what a hard world!
  24. Ya could have not laughed in his face like that. Douchebags
  25. he is a legend. maybe he wouldn't understand my compliment as well XD
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