Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. Does this mean no?
  2. what bullshit is this ? ,poor guy cant sing/play the guitar and you post best guitar solo ever, fuck off and stop wasting our time dickhead
  3. Lmao, idiot for both of the performer and the guy who made the video
  4. Miss leading title
  5. idiot, not him, but the uploader
  6. 2:03 he's hiding because it is so intense!
  7. Choi nhu con cat
  8. Still better than jb
  9. "does i, does tha' mean... does that mean no?" I woulda answered with "no it means yes"
  11. I feel bad for this dude
  12. Sucks
  13. 16m views!! What for? 
  14. the uploaders avin a laugh
  15. what th...e..... f........
  16. sad 
  17. What that?
  18. nice!
  19. TABS PLEASE :0😂
  20. I want the tabs ahaah
  21. It's staged
  22. this shit is so funny hahahahhahahahaha :'')
  23. Omg I seriusly believed the title :'(
  24. That was really entertaining! 
  25. hahaha
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