Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. So I guess the misleading title is sort of a new age rick roll? That's the only way I can make sense of this lol..
  2. I spent the whole Damn video waiting the moment he would say ' just fudging with you , guys " and start actually playing some decent music. 
  3. I mean.. it would've been better if some judges stayed professional and uh.. you know.. DIDN'T LAUGH?!
  4. You're all fucking stupid. This right here is the most honourable example of complete anarchy in music. Vinh did not ruin the song, instead he neglected the traditional covering method and went for a total-rearrangement. This is freedom, this is new life. this is punk.
  5. If you dont see this video till end then you will miss something #bestguitarsolo #guitaristcommunity #musician #musiciancommunity #guitarsolo 
  6. "Do you imagine?" ..... "Yes" Lol..
  7. reverse this two songs imagine and somewhere over the rain, you know what exactly he is singing about... cute people..
  8. this is obviously a joke right?
  9. well I think he plays awesome now after 6 years
  10. His down syndrome came from Nagasaki
  11. Great,Tabs?plz!
  12. yeah really the BEST joker ha ha congratulations dude
  13. can i have a thumbs up for no reason? thank you all.
  14. Maybe it's a troll xD
  15. Tabs?
  16. He doesn't know how to play. I don't know why this has this title.
  17. Another "She Bangs".....Lol.
  19. nailed it :P
  20. Do you want it as a rington too?? :D
  21. 10/10 this man stoped me from cutting 
  22. Vinh bui has a future in parliament, not the band, the institution. Self delusion will serve him well there.
  23. This is great....!!!!
  24. The heck xD
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