Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. My God I miss Australia! What a great country and people!
  2. this guy has at least more musical talent as lady gaga for sure!!!!!!!!!
  3. You're all fucking stupid. This right here is the most honourable example of complete anarchy in music. Vinh did not ruin the song, instead he neglected the traditional covering method and went for a total-rearrangement. This is freedom, this is new life. this is punk.
  4. I think I'll make a guitar lesson on how to play this, lol....
  5. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean how do you not realize you're that BAD.
  6. Most of you don't realize that you actually sound this bad too. The only difference is you don't have low life people making fun of you about it, or posting it on YouTube. It's amazing how many people can take a few minutes out of their day....just to be mean to someone they don't know. You people make this such a fucked up world. And it's only getting worse since it's unfortunately illegal to spay and neuter stupid humans. Nice to see this video has more like than dislikes though. At least there's still hope out there. We need something.
  7. I was disturbed by the judges reaction as Mr. Bui has talent...a talent best suited for the depths of hell. 
  8. i need those tabs O:
  9. He's Vietnamese
  10. Cant you see that is show that is fake that is shit
  11. This guy can't possibly be serious.
  12. Im pretty sure he was trolling.
  13. I don't mind if the occassional spoiled little twerp goes up there, flops and gets knocked down a peg or two but I draw the line at laughing at the mentally ill for amusement's sake.
  14. greatest troll I ever saw on such a show . that riff, lol
  15. I think the real question here is; was it meant as a joke? If it wasn't, I applaud him for entering a televised talent competition. I consider myself as a pretty decent guitar player, and I would never have the balls to try this. Does anybody have any info on this guy?
  16. this is the greatest guitarist to ever live
  17. He obviously is fucking with em. I love this kid! ^^ How the hell did he manage not to burst in laughters?
  18. there is no way this dude wasn't trolling... gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8.
  19. what a waste of time cmon
  20. he must be trolling
  21. one of the funniest audition i have ever seen. 
  22. These judges need to be sodomized with a chainsaw! Especially that fat fuck kyle sandilands and his irish boyfriend there in the middle. 
  23. 10/10 best solo ever and would bang again
  24. wow best guitar solo of all times 
  25. 16,951652 views........ That's why.
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