Australian idol - Best Guitar solo,, EVER!! Vinh Bui

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"i think i going to be the next Australian idol" - Vinh Bui

  1. You're all fucking stupid. This right here is the most honourable example of complete anarchy in music. Vinh did not ruin the song, instead he neglected the traditional covering method and went for a total-rearrangement. This is freedom, this is new life. this is punk.
  2. I kinda feel bad for him, I mean how do you not realize you're that BAD.
  3. I think I'll make a guitar lesson on how to play this, lol....
  4. Those judges are assholes, takes a lotta balls to do that 
  5. Most of you don't realize that you actually sound this bad too. The only difference is you don't have low life people making fun of you about it, or posting it on YouTube. It's amazing how many people can take a few minutes out of their day....just to be mean to someone they don't know. You people make this such a fucked up world. And it's only getting worse since it's unfortunately illegal to spay and neuter stupid humans. Nice to see this video has more like than dislikes though. At least there's still hope out there. We need something.
  6. poor kid doesn´t have a clue..
  7. This guy is weird because he doesn't know that he's weird.
  8. "Do you imagine?" ..... "Yes" Lol..
  9. Wow this is why i hate american idol if there bad then they dont say anything to sopport them to try better they just laugh you could see when he herd them laughing he lost hope fuck you american idol i hate that show so bad
  10. this guy has at least more musical talent as lady gaga for sure!!!!!!!!!
  11. Minialism in music.
  12. He was obviously an actor or somebody just pretending. The whole thing was fake.
  13. My God I miss Australia! What a great country and people!
  14. Not all asians.
  16. I don't mind if the occassional spoiled little twerp goes up there, flops and gets knocked down a peg or two but I draw the line at laughing at the mentally ill for amusement's sake.
  17. Does anyone have the tabs for this?
  18. come on guys this is obviously a troll, his mates probably told him to do it
  19. Still better than Selena Gomez. 
  20. Does the song the justice it deserves, it is afterall the Nihilist Anthem. Well done Vinh Bui!
  21. God, I hate it when idiots entitle something that is completely opposite from what it really is. 'Best guitar solo ever'....And it was awful. Thanks for wasting my time, uploader.
  22. He obviously is fucking with em. I love this kid! ^^ How the hell did he manage not to burst in laughters?
  23. I kept waiting for him to be like "Just kiddin!"
  24. This guy can't possibly be serious.
  25. greatest troll I ever saw on such a show . that riff, lol
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