Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Video)

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  1. Seize the Darude or die regretting the Sandstom you lost.
  2. Worst fucking band ever and this band is just for faggots
  3. A SONG for EMO. Great.
  4. wow...THE SOLO JUST GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO THIS SONG...I JUST LOVE SYNYSTERS SOLO...can anyone tell me any song where synysters solo is as good as this one??
  5. Aproovechaa... Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Video): http://youtu.be/-B2yzG6Gj0A
  6. Quite often most people can claim that great music has gone away and after that you by accident discover a band such as this! *watch?v=js6TBze6vNA* Really like it! Have a look at the youtube URL to find out
  7. A really poor and bad choice for the "history" in the video, though...
  8. I Love This Song <3
  9. I think that you usually can recognize a great band, the dudes are superb! *watch?v=fKTYND_4x2U* Now, that is certainly fantastic! Thumbs up if you happen to love it!!
  10. Solo that is better you ask? "Slash" Guns N roses" (November Rain) hands down.
  11. i miss the old a7x with the rev :(
  12. This song was playing that my best friend funeral god I still miss him he helped me and everyday I still want to talk to him 
  13. love this track... Avenged is one of my favorite band since day 1 (back in 2000 or 2001 with their first E.P.) & cool to see this underground emo-core band become more & more popular & respected... #Salute 
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  15. I love Avenged :$
  16. this is so sad to see, this video nearly tells of the present day, someone the band loved dearly is no more in this world and matt and val have started a family, it's just to sad to watch this video now
  17. i just relised this is the one video you see the rev in the most 
  18. So sad ;-; if this happened really. 
  19. I love this song, a7x is the best.
  20. I played this on my guitar at my friends funeral.after she killed.herself
  21. Dear God, forgive me for my Unholy Confesssions, Crimson Day is upon us, Planets will collide, I'm not ready to Die but I'll Carry On. Fiction in my mind as the Nightmare goes on. Feeling Betrayed as the Forgotten Faces consume me, Remenissions are all I have. I grasp a Second Heartbeat as the Demons attempt to take over me and the Girl I Know. I'm at the Crossroads of the Afterlife and Eternal Rest. It's Almost Easy to forget I've Lost it All, but at 4 a.m. Tonight the World Dies. Save me Shepherd of Fire but I know you are Shattered by Broken Dreams so I'll Turn the other Way from the Heretic and Seize the Day while the Strength of the World is still with me. I feel like I'm Blinded in Chains as the Tension rolls over me and unfortunately St. James I Won't See You Tonight for there is a Radiant Eclipse And All Things Will End. The Fight commences as the Dancing Dead are Buried Alive and now So Far Away. They will be Coming Home, not Lost but understanding that they were Doing their Time and experiencing a Little Piece of Heaven. Sidewinder swipes til the Wicked End and currently i'm M.I.A., feeling like a Victim. Acid Rain begins to pour down while im standing on the Danger Line so of course This Means War as I Scream cuz there is a Gunslinger on the Streets in front of me. Darkness Surrounding as he shouts Hail to the King! Almost like a Clairvoyant Disease it's an Epic of Time Wasted. Seeing the light as the Unbound Wild Ride Continues. Absolutely Trashed and Scattered. Pretty drunk right now. A7X foREVer
  22. Isnt this song dedicated to the rev? just asking ^-^
  23. I am 58, into Dragonforce and a Sonata Artica. Just listened for the first time, BBRILLIANT !!!!!
  24. do you know how many people i would kill for that?
  25. weleh mantep