Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Video)

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  1. do you know how many people i would kill for that?
  2. weleh mantep
  3. โครตชอบเลย
  4. This song is so good.
  5. I totally want that too!
  6. the guitar solo kills me slowly
  7. and also st. james
  8. and the band thinks your retarted avenged sevenfold is badass
  9. is she really pregnant im asking cause im stupid
  10. not every a7x song is about jim, some people these days.......
  11. umm he's sort of in the video....
  12. I just noticed they robbed a 7/11
  13. he died 4 years after this song was wrote, you can tell that from his presence in the video
  14. And St.James from their new album Hail to the King. That's a bonus song if you're wondering.
  15. No, dont spread it. Sorry dude, i agree with just about everything you just said, but you shouldnt spread it. People dont go to the internet to solve their religious questions, but for other reasons. Besides, there are places for that. Youre just annoying people.
  16. For someone who is telling me I have too much time on my hands, first of all I don't follow you around youtube you are on EVERY single Avenged Sevenfold video and also easily spotted in it since you are one of the spammed list, also thank you for taking your time to check grammar in my last comment. Lastly calling me a kid and telling people to kill themselves huh I guess you are the kid. Hopefully you are happy living in your parent's basement why don't you get a job and get a life.
  17. No, it isn't dedicated to anyone.
  18. the last part of the song at, 5 min, , sounds like the influence of Yngwie Malmsteen-ish
  19. this band does have it's cool moments
  20. I am not accusing you of being in Avenged Sevenfold videos you HAVE been commenting negative things in them I listen to Avenged Sevenfold and I see your name everywhere. You already said I have too much time, I should get a life, take grammar lessons, calling me a kid, killing myself and copying me for telling me I live in my mother's basement. Calling us emos I don't think you even understand the word emo so don't even say it. You can't even make anymore comebacks.
  21. why wouldn't they leave johnny?
  22. โอ้ ให้เกียรติคนตายสุดๆโซโลกีตาร์บนโลงศพเลยอ่ะ
  23. Didn't kill himself. For someone who dislikes A7X so much, you sure have commented on a lot of videos. You are a sad human. Maybe you need some drugs in your pathetic existence.
  24. no it isn't the music dedicated to him is so far away
  25. Allright.