Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Video)

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  1. Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Video)
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  3. I Love This Song <3
  4. Synyster is in the crowd when hes also on the coffin
  5. The moral of this video is to never be a robber when u have a family to take care of.God will take your wife while u rot in jail alone.
  6. something exactly like this happened to me. that's what made me fall in love with this song. it hits home. rip.
  7. Yeah
  8. i like avenged
  9. this is so sad to see, this video nearly tells of the present day, someone the band loved dearly is no more in this world and matt and val have started a family, it's just to sad to watch this video now
  10. 3:22 i cried :´c foREVer
  11. Rev....
  12. did he bench pressed for real ?
  13. +Branden Haize posting. From +Sean Cowen's own royal decree, "Tomorrow, for +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS, due to my, er - interesting day, I'm opening up the floodgates. Whatever song you want played - of any decade or era - will be played..." Now is your chance to pick *whatever* song(s) you want to be played for the Friday Night lineup. Join in the fun. Request your favorite songs. *Seize the day*! ;) 
  14. My #AX7 kick continues. Your #songoftheday is another sad one... why is a metalcore bad so sad?! ENJOY!
  15. sad song, but i love it, and the video :) <3
  16. ....
  17. i wish syn would have played that solo on top of Revs grave
  18. anyone notice the revs tatoo on his stomache it says fiction but this album was before nightmare, so he wrote it then meaning he was more than likely depressed even while this was being shot, i know most of the facts about the revs death that are public knowledge and from what i know i believe it was suicide i could be wrong its just what i think happened i miss him but i wanted to point that out
  19. Love thus solo
  20. 2:54 ! I want that done for me :D
  21. i wonder if he became someones bitch
  22. That is m shadows real girlfriend so this video probably makes him cry