Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

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Music video by Avril Lavigne performing My Happy Ending. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8,777,587 (C) 2004 Arista Records, Inc.

  1. my FAVORITE song !!!!! its ~PERFECT~!!!!!!
  2. It has been almost 11 years since I heard this song and I still love it! It reminds me of my childhood <3
  3. Does anyone else just listen to old avril songs to just remind you of a time when you were younger? :) 
  4. This is definitely my favorite song by her <3
  5. I want this back Avril . :-( :-(
  6. Like if you're watching in 2015 (:
  7. Oh this takes me back. When I was 14 and the world was horrible dark place, especially school, I would just run up to my room stick a cd on (yes I had cd's, I'm old) and dance around to Avril, it was like she got it, all that angst. She will always be my inspiration! I'm a stronger person now, because her messages of self empowerment and be who you wnat, to hell with everyone else, that was my strength in the dark days so as far as I'm concerned she can have raccoon eyes and rocking with guitar when she's 70 and I will still buy her music!
  8. i still love this song in 2015 
  9. wow, recuerdo cuando tenia 13 años y solia ver este video en MTV, me sentia muy rockera y rebelde escuchando los discos de Avril... que tonta fui haha, como las niñas de hoy que se creen muy rebeldes por escuchar pierce the veil o sleeping with sirens.
  10. *you know exactly who you are. I gave you my everything. I cut for you. I bled for you. I would've taken my life for you. But you treated me like how you treated everyone else and took advantage of me. I write my poetry about you. We used to be something, now we're nothing. I hate seeing your face cuz it brings me to tears. YOU ARE 50% OF WHY I WANT TO LEAVE!!!!*
  12. Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending: http://youtu.be/s8QYxmpuyxg
  13. Always loved this song! It's so damn powerful & emotional! Absolutely love it. I miss these days....
  14. Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending: http://youtu.be/s8QYxmpuyxg
  15. So much for my happy ending as well, Avril. So much for my happy ending...
  16. Geeze... from this to *hello kitty* wtf !
  17. Esta cancion y video se describen en G E N I A L.
  18. I was 85 when this song came out. good ol' days when I could still get a boner! 
  19. no entiendo ni mierda lo que dice, pero que buena canción ! (medapajabuscarlatraducidaxd)
  20. When this song first came out i was like 10 and i hated it only cuz my older sister used to put it on the radio everyday. But i don't hate it anymore given that i'm an adult now.
  21. Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
  22. this is me