Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

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Music video by Avril Lavigne performing My Happy Ending. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8,777,587 (C) 2004 Arista Records, Inc.

  2. There are so many sins in this Video.... And I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of dislikes and negative comments for this, but I don't care. Sins are Sins. And I'm just gonna point them out. And I may be wrong about some of them.. Just tell me if I am. The list goes in order they appeared on the Video... I am not hating in anyway.. I'm just having fun. So if you having anything nasty to say.. Feel Free. I won't get offended. 1. I'm glad Avril let us know the theater nearest her was closed. Because we would be devastated if we didn't. 0:04 2. This scene is a big Ripoff of every music video Eminem made for a song about his daughters. Watching tapes of the past in a music video is starting to become a Cliche. 3. 0:00 is the exact same scene as 0:10. Unless a White van parked on the right side of the road facing the opposite direction in front of bunch of cars just so happens to be there every time she runs outside, it's the same. So yeah.. Same Footage Re-used. 4. Hmm.. That scene looks familiar. 0:22 5. Girl dates an asshole, cliche. When will you girls ever learn that most guys are dicks. 0:25 Not a sin.. But in this clip.. She looks just like Jennifer Aniston. But that's just me. 0:27 6. There's that scene again. 1:02 7. Roll Credits. 1:15 8. Where are you going?? The laundry's not done yet. 1:18 9. Ahh.. That scene never gets old. 1:24 10. How the Fuck do you know if they're difficult or not. You don't know them like that. 1:33 11. At 1:50, she hits him with a pillow because she's upset. But if you look at 1:47, you can see the clip of the whole room, with lots of solid objects. Now when someones in Bed with you, and they get mad, how often do they hit you with the softest thing in the room. If she was really upset, she would take that lamp to her left, and put his ass to sleep with it. 12. That was a bad throw for a grown man who just got beat up by his GirlFriend. 13. At 2:10, she gestures get the Fuck away from me, but at 2:14, which should come after the 2:10, they're walking together like nothing happened. WTF. 14. Where the Fuck did she go? 15. Roll Credits 2:23 16. There is no way that dude is weak enough to get pushed back like that. Avril is not that strong. 2:30 17. How much weight do you think she lost when making this video? 2:39. 18. What the Fuck are you smiling at. 2:44 19. No Girl would ever play the band 10 feet away from someone they just had a terrible relationship with. Even if it is "The Best Damn Thing." 20. Roll Credits 3:08 21. How many times is that train gonna pass them. I live right next to a train track and it rarely ever passes me when I'm around. 3:23. 22. Ok. So at 3:29, she walks out a place with one person. But at 3:34, she's clearly in the same area, with an extra friend. And then where the Fuck did this other friend come from at 3:39? I'm starting to think she's just picking off random strangers to tell her sad break-up story to. What nice strangers to pretend to listen. 23. The awkward silence... 3:55 Sin Counter: 23 How come in this entire video, it never once told us why they broke up. It just said they did. If I ever meet Avril one day, I'll be sure to ask her.
  3. Hello Kitty was not that bad. I mean compare it to Wrecking Ball or Problem. Hello Kitty was just a famous girl sinving about her favorite Character
  4. You are everything, everything that i wanted .. ♪ ♪
  5. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♫ ☼ ♂
  6. I think Avril has been Benjamin-buttoning throughout the years. 
  7. It's funny how some people say "She's grown up, now", but her lyrics are more childish now. I can understand she's changed and she's happy, but why do her lyrics stink? Her first songs were mature.
  8. I used to want to be her so badly when I was younger haha
  9. I miss this Avril. Her new stuff is weird, Go back to this pleaseeeeee.
  10. It's been 10 yrs and she still looks the same, still looks young
  11. She is the HOTTEST, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, COOL CHICK that i ever saw! she is PERFECT! 
  12. It has been ten years already since Avril released this single Can't believe time passes by fast #10YearsOfMyHappyEnding
  13. i have never had a Happy Ending but now i have one
  14. "it's nice to know that you were there, thanks for acting like you cared, and making me feel like I was the only one. it's nice to know we had it all, thanks for watching as I fall, and letting me know we were done." ~avril lavigne, my happy ending #10yearsofmyhappyending #avrillavigne #myhappyending 
  15. Avril Lavigne's videos and songs are so relatable, I love her!
  16. Una genia. La amo<3
  17. the fave song during her concerts!! <3 <3 <3
  18. :*
  19. Most of the best punk singers are now sellouts, why?
  20. Hello Kitty is just a fun music/video she made, its not like she died guys, c'mon -.- stop comparing now to 10 years ago
  21. Yeah I know Hello Kitty really sucks. But c'mon we don't need to hate on Avril! It's one crappy song. Most artists have at least one hated song. I honestly agree, it's not her best and she was way better back as a skater. Some of her songs now are still good. It's no big deal we'll get over it.
  22. I hate 2010s and RCA. 2010s and RCA ruined Avril Lavigne's discography like Under My Skin. I can't stand 2010s and RCA. Arista and Let Go era is still the best. Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby and her latest album really sucked badly. I hate 2004-present Avril Lavigne like Under My Skin and What The Hell. 2002 Avril Lavigne like I'm With You is still the best. She hasn't do a decent album since Let Go Avril Lavigne albums from Under My Skin-today ruined Avril Lavigne thanks to RCA and 2010s. Not to mention no number 1 singles after Let Go (except My Happy Ending and Girlfriend). After her career was just getting started during the Let Go era, Avril Lavigne's discography started to get really bad in 2004 when RCA has given the control over Avril Lavigne's career toward her sophomore album Under my Skin released by Arista in 2004 and thus many of her post Let Go outputs like My Happy Ending and Wish You Were Here has alot of weaknesses and problems. 2004-present music easily reject 2004-present Avril Lavigne like Nobody's Home and Here's To Never Growing Up and no Grammy nominations for Avril Lavigne's music after the Let Go era like When You're Gone. I hate 2004-present Avril Lavigne discography like The Best Damn Thing. Why? RCA and 2010s. That's why. RCA and 2010s ruined Avril Lavigne. I'm a huge fan of Avril Lavigne. But RCA and 2010s butchered Avril Lavigne. That's why RCA hates Avril Lavigne like Smile and stick with other RCA outputs like Just Give Me A Reason and Catch My Breath. Sony Music hates Avril Lavigne like Rock N Roll. Sony Music prefers other artists like Britney Spears, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson. America hates Avril Lavigne's materials like Nobody's Home. America prefers mainstream populars like Paramore. That's why Avril Lavigne only appeals early 2000s and Asia. Avril Lavigne does not appeal her industry in general like Under My Skin. Don't get me started on Under My Skin. Under My Skin has no 2005 Grammy nominations in general and the album's singles paled compared to other 2004 songs or Avril Lavigne's 2002 outputs. Why people love Under My Skin? 2004 music has no identity on Under My Skin. No identity. Why do fans love Under My Skin? Why Under My Skin is better? RCA killed Arista's Under My Skin in 2004 which is 10 years ago. Seriously, there's no such thing as I miss Under My Skin. Under My Skin feels more like a post Let Go album than a sophomore album. Let's not forget that He Wasn't music video only released in the UK in 2005 and not in the US. That's another waste. That's why Under My Skin started to get old since it came out in 2004 and there are far better songs from 2004 than Under My Skin's singles like Since U Been Gone. Music public doesn't even know Under My Skin in 2004 like MTV and TRL. Only fans know the album and that's lazy. But now, RCA killed The Best Damn Thing in 2007 and Goodbye Lullaby in 2011. Much like what Under My Skin did in 2004. 2004-2011 is a bad era for Avril Lavigne thanks to RCA for killing her 2004-2011 discography. Stupid RCA for ruining 2004-2011 Avril Lavigne materials like Under My Skin. But now, despite RCA era is over, Epic Records killed her far superior 2013 outputs like Rock N Roll. 2013 music hates 2013 Avril Lavigne like Here's To Never Growing Up. 2013 music only appeal mainstream populars like Blurred Lines. That's why her fifth album was pretty bad and killed her popularity and Avril's reinvented music career last year. Not Avril herself or her music or the medium. Worse, no 2010s Avril Lavigne number 1s. Seriously, why Avril Lavigne doesn't have any 2010s number 1s? 2010s and Epic Records killed Avril Lavigne's 2010s outputs. That's why America music industry will never want to see Avril Lavigne again. America hates millennials/internet/social media. America only wants money/repeats/changes/competitions/mainstream populars. The only way to bring back Avril Lavigne is huge is inventions. That's right, the only way is inventions. ARGH! Don't worry, it's just a rant. It's my opinion. I really hate Avril Lavigne's discography from Under My Skin-today. Stupid 2010s and RCA for ruining Avril Lavigne. >:(
  23. poor Chloe... Clark doesn't love you!!!
  24. Everybody who says Avril sucks now because of Hello Kitty, I think every Artist gets 1 shitty song pass. For the Offspring it was Cruising California, for Eminem it was Fack, for Michael Jackson it was This girl is mine. Everybody has their bad days or songs