B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. It's hurricanes not airplanes god damnit.... $@#!@%
  2. Shooting stooooaaaarrrs.
  3. I never knew Hayley was in this song until well I got to this song. I always thought it was Taylor swift for some reason! I guessed wrong! lol
  4. I originally got here because of Hayley <3, but I came back because of Hayley and started actually hearing B.o.B.'s lyrics. I should either give him a chance, or I'm drunk, or both (probably one of the latter 2).
  5. this song really marked a time of transition in my life in 2010
  6. +B.o.B AKA Bobby Ray - #Airplanes ft +Hayley Williams ! Do you like?
  7. This song is the best!!!
  8. Just realized @yelyahwilliams was in this
  10. =Paramore=
  11. This is so addictive!
  12. I hear it all the time at the moment
  13. Instrumentals on my page for lease at a low price Subscribe for the latest beats Production by Draper #MurderBeatsNotPeople
  14. i like this song it good but listen to eminem airplanes all three pretty good
  15. check out my cover to this
  16. I could really use a wish right now
  17. B.o.B. in this song really remindes me on Tupac
  18. Original with eminem was better
  19. Naah, im watching this in 3013 with my ipad glass
  20. RED SOX
  21. how?
  22. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR WHO SUNG THIS SONG FOR AGES!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I know who sings this, im like, I should've known
  23. i still love this song <3
  24. Nope. 2035.
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