B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]: https://youtu.be/kn6-c223DUU <3 <3
  2. Wait am i the only one that thought this was a Rihanna Song :O IM SO DUMBBBBB
  3. αντε καληνυχτα σαs ρε παιδεs καλο ξημερωμα σε ολουs και με το καλο θα τα πουμε αυριο φιλιααααααααααααααααααααα
  4. woah. what happened to this kind of music? all the songs nowadays are about butts and other stupid shit. praying that there'll be more music like this soon. but probably not. songs like anaconda or fancy have taken over. *sigh
  5. How to start an internet fight: 1. Write a comment 2. Wait
  6. Can everyone stop commenting dumb shit like "music is trash now, this was so much better"...please expand your music tastes and you will notice that there is a LOT of good music out today.
  7. whose watching in 2015?
  8. B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]: http://youtu.be/kn6-c223DUU
  9. I remember GOOD music like this, but now we hear songs like Anaconda, AATB, Shake It Off and Fancy. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??????????!!!!!!
  10. A fish right now. A fish right now. - LV
  11. OMG THIS SONG WAS THE SONG IN 2010... Like if you're listening to this in 2015!
  12. *Can we pretend that airplanes are like shooting stars, I can really use a wish right now.*
  13. I could use a wish right now. I'm consantly having to deal with my divorced parents because they still live together. My mom sometimes gets drunk and they yell at each other. My dads a jerk but I still love him but I don't know why. My brother is the only person in my house that isn't yelling and screaming. He got a concussion playing football and he's not acting like himself. To top all that off, my dog gets fucking hit by a grain truck because my dad left him outside for too long. My dog barked a lot and I'd yell at him, but I miss him so much. I know that nobody wants to read my sad story its just that this song gives me inspiration to do something. I just don't know what.
  14. I know nobody's probably gonna read this, but imma say it anyway because i feel at least one person has it in there heart to hear me out. Im a young rapper, i know theres millions of those but not too many with ambition, dedication and passion. If you take a min and give me a chance ill make you a believer. i would love? nothing more than to have a loyal following on YouTube. If anyone who reads could press the 'THUMBS UP' button others will see. just a simple press can push me closer to my dream. Thank you
  15. Remember the days when Music actually meant something ..? When you could relate to it & not used to be about butts and all that meaningless shit all the time ... like for real music nowadays is garbarge man & most kids outthere calling "Artists" like Nicki minaj Lil Wayne etc. a "Star" smh ... I'm glad I was born at the time, when you could enjoy music and relate to it for example (Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, 90s rap, Akon, Flo Rida, Taio Cruz & so many more ) I'll never forget these times !
  16. I look back on music from... Not even 90's, the 00's... Heck, not even that, 2006... No... Even in 2010? And music is so much better than now. How? How did music deteriorate SO MUCH in five years? Even in under five years? It's incredible, yet whenever you tell someone you don't like today's songs, they just throw their hands in the air, give you this look, and say, "Haters gonna hate". My frined asked me, "You don't seem to like any of the songs on my playlist. Why not? Don't you like music?" He's my friend and all, but I couldn't stop myself from saying, "I love music. That's why I don't listen to it anymore." Luckily, he didn't get it.
  17. listening in 21st century !
  18. *Really could use a wish right now*
  19. Comment "2015" If you are listening in 2015
  20. OMG this actually works. 1)Hold your breath for 5 mins. 2) Die :)
  21. B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]: https://youtu.be/kn6-c223DUU
  22. This not the music I'm going to show my kids one day, yes I will show them "Anaconda" and other shit about drugs.(Sarcasm)
  23. This is the music im going to show to my kids one day, not "anaconda" and other shit about drugs and sex. I hope that the fact that nowadays all the songs are talking about butts and shit is just a trend or sth that will be forgot soon. If not, we totally need Jesus.