B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. This is the music im going to show to my kids one day, not "anaconda" and other shit about drugs and sex. I hope that the fact that nowadays all the songs are talking about butts and shit is just a trend or sth that will be forgot soon. If not, we totally need Jesus. 
  2. B.o.B is the good part about this song because he's black
  3. lets all go back to 2008 where nicki minaj didnt show of her tits and ass, when Lil wayne used to sing on something meaningfull, when rappers used rap bout something intelligent back at time when male singers used to call their girl Babe and not Bitch The time when everything was normal. the time when Miley cyrus covered her body and was looking gorgeous The Climb, Airplanes, Billionare, Fireflies, Grenade, California King Bed, and Etc. what has happened to the people? I miss those days when people used to sing and rap bout something nice.
  4. *Can we pretend that airplanes are like shooting stars, I can really use a wish right now.*
  5. One of the songs that kept me going back in my worst moments back in 2010! :) - Red Tiger!
  6. Hmm. What would you wish for if you have one chance? To me, that's an amazing question. Maybe some of us would choose to redo everything. Others? Maybe they would wish for something they know they'd never have. Sometimes, I think that we get overwhemled with life and love, that we don't even care. We take the easiest route. And we don't even stop to think that we have the chance to take the *best* route.
  7. *I loved LOVED how back in 2010 people actually rapped about something it wasnt just words and it wasnt about ass and hoes and bitches and whatever the song sent a message to people it HELPED people what happened to all of that if what we have now has changed sooo much since what we had back then our generation is fucking screwed T^T*
  8. I like this song <3
  9. this was the good years... when they rapped for meaning 
  10. *Love the music and just sharing....*
  11. B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore…: http://youtu.be/kn6-c223DUU
  12. Remember the days when Music actually meant something ..? When you could relate to it & not used to be about butts and all that meaningless shit all the time ... like for real music nowadays is garbarge man & most kids outthere calling "Artists" like Nicki minaj Lil Wayne etc. a "Star" smh ... I'm glad I was born at the time, when you could enjoy music and relate to it for example (Linking Park, Michael Jackson, 90s rap, Akon, Flo Rida, Taio Cruz & so many more ) I'll never forget these times !
  13. Jesus was the one true God!!!! Jesus loves all of you!!!
  14. such a classic track. I'm getting popular fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you love weed
  15. Hideous too awful to be considered music of any kind 
  16. Ist noch wer wegen Avandyvy hier :D ?
  17. Cool if you would want one more wish what would it be? Mine would be redoing everything making the world a better place!
  18. De la Nada BOOM!!!!!! Aparece un comentario en ESPAÑOL xD
  19. trop bien
  20. I love this song its so powerful... I love these times thumbs up if you liked songs like this!!
  21. Bob what happend man.... You used to be my favorite but now you're just not yourself anymore. Making songs about money and bitches... Please go back making songs like this
  22. I like him because now they cuss way to much in songs
  23. Memories 💕 Now most raps are about drugs, butts and sex 😩 These songs made me love life even more 💕 These were the songs me and my friends use to listen to whilst sitting on the wall together, and acting like REAL kids instead of socialising with each other on the internet 😩 Shitty artist have destroyed my generation I wish it was back to the good old days when we had fun and played out for hours 
  24. Man, now everyone just sings about butts and stalking people while rubbing guts all over your body with a pedo beard, and hugging huge chunks of fake meat while swinging on it Miley style. Anyone get it?
  25. People are so races why? enyway I love this song i think im obseced