Because He lives I can face tomorrow

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  1. Becase he lives "i can face tomorrow God send his Son" They called him Jesus he came to love,heal and forgive....
  2. I don't need god to face tomorrow. I just need to take responsibility for myself and others. If you cant do that then perhaps Christianity and god belief is the next best thing. It's a poor second though.
  3. #Amen
  4. I love it... so sensitive...
  5. Because He lives I can face tomorrow Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  6. Christian Songs: Because He lives I can face tomorrow Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  7. When lykoz comes to know the living Christ, then you can converse with that person, until them, his ears and eyes are closed.......We sing because we are happy that even one day at a time, we know who holds tomorrow and we know who holds our hand. You have to KNOW the living Christ Jesus to do that.
  8. Jesus got crucified to sit by gods side in paradise. Not much of a sacrifice. At least satan had the balls to stand up to gods egotistical, monarchial, self glorifying rule. He got thrown out of heaven and paradise... Now thats sacrifice. Revolution! Ideals and morals! All about perspective. Anyways enough about christianity. Boring story anyways. So many religions contradicting each other. At least ancient greek mythology was exciting! Get with the times people. Religion put humanity back thousands of years and has more blood on its hands than hitler and stalin combined multiplied by 1000. Halleluyah! Can you all give me an AMEN! 
  9. He holds my future! Can I have an Amen?
  10. He died hanging from my cock
  11. We should celebrate Easter every day "Because He Lives"
  12. Amen, thank You Lord Jesus.
  13. Awesome
  14. God is in control, keep close to Him, Jesus Himself is reaching out to you today, tomorrow and the days to come.
  15. Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  16. Praise GOD!! Because HE lives.....what a blessed truth!
  17. prachtig lied !
  18. My God my lord my savior lives .amen 
  19. Praise Him!!!!!
  20. Because I love Lord! <3
  21. nice song