Because He lives I can face tomorrow

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  1. Amen! and I agree Awesome worship song!!
  2. AMEN
  3. Awesome song!
  4. Is this world of uncertainty, there is one thing that can keep you going. Because he lives you can face tomorrow. All fear will go.. Because you know he lives, you. can face the future.
  5. beautiful love it thanks for sharing GOD BLESS ♥
  6. love this version !!!! This hymn is so comforting
  7. Nice song I'm singing this song for easter
  8. Because HE Lives!!! - Jesus Lives - He is not dead - there is an empty grave to prove our Savior Lives!! Hallelujah!! :D
  9. I love it 
  10. Amen 
  11. we are where we are because of him me and my family will always be greatful to you,you are really atrue god
  12. Thanks for this... <3
  13. I absolutely LOVE this song! Makes me think of my grandpa 3 Rest In Peace Duda 3
  14. Every time I am troubled, I just listen to this song and everything becomes fine. Thanks JESUS for giving us HOPE. You said Who ever believeth in me even he dies will not perish but have eternal life. Please remember me in THY KINGDOM LORD
  15. The best feeling in the world is knowing that one day we will be with jesus again. that this world is just a setback from what lies ahead. The heavy feeling in your heart is a reminder that jesus is with you now and always.
  16. lude crestfallen why do you make comments on this christian video sight? to mark god and christians alike? if so you need to stay off of christian video sights save your jokes for something less serious
  17. Great song.:-)
  18. Because He lives....Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  19. Thank you, Jesus!!!!
  20. Love it
  21. ,,,,,,,,,an empty grave is there to prove my savior life
  22. Awesome song glory to jesus forever
  23. who is singing??
  24. Great song, amen😇👍