Because He lives I can face tomorrow

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  1. And Life is Worth the Living Just Because HE LIVES !
  2. Because He lives I can face tomorrow:
  3. Because He lives I can face tomorrow:
  4. I was told this morning I have less than 2 years left to live. I just had to listen to these old hymns to get my focus back on what is important. I'm going home because He lives.
  5. Wake up world and salute the Lord....................................Because He lives, we can too...................
  6. yay!!!! after searching for many years i have found a video where literally everyone is crazy. (religious) i have some questions for you 1) why do you believe in god and what experience did you have to make you believe in him 2) what proof do you have that god exists
  7. Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  8. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. Truly a wonderful song
  9. Because He lives, i can face tomorrow !!!
  11. Please stop Scrolling and meditate On this song, i believe this song will make you know God more.
  12. The Best Of The Best
  13. Great Song...Thanks for Posting.
  14. 9,566,089 Views Because He lives I can face tomorrow
  15. why do atheist come on Christian videos and comment and waste their time? if they don't believe then that's fine, I mean they will one day see the truth and it will be on them but why waste their time its just annoying. I believe and I love Jesus, so listening and commenting is not wasting my time but they are just a question!
  17. Because He lives I can face tomorrow:
  18. Hi S.R. Hurst, Sorry to hear your news about the 2 years. How did you find out if you do not mind sharing? I hope you have peace of mind. My mom and dad is in poor health too. The good news is my mom got baptized over Easter. Helps to know you are in good hands with God :-)
  19. Because Jesus lives..I can face tomorrow :) because I know he holds my future #happy 
  20. Dear Ruth Hurst; I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma [bone marrow and blood cancer] in the last stage. I was told that I had 6 months at best to live. That was 9 years ago and I'm still here and I don't look like what I've been through. My doctors had to agree that it was God. I went through years of 2 different types of chemo's at the same time and lots of steroids for YEARS! I researched and consulted with people that helped me give my body nutritional and herbal things that it needed to help it repair itself. I ask God to divinely rooter rudder all of the unforgiveness out my heart that I'd tried to get out but they kept popping up; and I found scriptures that spoke direct to my needs and situation. I stood on His word; that I would not die but live and proclaim the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I'm not afraid to go home when it's my time but some of us leave prematurely because the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and Jesus comes that we might have life and life more abundantly. This is only a test so that you can have a testimony. Don't be afraid to be leave God to fix you...He has plenty of spare parts lying around. If He created you He sure knows how to fix you. Stay away from negative people who can't believe for your healing [a double minded person is unstable in all their ways]. Pray Gods words! Stand on Gods word, He specializes in the impossible and He's still in the miracle working business.Blessings
  21. For sure this does not only inspire but also give hope and strength to face the extrem life challenges. God is great and faithful to have given US Jesus to die and gives us victory over death .
  22. Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone 
  23. Because He lives I can face tomorrow: