Bella Thorne "TTYLXOX" w/ Lyrics On Screen HQ

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@2012 Disney Channel Records/ Bella Thorne - Hollywood Records

  1. hey guys can you tell me what the abbreviations are? specifically TTYLXOX LMHO LJK and ROTFFL
  2. does TTYLXOX mean anything??
  3. Bella throne you are like a friend to me 
  4. what does LMHO , LJK and ROTFFL means? :P
  5. what dose lmho mean lol
  6. OMG PEOPLE STFU. how do you think it makes bella feel? hater, bitch please, save the ugly talk for your mother. bella is perfect. shes a model singer dancer author and designer. and what are you? an ass just hating on people through the internet? not even to their face? yeah. and bellas the looser? mhmm sureee.
  7. I loved ths 1
  8. love it
  9. LUV IT!!
  10. people whats got into you bella is a roll model
  11. i love it so much
  12. it's LMAO
  13. Bella is such a great singer.
  14. what does 'ttyl' means?
  15. Wow, Bella is cool but I love also Zendaya :D
  16. if u guys hate her so much. why do u watch her videos??
  17. in a girly head : girly girly lol hihihihihihihi be my best friend4ever =) in a real head : FUCK THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT STOP THIS SONG pleaaaaaaaaaaaaassse )-; FUCK THE SONG WITH YOUR MOTHER
  18. I love bellas style
  19. ....And this is why I'm ashamed of being in my generation.
  20. gfdkfujffglfjflirlggfgffurkgdfjkfghfjhrykguf figudffggfifyfkifgyfdfdgysfklrusir7refyugffgyfdiuiuyr fiuyrir
  21. I love bella thorne
  22. Andreea Beib Ttyl means talk to you later
  23. she rocks
  24. Guys why r u guys suddenly being mean? I'm so reporting you f*cked asses bitches and big fat jokes so f*ck off you big bitch of a woman and im on my moms YouTube account and I know a lot of bad words. Im only 9 so yeah don't take this the wrong way but WHAT THE F*CK r u guys fighting about anyway? (Sorry if rude).
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