Best bugs in videogames!

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so here is glitches from games such as: GTA san andreas, Driv3r and Getaway Systems used: PS2 and XBOX Recorded with: Wintv capturecard and Fraps

  1. How is reversing a quad bike down the hill a 'bug'...?
  2. 1:00 This is a not bug ...
  3. 1:28 All you had to do was to follpw the damn train CJ not mess youself up! :p anyway nice video
  4. Sweet bike skills.
  5. Honestly Sanandreas had the crapiest graphics but best story that's all ..
  6. How many times do you want to show the shit combine harvester glitch. We got it the first time round. 
  7. 1:26 what bug is that?
  8. In Driver 3 it gives a lot of more bugs and glitches 
  9. 1:27 lol
  10. Is cheats dislike
  11. True Crime: Streets of L.A.had a glitch on a highway where driving on the shoulder would cause any and all cars to explode and veer into the opposite direction. xD
  12. WTF :)) 1:42
  13. yeah, yeah, yeah, what's up Liberty City? Yo checkin' out Game radio, my name is DJ Stretch Armstrong... :D
  14. *Best Bugs In GTA San-Andreas
  15. They arent's bugs, they are mods
  16. Ok... now GTA SA is scary
  17. 1:28 - slender isn't scary for me after that
  18. All of these are GTA games or GTA clones...crappy video.
  19. 1:27 And this one is a Glitch
  20. Song is from gta 3
  21. its called Best Bugs in videogames like gta
  22. I think he forgot to type in the most important thing in the title "MY".
  23. 1:28 wtf is that ?
  24. 0:19 selfie 
  25. the bike glich im almost trow up