Best bugs in videogames!

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so here is glitches from games such as: GTA san andreas, Driv3r and Getaway Systems used: PS2 and XBOX Recorded with: Wintv capturecard and Fraps

  1. How is reversing a quad bike down the hill a 'bug'...?
  2. 1:00 This is a not bug ...
  3. Sweet bike skills.
  4. 1:27 lol
  5. the bike glich im almost trow up
  6. thx m8 ;)
  7. Fort GTA4 That was a dovakiin : Fus Ro Dah
  8. i took an arrow to da kneez
  9. To the beat @4:27
  10. Yes
  11. what is the name of the first song?
  12. Reef - Scary Movies enjoy :)
  13. the song is scary movie royce da 5'9 eminem
  14. getaway is a fucking bad remake from GTA 4
  15. First song is Eminem - Scary Movie.
  16. most of these are not glitches and all of them are not funny
  17. People dislike this beat??? Really? ARGHHAGHGHJ
  18. 1:36 wtf
  19. What the hell 1:40
  20. @1:30 hahahahahaha
  21. 0:15 you know youre 200% gangsta when your mirror can return rockets CJ style
  22. 3:35 "deal with it" XD
  23. y'all want drama y'all wanna make a scary movie
  24. He plays on PS2 and XBOX not PC.
  25. Thank you! As promised, you have my everlasting respect.