Best bugs in videogames!

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so here is glitches from games such as: GTA san andreas, Driv3r and Getaway Systems used: PS2 and XBOX Recorded with: Wintv capturecard and Fraps

  1. How is reversing a quad bike down the hill a 'bug'...?
  2. 1:00 This is a not bug ...
  3. 1:28 All you had to do was to follpw the damn train CJ not mess youself up! :p anyway nice video
  4. Sweet bike skills.
  5. In Driver 3 it gives a lot of more bugs and glitches 
  6. How many times do you want to show the shit combine harvester glitch. We got it the first time round. 
  7. 1:26 what bug is that?
  8. Is cheats dislike
  9. 1:27 lol
  10. 5:39 . its an easter egg 
  11. True Crime: Streets of L.A.had a glitch on a highway where driving on the shoulder would cause any and all cars to explode and veer into the opposite direction. xD
  12. WTF :)) 1:42
  13. yeah, yeah, yeah, what's up Liberty City? Yo checkin' out Game radio, my name is DJ Stretch Armstrong... :D
  14. *Best Bugs In GTA San-Andreas
  15. They arent's bugs, they are mods
  16. 1:28 - slender isn't scary for me after that
  17. All of these are GTA games or GTA clones...crappy video.
  18. 1:27 And this one is a Glitch
  19. Song is from gta 3
  20. Ok... now GTA SA is scary
  21. its called Best Bugs in videogames like gta
  22. I think he forgot to type in the most important thing in the title "MY".
  23. 1:28 wtf is that ?
  24. 0:19 selfie 
  25. the bike glich im almost trow up