Best R&B Songs of the 2000's Part 2

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Some more of the best songs from 2000-2009. Personally, I think that most of today's music is at its worst. These songs are good, not like today's wack songs. [2000] Jagged Edge -- Let's Get Married Janet Jackson -- Doesn't Really Matter [2001] Joe ft. Mystikal -- Stutter Destiny's Child -- Survivor Aaliyah -- Rock The Boat Ginuwine -- Differences [2002] Usher -- U Don't Have To Call P. Diddy ft. Loon, Ginuwine, & Mario Winans - I Need A Girl Part 2 Ashanti -- Happy Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland -- Dilema [2003] R. Kelly -- Ignition (Remix) Beyonce ft. Sean Paul -- Baby Boy [2004] Usher -- Burn Usher -- Confessions Pt. II Ciara ft. Petey Pablo -- Goodies [2005] Mariah Carey -- Shake It Off Rihanna -- Pon de Replay T-Pain -- I'm Sprung [2006] Sean Paul ft. Keisha Cole -- Give It Up To Me [2007] Alicia Keys -- No One [2008] Ne-yo -- Miss Independent [2009] Keri Hilson ft. Ne-yo & Kanye West -- Knock You Down

  1. Dilemma is still that one.
  2. Back whem music was real...nowadays its shit
  3. Nice choice of tracks. Classic 2000's! Good Times!
  4. The good old days wen everybody was humble n now they got mo $ n everything went down the drain!!!!!!
  5. 6:48 ?????????????
  6. Wonderful compilation! Thanks for creating. Would love to see part one but haven't found it. Would you have the link?
  8. Did part 1 really get taken down or something? 
  9. like you said in the description: todays - lets say "hip hop and r'n'b" - sucks like hell! Nice work here! love to see people giving a shit and caring about the good old days, i assume it took you a while to collect all those vids and to compile them. so for that: THANKS!!
  10. Ne-yo <3
  11. YESSSSS!
  12. What happened to all these? Music has been ruined by untalented cock suckers like LMFAO and Gangnam Style. Them two must die and burn in Hell for the blasphemy they have thrown into the hearts of millions. God damn them! God damn them to Hell! I wish to God Al Qaeda sever redfoos fucking head off on national television. God damn them to Hell. And anyone who likes them. This music in the above video is very good. Thank you Holla back hiphop.
  13. The best are Ciara, Kelly Rowland/Nelly,Rihanna and Alicia Keys..couldn't care less about the others.
  14. It just gets worse after the second half.
  15. does anybody else get sad when they listening to the classic songs on the radio and just think back of those day of when were younger or a kid and listening to this .. mann i miss the days when these songs were new .. lol always wanted to say that
  16. i remember all these songs but listening to them now, i realize i actually hate them lol they annoyed me soo freaking much with the exception of mariah carey. there are some songs today i would actually rather listen to than a lot of these. either way i miss r&b like this :)
  17. daaaang!!!!! its like seeing my life flash beore my eyes
  18. It's like my childhood is flashed before me in a nostalgic 10 minute video
  19. I'm surprised "Umbrella" by Rhianna ft Jay-Z wasn'tfrom the list. Good list though. Thanks for posting.
  20. every time i hear rock the boat i get sad
  21. Usher :-)
  22. thank you because i listen to nostalgia songs and ppl just startin wondering about me like im crazy but these songs get remade by lame artist i mean look at that songs called otis remade by kanye and jayz i just listen to the orginal otis redding songs no reason to add rap to it and ppl of today think aaliyah shit buyt to me she is better than these lame artist like 2chanz i mean WHO IS 2CHANZ!!!
  23. I love aaliyah's song Rock the boat