Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. *Ando Romántica....*
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  3. Beyoncé - Halo:
  4. Beyoncé - Halo: 碧昂絲 光環 分享
  5. My favourite song right now ♥
  6. Is this Beyonce or Rihanna?
  7. leaving now ......... Beyoncé - Halo
  8. Beyoncé - Halo: Auch ein wunderschöner Song....mag ihn sehr
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  10. Always great to hear this amazing song !
  11. Beyoncé - Halo:
  12. #ZA~~~~Beyoncé - Halo:
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  15. I love her
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  22. like if you listening this in 2013!
  23. We are having a HALO, right here, right now in Botswana, Southern Africa. cool.
  24. kkk até o Cachorro ela copiou 1:50.. boto fé não kkk