Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. I listened to this song the other day and instantly fell in love with it all over again, I remember it being a really special song to me when a was a younger girl, especially when my Mum would play it for me. After listening to this song for about a week or so I was confused as to why this song was making me so emotional, like yeah its a nice song but I was breaking down in tears by the end of the song and each time I had no idea why. And it hit me so hard, that my Mum played this at my brothers funeral when I was ten, and I absolutely no idea the whole time, but it seemed I did actually. r.i.p Max, I will always love you baby boy xx
  2. Absolutely her most beautiful song. 
  3. i can imagine this to be the song playing in reception in heaven as people checked in , and a glass of champagne of course vvvvv
  4. Thank GOD she did not used Jay-Z as a model for this video! Can you imagine Jay-Z's face at the 1:45? Horror!! By the way... one of Beyoncé's greatest song. 
  5. She should have married that guy...they look good together than that ugly hubby she has.
  6. This song means so much to me. I finally met a man who helped me tear down the walls I built around me to protect my heart from pain. He showed me how to face the reasons for my pain, to let go and move on to a better and happier life. He frustrates me, makes me mad at times, but he makes me smile, makes me laugh and just makes me happy in general. He made me believe that real love can exist after all. I finally found someone who loves just as deeply, passionately, and whole-heartedly as I love and I'm not ever going to walk away from him as I have others in my past. He has taught and shown me so very much, I'd be a fool to let him go. He's not only in my heart, but in my blood, my soul and every fiber of my being. He is truly the one I've waited forever for. 
  7. Beautiful song for all my beautiful friends :) This song is one of my favourites one ...And the most loved of one of my friends from Norway :))
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  11. Храните верность, иначе какой смысл... слушаю
  12. Beyoncé - Halo: Un amore perfetto❤❤❤❤kissss
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  14. Halo? jpréfère Battlefield , désolé. 
  15. Halo
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  21. 有聲勝無聲...夜安好...各G+...
  22. I love this song! It gets me sentimental don't know why but it does! And I'm answer one question maybe she didn't marry that guy because she didn't feel anything spcial and with Jay-Z she did. Yeah he is not attractive but let me tell ya something. Love is not base in beauty is base in the peoples personality! Maybe Jay Z is better man then him! So don't fool yourself on the peoples beauty because you may get hurt badly. So don't judge my dear friends. What I'm telling you is true. Now goodbye and hope you have a nice day/night/afternoon/midnight!! BTW LOVE THIS SONG SOOO DAMN MUCH!!!!!
  24. Buenos días 😉