Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. #Beyoncé - Halo“:
  2. *Feliz noche a tod@s; las noches son tan largas como los senderos de antaños.....tocaba y no veía la salida.... Desesperado, buscando una bocanada de aire, una claridad de la luna....el suelo crujía....que sería?, pero seguí adelante....con paciencia y tenaz......hasta que apareció en medio de la noche.....como si de un lucero grande, toco mi alma, y me sente en calma.....volvi a respirar, volví a ver colores....un tornado de colores golpeaba mi pecho......Apareciste de la nada!, sin esperarme nada.....Tu halo me abrazo, y rompió mi caparazón áspero y lo convenció para ser más fuerte....Fue tu halo....Sonrie....* :-) **
  3. *SHOW ME YA HALO!* 😇
  4. Who else came here, because of Fire meet Gasoline by Sia?
  5. ♥
  6. Alta ..dragoste la prima auzire!
  7. 24 .3 .2015 for all the german who died on that plane * we wont forget you* RIP
  8. I listened to this song the other day and instantly fell in love with it all over again, I remember it being a really special song to me when a was a younger girl, especially when my Mum would play it for me. After listening to this song for about a week or so I was confused as to why this song was making me so emotional, like yeah its a nice song but I was breaking down in tears by the end of the song and each time I had no idea why. And it hit me so hard, that my Mum played this at my brothers funeral when I was ten, and I absolutely no idea the whole time, but it seemed I did actually. r.i.p Max, I will always love you baby boy xx
  9. QUEEN B. Sexy as hell. W.T.F did she see in Jay-Z anyway?
  10. I miss the old her😞😞😓😔😔😫😫🙅
  11. Halooooo!!! Beyoncé - Halo:
  12. one of the best songs on youtube
  13. Beyoncé - Halo:
  14. Желательно слушать ее очень громко!!!Beyoncé - Halo:
  15. おはようございます(^.^) Good Morning. 昨夜は呑んでるうちに寝てました(笑) と言う訳で、今朝のおはようBGMは、この曲♬ Beyoncé - Halo: 昨日はありがとうございました。今日もよろしくお願いしますヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪
  16. Thank GOD she did not used Jay-Z as a model for this video! Can you imagine Jay-Z's face at the 1:45? Horror!! By the way... one of Beyoncé's greatest song. 
  17. This song reminds me about my dad he died when I was 3 (I'm 11 now in 5th grade hoping to graduate this year!) I miss him EVERY day 😢then when I was old enough to understand what cheating and having an affair was I found out that ever since my mom and dad got together she's been cheating on him for years.....she had a baby boy (who's now my brother) then she had ANOTHER kid this year named Wynter by a DIFFERENT guy who's a gangster that's I jail I'm so sorry to say this but in my mind I call my mom a hoe.....because she is I went to a doctor's appointment and she told the doctor she's been pregnant at least 10 times!!!!!!! I was so disgusted I walked out of the room she beats me sometimes too.... I've had 2 black eyes a scar on my arm shoulder and eye I've been punched in the face and stomach and been slammed to a refrigerator door 😭she even said something so horrible to me I cried all night this is what she said "YOU'RE GONNA DIE AND GO TO HELL FOR BEING SO DAMN STUPID!" 😭😭😭😭 I've even been chocked for accidentally spilling a jar of pickles on the floor the pickle was in my mouth when she choked me! I could've died! Ugh I hate my mom 😭
  18. Beyoncé - Halo:
  19. 나를 향해 이러쿵 저러쿵 하는 말들을 적당것 무시하고 사는 법을 익혀요. 일일이 다 마음쓰면 불행합니다 행복해지고 싶으면 다른사람이 나에대해 어떻게 생각하는지 걱정할 시간에 나한테 하고 싶은거 해보세요 "혜민스님 좋은말씀중에서~ 🎧Beyoncé - Halo🎶 :
  20. Je t'💖....mon bébé..
  21. I love this song! It gets me sentimental don't know why but it does! And I'm answer one question maybe she didn't marry that guy because she didn't feel anything spcial and with Jay-Z she did. Yeah he is not attractive but let me tell ya something. Love is not base in beauty is base in the peoples personality! Maybe Jay Z is better man then him! So don't fool yourself on the peoples beauty because you may get hurt badly. So don't judge my dear friends. What I'm telling you is true. Now goodbye and hope you have a nice day/night/afternoon/midnight!! BTW LOVE THIS SONG SOOO DAMN MUCH!!!!!
  22. Bom dia! 
  23. I search up halo (the game) and it comes up with this.............. what a disappointment. 
  24. 💋👌
  25. Love this!