Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. Someone help me what is the name of this song??
  2. HALO! #XboxE3
  3. ~So *beauty* & cool *music*/part-26/ !!! !!!
  4. Beyoncé - Halo
  5. Someone please help me out what is the name of this song?
  6. Pause at 1:46....dies for 8 minutes!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  7. Love this song.. It describes exactly how my husband made me feel when we met.. Changed my life completely and she is absolutely stunning in this video.. 
  8. Does anyone besides me wonder why she didn't do the video with her husband? Are were they even married yet? I think they were, but I don't know for sure so.....?
  9. master chief!
  10. Thumbs up if you think Beyoncé is better than Rihanna! <3
  11. God knows I don't deserve a halo...
  12. she's so gorgeous, they should've gotten a better looking guy lol
  13. This song was in a subtle way an ode to satan, because the lyrics could be really understood as a typical love song, but the demon that lives inside Beyonce is stronger and stronger and it evolves into more satanic thing with every new songs she produces, ghost haunted the melody is a bit frightening so is it still delicate pop music?
  14. Will you fanboys stop bitching about the name? The word Halo isnt copyrighted and the video was uploaded in fucking 2009!!! Now that I've said this, don't you idiots feel stupid?
  15. Is very romantic 
  16. That dude with her is from think like a man
  17. Master Chief would kick her in the face.
  18. Minzy sing
  19. i'm walking on sunshine!
  20. He looks like Jason Derulo *_*, I'm confused...
  21. Shouldn't Microsoft, Bungie or 343 Industries file a lawsuit for stealing the Halo title?
  22. U notice how back in the days people like beyounce and rihanna and actually sang what was in their hearts now it's whatever lyrics r on the page