Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. #Canada to 🌎 #World Google Music #Play-N-Share: Something from +YouTube type post This really isn't anything to do with #NASA like on the last post, but if it were then it might go a little something like this. "Beyoncé from Houston you are now clear for Halo Lift-Off". Video Time Management 03:44 (min:sec) Sit back, relax, put those feet up and make sure that your Wearable Ear-Buds or other favourite Headgear is on and that you are well positioned in front of a display screen so that we can listen to the Beats together and watch some Romantic Culture in action with #Beyoncé. Facts and Tidbits Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night to All in the G+ Family and I will see you in your Circles. My G+ Profile Tagline Live, Work, Play and Enjoy Life!! Vivre , travailler, jouer et profiter de la vie!! And most importantly always keep on smiling 😃😃😃 Please feel free to Share, Comment or Plus +1 this posting if User options have not been disabled. AdWords #GooglePlay #music #entertainment #rock #StagePperformance #iTunes #bands #YouTube #Beats #video #Halo
  2. Beyoncé - Halo:
  3. Beyoncé - Halo: 碧昂絲 光環 分享
  4. My favourite song right now ♥
  5. leaving now ......... Beyoncé - Halo
  6. Is this Beyonce or Rihanna?
  7. #ZA~~~~Beyoncé - Halo:
  8. Back when Beyonce's music was actually worth Listening to
  9. Beyoncé - Halo I can do yor halo, i can see yor halo,.. I can fell your halo, halo, halo...
  10. "Sei l'unica cosa che voglio..." ♥
  11. Beyoncé - Halo‏:
  12. Miłego dla WAS dziś piosenkarka ma swoje święto .....
  13. Check out this video on YouTube:
  14. Another no-talent, big-ass yard ape.
  15. [古さを感じさせない女性アーティスト特集] 2006-2009 [Women Featured Artist you do not feel old] ●Beyoncé - Halo[2009]
  16. Talent: Beyoncé > Ciara > Rihanna Beauty: Ciara > Beyoncé > Rihanna
  17. That guy probably fucked beyonce before jay z
  18. 3:19 I'm spitting all over your face? 
  19. "Sei l'unica cosa che voglio..." ♥
  20. Can someone tell me what the title says it doesn't say on my iPad the titles because I pressed a button and I don't know how to fix it nor does the apple.
  21. Beyoncé - Halo (Official Music Video)!!!
  22. Bellísima canción de Beyoncé, para mí la que más :-)
  23. Beyoncé - Halo: I gat my Angel now..