Beyoncé - Halo

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Halo. (c) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. "Sei l'unica cosa che voglio..." ♥
  2. Someone help me what is the name of this song??
  3. Miłego dla WAS dziś piosenkarka ma swoje święto .....
  4. Is this Beyonce or Rihanna?
  5. It makes me really sad that she's part of the illuminati.. i'm not hating though, she can be whatever she wants to be. I'll always be a fan. :) 
  7. "Sei l'unica cosa che voglio..." ♥
  8. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. Beyoncé - Halo: I gat my Angel now..
  10. Back when Beyonce's music was actually worth Listening to
  11. você é meu anjo I LOVE YOU 
  12. dont se me as a hater but i think sleana gomez is better (this is my opinyon
  13. Beyoncé - Halo: .......ED PERCHE LUI.....E' UN GRAN BEL VEDERE.....EH GIA'
  14. Years passed still in love with this song. :)
  15. I really love this song!!!!
  16. Beyoncé - Halo
  17. Good night.. Beyoncé - Halo:
  18. Someone please help me out what is the name of this song?
  19. *♫♫♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫* .
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