Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

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Music video by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z performing Crazy In Love. (C) 2003 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  1. Wow i feel sorry for kids growing up now, I'll take the Beyonce Christina/Britney/Pink, Shakira/JLO, Justin Timberlake/Usher era over this new Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Miley, Demi & Selena Gomez era ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. You guys got robbed, you deserved more talent than that... #JustSaying 
  2. Who agrees that Beyonce looks still the same
  3. I don't understand gay people... how can you NOT be attracted to this!!
  4. shes so hot can i be her omg
  5. Happy birthday to the incomparable +Beyoncé! Let's celebrate her with a little #TBT jam.
  6. Hello! Awesome friends I like this song very much... Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z:
  7. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z:
  8. And they say Miley invented the twerkkk...
  9. have 2 dates for Valentines day. Their names are Chard Donnay and Cab Sauve. One is tall dark and handsome he smokes cigars I can tell by his scent, the other taller with long legs, he often smells of pears. They both bring floral bouquets, which is always nice. Chard is also younger than Cab, doesn't matter to me. Me and Chard are having dinner together, a nice Chicken Kiev. Chard loves this dish so much he complements it. But before dinner he wants to get some air he gets out of his stiff coverings and puts himself in something more breathable. He looks good in both outfits. Dessert is going to be Vanilla bean ice with caramel sauce, Chard isn't sure he can compete with such a sweet dessert, but they pair well in my heart. After my date with Chard its Cab's time, he is very strong but sweet. I enjoy my time with him. We are going for a late night stroll with coffee and bitter aroma in the air. Cab makes me feel warm all over, his presence provides comfort on this lonely Valentines day. We then set off to have a late night chocolate sampling, never thought Cab was a fan of chocolate, but he gets on very well with some of them. We try an orange dark chocolate first and he definitely likes it, he seems to be drawn to the more robust chocolates like Dark chocolate covered cherries and a 60% bark with almonds. I look at him with such admiration, he really is the life of the party. He seems to be at every party I go to these days, trendy restaurants too. He has become quite popular, I'm glad he makes time to spend with me. Although at this time of night he's getting moody as he's looking at the world half empty. We decide to return home, where Chard is waiting. He was cold when I first got there but then he warmed up to us once we started sampling tapas. iI had prepared them earlier. First up was my famous shrimp pate with horseradish and tomato, Chard loved this he complimented it straight away. Cab too liked it. I then made a beef carpaccio and put tiny shaved onion, minced button mushrooms and a hot au jus for dipping if needed. Cab took over this dish, it was all his. Thats fine, because I saved the best a thinly sliced pineapple laid flat on top of a thin piece of Prosciutto, rolled in a condensed melon liqueur and pistachios. This pleased both of them and I'm sure it would please others with its complex ingredients. By this time, Cab was nearly done for the night. I said goodnight and thanked him for a great night, we'll see each other again. Me and Chard are old friends we go back 15 years, he was my first, and won't be my last. Tonight he will be my best friend on this sad and uneventful Valentines Day. Thankfully I know they are always there for me, even though I dont call them often and its a one sided relationship, they stand by me when in need and want. I look at Chard, he looks drained. Its time for him to call it a night as well, he prefers the cold weather, Cab isn't a fan. So he is put out into the cold with no worries, I dont want to spoil him. It's been a favourable Valentines day Thanks entirely to my buds, Chard Donnay and Cab Sauve. A Tale By Raychel Lynn Chisholm 
  10. Love Beyonce! This is her last hit...
  11. Walking inside, I head over to the jukebox and pick out this song. Dancing up to the bar, I look around to see who's here. 
  12. Omg. Fifty shades of grey brought me here...
  13. ELLA..ES L A ..REINA..DEL EROTISMO..CON MUCHO RITMO.. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z:
  14. Damn, she's so fucking delicious. When will they start selling a soup with her pussy flavor??
  15. She was incredibly hot back then.. Now look at what the industry's done with her.
  16. "Beauty" and the ability to sing is not admirable. There what's known as "free tickets". In other words you're born with them. Celebrities strictly in the entertainment industry - particularly in America - are treated financially and socially like unearthly, wonderful creatures. REMEMBER fame can be achieved very effortlessly. It should NOT give you the automatic right to be an idol and give advice nor to be worshipped. You may love a musicians' song, but DO NOT become deluded. Beyonce in particular displays a lot of vanity and bigotry. All I'm saying is pick a worthy idol and don't love them too much; try loving yourself more ❤️
  17. 10 years later still her best! 
  18. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z:
  19. Para acordarnos en esta posada erotica del Maldito obseso del control #Grey jajajaja
  20. I just noticed one her dancers, red-hair, is one of the future pussycat dolls members #UselessInfoOfTheDay 
  21. National Anthem.
  22. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z. Jay and B!
  23. still know every word
  24. Absolutely terrible. Beyonce sings, at least, 1/2 beat behind the down beat through the whole song. The 'tune' is a total rip off af a 70s song. The dumb rapper totally ruins whatever appeal the song has. -5 stars
  25. Well, technically, Beyonce invented Twerking haha.