Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. amazing lady , god was good to her but she didn't waste it xxx
  2. Our all time favourite song by our 'Celeb Of The Week' Beyoncé!
  3. im gonna cry.
  4. There is no way a masterpiece like this came out in 2011... Is this a cover?
  5. I bet nobody would answer this question. What is a GPU? No Google. 
  6. it like lets expose as much of my boobs without actually showing them
  7. Why Do They Learn Music No Fussing About!! You Know That Count Is Next To The Waters?? Which Road Is It? And Is This London!! I guess It Might Be!!
  8. 0:00 - 0:43 remind me of micheal jackson for some reason
  9. love her so much my fried good night (:
  10. LOL Beyonce is a JOKE. 
  11. Attention all BEYHIVERS***go to Instagram @BETAWARDS and like Beyonce's picture under fandemonium(and only her picture) we need as many votes as we can get!!
  12. Damn! What shoes was she wearing!? Anyone kno!?
  13. i've loved this song for so long but whenever the "you're the one i love, you're the one i need" part comes, that guy's face from that vine pops into my head holy shit
  15. 2:22 i think is the ugliest i have ever seen Beyonce and its not even that bad!! 
  16. Baby I'm on top :p :p :p
  17. I can't believe this was 2011..
  19. It's my favorite song.
  20. Lol then see how everyone gets butthurt for my opinion.. lol grow up children. She has you all brainwashed and stupid. Bet you are all sluts as well. And I also bet you guys think her songs are soooo inspirational lol yeah fucking some limo driver hahahahaha! Goooood one guys... your whats wrong with planwt earth. Too busy caring about beyonce than real world problems. Wake the fuck up idiots. :D
  21. I love that song
  22. Repent and turn to Jesus the Messiah you will never be the same
  23. Listening to this perfect song whole 3 days cause its sooo perfect <3 xD