Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. I came here because of matt king on vine 😂😂😂
  2. The queen! <3
  3. The dancing in this video is perfect
  4. Love on top.....!!!!
  5. this is racist, just one white guy, ¬¬
  6. I love song
  7. Finally you put my love on top lol
  8. KIll em' girl
  9. if she made love on top the lead single of 4 and promoted it as much as she promoted best thing i never had and run the world, the song would have easily topped the charts. she only promoted this song once, and it entered the top 20 on the charts. had she performed it a ton of times like she did with best thing i never had and run the world, she would have easily scored her 6th number one.
  10. would've been interesting if she had worn a top with the word '' LOVE '' written on it
  11. a great fucking song for a boring video!!!
  12. why can't I find the original version of this song?
  13. love on top
  14. :3!!
  15. one of my favorites
  16. Queen B !!!! ♥♥♥♥
  17. OMG she's so fucking classy
  18. Cool!!
  19. If shes perfect then how would you not be crazy about her music? that creates an error in itself.... for if she was perfect you would also find her music to be highly enjoyable to yourself, and you would be flat out crazy about her music. but you are not therefor she is not perfection in your eyes there for not a complete legend as she was lacking in the music area and didn't completely satisfy your needs like a legend would to someone in reality as the title of legend would recommend.
  20. Great song,!
  21. Dude, you should be coming down the aisle to this jam! The whole wedding party getting down and having a good time. CELEBRATE!
  22. Bfflwne senes for best friend for life with no exebshin.
  23. I love this song xxxxxxx ^_^
  24. I'm is fan
  25. Actually it was as simple as jelly on toast ....if you call someone perfect and then dislike one thing about a person. you literally have deemed them imperfect as the word perfect means no flaws only someone with small intelligence would find the truth over complicated .