Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. I miss songs and music videos like this 😭
  2. My girlfriend can make me so mad sometimes but I still love her lol 💛💖
  3. I LIKE IT ON TOP 👍👍👍👍 
  4. Her music now is the same as the music before. Hell, even better. Wtf is wrong with a woman owning her sexuality? Obviously she isn't a whore. She's been married to the same man for YEARS! Sex is a natural thing, and she's just recognizing it for what it is. And you see men abusing their own sexuality in there music/videos. It only becomes a problem when a strong assertive woman does it? Cause she's not a prude, standing in a neck to feet dress? Get with it people, damn...
  5. I'm smellin' some heavy Michael Jackson influence in this song XD (btw that vine tho)
  6. OMG BEYONCE I MISS YOU BEING LIKE THIS AND YOUR MUSIC BEING LIKE THIS WHAT HAPPENED:( you were my best when i heard this song and my fav singer that i told my friends and sang the song to them i even watched this vid the exact date when it came out but now your songs this year has just changed
  7. I am a girl
  8. dicen que es el dia de la felicidad.... a Besay y a mí nos hace feliz esta canción todos los días.... nos volvemos así TOP TOP TOP..... jakjakjak.... vamoooos Love on top... besos y sonrisas a montañita
  9. like if your watching in 2015 ;)
  10. Im surprised her boobs didn't just pop out.
  11. I'm sorry i have to say this, her body and boobs in this video are just perfect! xD has she had a boob job now or something?!
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  13. This song makes me happy :) BTW This sounds like the Super Mario 64 Credits Theme... Am I the only one who thinks that?
  14. Boobs... 😍
  15. ~ Beyoncé - Love On Top ~ I really loved to hear this song over and over again,,,nice beat, good dance and dancer, and also a brilliant singer #beyoncé I hope U like it too :) please Enjoy it.. :D
  16. Beyoncé Love on top How cool they are! 
  17. Beyoncé - Love On Top:
  18. Vida 
  19. why do the men sound like girls? anyone noticed this? O.o
  20. Y'all so delusional seriously.This song is from her album 4,the album that sold LESS in her discography which means that you didn't truly like it by then.BUT NOW Y'ALL CLAIMING FOR HER TO GO BACK TO THIS KIND OF MUSIC?! I definetely agree I want her to go back to this kind of music too but the way y'all behaving right now is crazy.You should have bought more copies of 4 instead of the Visual Album.
  21. Some vintage style oh yas and some of her idol (mine as well) hahaha, what a voice, this is just perfection.
  22. Can i download it? I can't find the download button...
  23. Does anybody notice that her dancers are singing background, yet her background vocals are ALL female? LOL kinda strange. HAHA
  24. Omg I hate when ppl do that try to put people down like Beyonce she is the best singer I now and ppl like to put her down for nothing we u can dance and sing like that and have over 100 albums go talk about her now don't say nun cause u can't sing it dance better so stop hatien and apriceate her because I now she can do better than all of y'all don't hate my favorite Singer and love her. I love u Beyonce I'm your number 1 fan and don't let any one put you down 💋❤💙💖💕💓💞💝💜💗💚
  25. Beyoncé is not a queen how dare you all give her Marilyn's rightful title! Marilyn is THE Queen, and will always be! She is the greatest, and bitchyonce is a nothing compared to the myth that is Monroe! Honestly, what is bitchyonce? A fake whore that has no talent, sings like someone farting, and her music is dull! Marilyn is greater, she actually has talents and can sing and dance better, not to mention that she is more beautiful and classier than bitchyonce will ever be! Bitchyonce fans have the worst taste ever! If you're still smart, go like the anti Beyoncé Facebook page instead of the bitchyonce whore!