Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. its the year 2030 and i'm still listening to this song 
  2. even lipsincing to this song makes me tired omg
  3. OMG BEYONCE I MISS YOU BEING LIKE THIS AND YOUR MUSIC BEING LIKE THIS WHAT HAPPENED:( you were my best when i heard this song and my fav singer that i told my friends and sang the song to them i even watched this vid the exact date when it came out but now your songs this year has just changed
  4. I miss this kind of music Beyoncè makes. I think she's trying to fit in with the music genre that's been going around right now and it sucks because most of her music that she's been making this year is all focus on the beat and not her voice :(
  5. God, I miss the times when women were not so obsessed with walking around naked, when they looked sexy, not inappropriate. 
  6. She pulled a Tyler Perry! She put in one white person to not be racist! Slick one Beyoncé...
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  9. So many fangirls, the boys that like this song 90% are gay and think they can sing. True story
  10. My girlfriend can make me so mad sometimes but I still love her lol 💛💖
  11. I LIKE IT ON TOP 👍👍👍👍 
  12. Michael Jackson vibes, someone else?
  13. jajaja q mona ;-)
  14. haha i love how she grabs the microphone at 1:38 and it just magically appears back on the stand.
  15. Beyoncé - Love On Top:
  16. Beyoncé - Love On Top:
  17. I may have not been born when she made music like this, but with the music out now.. I wish she still made songs like this
  18. I love this song like or comment if you do too
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  20. I love the melody but this is the kind of song that only a professional can sing. Lol! My voice will definitely crack a zillion times if i sing this.
  21. Omg I hate when ppl do that try to put people down like Beyonce she is the best singer I now and ppl like to put her down for nothing we u can dance and sing like that and have over 100 albums go talk about her now don't say nun cause u can't sing it dance better so stop hatien and apriceate her because I now she can do better than all of y'all don't hate my favorite Singer and love her. I love u Beyonce I'm your number 1 fan and don't let any one put you down 💋❤💙💖💕💓💞💝💜💗💚
  22. O Mój Boże Beyonce ma tu zajebiste buty :)
  23. ~ Beyoncé - Love On Top ~ I really loved to hear this song over and over again,,,nice beat, good dance and dancer, and also a brilliant singer #beyoncé I hope U like it too :) please Enjoy it.. :D
  24. Can u please what is the name of the guy in a blue tank top