Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. Beyoncé please DANCE AGAIN in your videos!!!
  2. God, I miss the times when women were not so obsessed with walking around naked, when they looked sexy, not inappropriate. 
  3. i can only sing up to 2:46, others are so high. Last time i sang the whole thing and i got sick for 3 days. Seriously
  4. this song speaks to me. i love the lyrics they hit me right in the heart. hes such a wonderful performer. I'm getting popular fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet
  5. What a horrible song performed by a horrible person
  6. Why does this video remind me of 'If It Isn't Love' by New Edition?
  7. "Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear (They say love hurts) but I know (It's gonna take a little work) nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears. And finally you put me first".
  8. She pulled a Tyler Perry! She put in one white person to not be racist! Slick one Beyoncé...
  9. what a piece o dog shit..
  10. U put my love on top... i lovew this song since 2001 ans still do!!!!!!
  11. Bom d+ hahaha.
  12. Someone has to make this video In slow motion ;)
  13. It seems that the tone gives music will not stop rising. Magnificent!
  15. Puedo ver las estrellas en el camino desde aquí......Puedo sentir el sol,siempre cuando estas cerca..... Baby eres el único al que amo (La vida es luz,estrellas y sol...cuando hay amor)...Felizzz Díaaa G+
  16. Beyoncé - Love On Top:
  17. but also right now im guessing the boys are a little gay for doing some of the dance move which is a girl and think that they sung the girl parts 2... NO OFFENSE!!!
  18. The microphones and lip syncing of the dancing men is confusing as the backing singers in the song are female Why have I only just noticed this 
  19. This is my new jam. I haven't really heard lots of Beyoncé in my life. My friend and I were listening to the radio on her phone during class, and this song came on. I really enjoyed it! I'm going to learn it on piano because I love it so much. 
  20. Whose noticed that the men are singing a bit that women are meant to sing
  21. Fábio, I love you...
  22. the question that will forever haunt me....why do her male background singers have female voices?
  23. Get it Bey ;)
  24. I've been trying to point this out for years and no one seems to notice!! At around 3:01 does anyone else see the piece of clothing on the ground move?? Every time I watch the video I can't help but look at it, and to tell you the truth it kinda freaks me out!
  25. she looks like a hard arsed cow in the final seconds, just saying.