Beyoncé - Love On Top

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Love On Top. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

  1. This is a great song I just wish she would have trusted God for her success instead of selling out
  2. 2011 Beyonce - Love On Top ( I can feel the sun whenever your near Every time you touch me I just melt away ( May your weekend be filled with Music, Dancing & LOVE )
  3. Lol then see how everyone gets butthurt for my opinion.. lol grow up children. She has you all brainwashed and stupid. Bet you are all sluts as well. And I also bet you guys think her songs are soooo inspirational lol yeah fucking some limo driver hahahahaha! Goooood one guys... your whats wrong with planwt earth. Too busy caring about beyonce than real world problems. Wake the fuck up idiots. :D
  4. amazing lady , god was good to her but she didn't waste it xxx
  5. Amici, com'è andata la vostra giornata? Descrivetela con un aggettivo Nel frattempo vi regaliamo "Love on top" di Beyoncé!!
  6. Most of the dancers in her songs are black. What does that indicate about her?! 
  7. ...oggi il mio buon giorno arriva così.. Spalancando le porte...abbracciando poi ognuno di voi Buon venerdì
  8. I feel bad for the back up singers in the video! The ones in the song are female so it's really obvious all of them are lip syncing...
  9. love this song
  10. Why r the background dancers singing like women??
  11. This is the original Beyoncé we loved before. Not that drunk love crap. I like this Beyoncé. It reminds of the old Beyoncé with destinys child.
  12. I really think I made this hit over a billlion views' cuz I cnt help it ...smmfh
  13. Yo soy fan total de Beyoncé la amo a esa magnifica mujer
  14. I<3 music
  15. Question: why do the dudes sound like girls
  16. Beyonce sucks at lip singing. 😝
  17. +Caitlyn K it is like every songs bout you babey
  18. it like lets expose as much of my boobs without actually showing them
  19. Listening to this perfect song whole 3 days cause its sooo perfect <3 xD
  20. Damn! What shoes was she wearing!? Anyone kno!?
  21. There is no way a masterpiece like this came out in 2011... Is this a cover?
  22. Is she trying to hit mariah Carey notes. She better gone somewhere with that weak ass falsetto. All of the good singers are gone or lost their amazing voices, mariah, Whitney, celine dion, deniece Williams. Smh.
  23. I love this song