Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. She knows she can just be a lesbian and date girls... then she could understand and not have to be a guy xD 
  2. i sang this to my ex boyfriend the day after i broke up with him
  3. seriously all i see is a bunch of girls commenting on how much they hate their boyfriends, NEWSFLASH....... BREAK UP!!!!!!! if a guy aint treating you properly why are you gonna be with him. you think us guys would stay with a girl if she was doing shit..... NO we break up with their asses bye bitch cya in hell. so LEAVE HIS ASS. and stop complaining. because the more you stay with them the more you bring it on yourself
  4. Actually if she was a boy, she wouldn't understand cuz she would be born with the mind as a guy,, sooo.... yeah,, not rlly
  5. music ... on demand LMFAO 
  6. What the hell. Why does it say music on demand during the song? I like this song but that ruins it.
  7. A woman wears makeup like a clown, gets her nails done, weave in her hair, acts like a weak entitled princess and you're telling me I'm equal to that!? Do you people really believe men and women are equal!? Hahahahahahah. Feminists have done quite a lot of brainwashing. What a joke.
  8. All men are pigs and deserve to die, am I right
  9. Beyonce made hypers words moving because the girls recognize themselves in what she says! I adore it is a great song <3
  10. the video says music on demand
  11. If I were a boy!!!
  12. Am I the only one that as the amazing ability to understeand who is a nice person and who is not. Seriously who gets in a relationships with people they dont know and what they are capable of
  13. if i were a boy i'd be happy
  14. Song for JayZ? How could he cheat on Queen B?! Like seriously!!
  15. But I'd never be mean to my girl. I'd love her and care for her and make sure she's ok. Not all boys are like that, I try to understand and I'd respect her needs. :)
  16. well, if i didnt already think that beyonce is a fucking retard, after having read these lyrics, i certainly do now.
  17. And you're just a girl who don't understand but I'll love ya, none the less, and forever, 'just' to piss you off? No. I said I would. Such is a man. Yeah, I'm just that way. I'm just a boy. Cool song from a little teens perspective. :)
  18. "Music on demand" XD
  19. if i were a boy
  20. luv it
  21. Omg I love this song it feels so real :) ♥
  22. I love how this is on Kurt Hummel's playlist.
  23. OMG I 💖 this song!
  24. Beyonce paints being a boy with too broad a brush. Shes making it seem that if you have a penis everything will go your way, but doesn't even seem to entertain the idea that both genders face their own unique issues. She just seems to be a bitter butt hurt woman who got burned by a man in power who got everything he wanted and placed that image upon all men there after.