Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. beyonce would make a horrible guy then damn. 
  2. Song for JayZ? How could he cheat on Queen B?! Like seriously!!
  3. Actually if she was a boy, she wouldn't understand cuz she would be born with the mind as a guy,, sooo.... yeah,, not rlly
  4. I love this song !! Its really beautiful
  5. What the hell. Why does it say music on demand during the song? I like this song but that ruins it.
  6. i sang this to my ex boyfriend the day after i broke up with him
  7. if i were a boyyyyyyyyy,i would turn off my phone..
  8. We dem boyz bitch , and when we come home sandwich must be ready ;)
  9. Beyonce made hypers words moving because the girls recognize themselves in what she says! I adore it is a great song <3
  10. If I were a boy!!!
  11. She is right...these young men need to take responsibility for their actions and bring their "A" game or go home. Beyonce is right!
  12. i love it
  13. ❤️
  14. if i were a boy i'd be happy
  15. One question, why would you wanna be a boy and chase those girls when you are one even just for a day .
  16. If I were a boy I'd see whether I can achieve liftoff by doing the helicopter.
  17. any1 hear that at 00:22 onwards
  18. I love this song,i sing it all the time and i sing it really good.😊
  19. I love girls but I need a GF :)
  20. I'm still confused even after all these years, what's with the "music on demand"?!?!?!
  21. If I were a boy I would do what guys do!!!