Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. u dont understand how it feels to love a girl someday wish u were a better man ~beyonce~
  2. If I were a boy I think k I could understand
  3. This song by Beyoncé is inspiring to all women! It's just about trading places... 
  4. if i were a boy
  5. luv it
  6. And you're just a girl who don't understand but I'll love ya, none the less, and forever, 'just' to piss you off? No. I said I would. Such is a man. Yeah, I'm just that way. I'm just a boy. Cool song from a little teens perspective. :)
  7. So true *cries*
  8. i dont even get what there about i dont get any song i just listen and like it lol i love this song it was in my head and then i started going on my computer and started playing it <333333
  9. It says musics on demand 
  10. i love this song every body needs to listen to it cuz its really true
  11. esta cantada en español por q carajos escriben en ingles?¡¡¡
  12. The people who disliked this are boys who dont understand!
  13. "If i were a boy" MUSIC ON DEMAND LOL xD
  14. if i were a boy.... wait, i m a boy, why i love this song
  15. i always hated that part
  16. justin bieber's theme song of his life
  17. Awesome
  18. I love all your songs especially listen when im stress i listen to your songs
  19. if I were a boy I would be nice to a girl and spoil her rotten not violent just plain nice thoughtful and just amazing
  20. music on demand ruined my vibe
  21. Music on Demand
  22. ithas,nothing to do wit a boy
  23. Music On Demand... :'D because of you i say that when ever i sing now ;'D
  24. Music on demand XD
  25. What the heck means music on demand?