Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. If I were a boy I'd pee standing up
  2. Music on demand. Lmao. 
  3. All men are pigs and deserve to die, am I right
  4. I'm so glad I learned to love myself before I got into a relationship. It should be like a requirement for everyone.
  5. if i were a boy i'd be happy
  6. She knows she can just be a lesbian and date girls... then she could understand and not have to be a guy xD 
  7. Does anyone else hear the 'Music on Demand' ? o.o
  8. Great song, but why would you want to be a boy/man? Most of our thinking is quite limited, we are disgusting, and we are just plain dicks. =P The majority of us are anyways. I would love to be a girl. Well, except for the whole pregnancy thing and period thing. _... Never mind I do not want to be a girl. xD
  9. All this stuff that Beyonce says she would do if she was a guy, she could still do as a girl. I know lots of girls who go out drinking with their guy friends, some are lesbians (chase after girls). You can still put yourself first and make your own rules!
  10. Women are way too good for men it's literally a fact no denying it. I'm right so don't even bother fighting with me ok? Save yourself the energy? Do yourself the favour :)
  11. Oh wait, guys don't listen so well to women because they are less empathetic. It's psychological. Generally speaking, women are better at communicating (and it's not even surprising since that was their evolutionary role, like rearing children). But still, I think gender is much more flexible than the world would like us to think. Anyway, much of the gender crap is social construct. Wait, I have proof: I was raised as one would raise a child of my gender. It felt okay, totally normal for me. Then I eventually became frustrated because of discrimination and stuff. And I started acting as the opposite. And I realized it felt just as natural: the clothes, the hobbies, everything. If not even more so actually. And I also realized I wasn't as straight as I thought, but bisexual instead.
  12. If I was a girl I would make drama about everything boys do too!
  13. They could of downloaded a version of the song without anyone saying "music on demand" that was super annoying 😠but it still didn't take out the beauty of this song💕💕 
  14. Most heart wrenching part " But your just a boy😔"
  15. she could turn her phone off even if she a girl dont need to be a boy to turn ur phone off what the fuck is wrong with this world! LOL
  16. I love this song. It describes me of right now of me and him.
  17. Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else, that's the most important thing in relationships.
  18. What's with all the sexist comments? Yeah, some girls are emo bitches on PMS and some boys are sex-drived jerks. Not everyone is perfect, you know.
  19. Music on demand...
  20. I am a Boy and i dont care...
  21. Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics):
  22. ,,if i were a boy,cgruh marandaman qdn qng panu magmahal ng gurl
  23. im so sad
  24. Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)