Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. If I were a boy I'd pee standing up
  2. All men are pigs and deserve to die, am I right
  3. Naw I'd just be an asshole I'd still have 4 hoes I WOULD NOT GET ANT HOES PREGNANT I WOULD LOL HONESTLY I'D BE THE SAME AS I AM RIGHT NOW XDD I do date girls.. Only difference is I'd have a dick xD
  4. I'm so glad I learned to love myself before I got into a relationship. It should be like a requirement for everyone.
  5. if i were a boy i'd be happy
  6. All this stuff that Beyonce says she would do if she was a guy, she could still do as a girl. I know lots of girls who go out drinking with their guy friends, some are lesbians (chase after girls). You can still put yourself first and make your own rules!
  7. She knows she can just be a lesbian and date girls... then she could understand and not have to be a guy xD 
  8. Boys think they know girls, girls think they know boys, In Reality, were not even close at all
  9. i sang this to my ex boyfriend the day after i broke up with him
  10. If I was a girl I would make drama about everything boys do too!
  11. Beautiful song! <3
  12. Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)
  13. I am a Boy and i dont care...
  14. Women are way too good for men it's literally a fact no denying it. I'm right so don't even bother fighting with me ok? Save yourself the energy? Do yourself the favour :)
  15. I love this song. It describes me of right now of me and him.
  16. if i we're a girl, i will touch my tits
  17. Lol, this song wont make woman any better, If I am a woman, I wont be a fuckin bitch!
  18. *If I Were A Boy...* Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics):
  19. I'm neither girl or boy, I am a troll, from homestuck. I love it here...
  20. All you boys complaining about not understanding girls... All you girls complaining about not understanding boys... I don't understand *myself* You have it easy.
  21. Reba has this song. -.- wow. 
  22. Hm, this reminds me of someone. 
  23. beyonce is the most awfull person in the world. dumb fucking hypocrite feminazi
  24. I like this song . How about all friends?