Beyonce-If I were a boy(lyrics)

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Beyonce -If I were a boy

  1. Nice nice ,,,song 
  2. am I the only one who heard something say music on demand
  3. luv it
  4. Basically this song appears to be female superiority propaganda. "coz I know that she'd be faithful waiting for me to come home". Really? She would know that because what? Girls are faithful? The 1 in 10 cuckolded fathers wouldnt agree. If they actually knew. When women cheat they use the excuse their man was "not paying them enough attention" and basically it was his fault. When mean cheat they are evil monsters who need their manhood chopping off throwing in the garbage disposal then to be ridiculed on tv by groups of cackling women!. Anyway, if she were a boy, she would be getting punched in the face on a regular basis, because to say women are so non violent and violence only comes from men, strange isnt it that lesbian relationships are the MOST violent in society. What do you expect when you get two irrational self serving people under one roof!
  5. If I were a boy!!!
  6. ?
  7. What the hell. Why does it say music on demand during the song? I like this song but that ruins it.
  8. this song is so true !!! he only hurts me... and i still love him... i just don't get myself !!! i mean it if i was strong enough i would walk away but i'm not....
  9. Sometimes I wish I was a guy, like seriously. I just don't really make a very good girl, ya know? But of course that's only sometimes I think that...should I have posted this? Ehh...nah, no one fuckin' cares.
  10. Over all its good, but i keep hearing "get it on demand" right in the middle of the song. Whats with that?
  11. i sang this to my ex boyfriend the day after i broke up with him
  12. stop saying use it on demand . 
  13. Ladies, you don't wanna be a guy. Testicles are very inconvenient.
  14. And you're just a girl who don't understand but I'll love ya, none the less, and forever, 'just' to piss you off? No. I said I would. Such is a man. Yeah, I'm just that way. I'm just a boy. Cool song from a little teens perspective. :)
  15. Actually if she was a boy, she wouldn't understand cuz she would be born with the mind as a guy,, sooo.... yeah,, not rlly
  16. Beyonce made hypers words moving because the girls recognize themselves in what she says! I adore it is a great song <3
  17. I love this song a beyonce
  18. Omg I love this song it feels so real :) ♥
  19. I love how this is on Kurt Hummel's playlist.
  20. OMG I 💖 this song!
  21. LOL Music On Demand :)
  22. Sam Bailey sings this song SO MUCH better than Beyoncé. What a difference.
  23. u dont understand how it feels to love a girl someday wish u were a better man ~beyonce~
  24. music on demand has become part of this song
  25. MY FAVE PART!!!: "Music on demand"