The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Imma Be. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. ' I'm a bee' bee has 3 letters... A triangle has 3 sides... Bee rhymes with pea.. Black eye peas... Black eye... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
  2. +Princess Aleksandra loljk
  3. Yes, yes, we get it! You're a bee! You don't need to remind us! Also, when he says "bouncin' them checks" I always think of cs188's "Suckin' them d!cks, I don't really mind suckin' them d!cks" XD
  4. Shaytards anyone?
  5. This used to be my fav songXD
  6. the other guys
  7. Rimo esta bueno 
  8. 4 years ago, I used to love this song and I'm a white boy. Now, I'm kind of thinking, "Why did I like this song?" He's just saying "I'm-a be" over, and over, and over again! (No hate)
  9. I remember hearing this song at my middle school dance when the song first came out and I thought the dj's turn table was messing up! LMFAO
  10. Youtube buffered at 0:52...I aint even mad
  11. song not the best but dat hoe be sexy.
  12. this some crazy stuff
  13. "Imma be livin that good life" that is my favorite part of the song. 
  14. the IMA BEE parts i like the song and vid i was like the fuck
  15. The beat on this song is so raw! 
  16. this beat would work better than coffee in the morning. love these guys, theyre great. catchy song. I'm getting popular fast because i rap about life.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...
  17. Over 38 million people have watched this ? that's fucked ! that's too many ! I listen to this song because I like how awful it is, are 38 million people listening to this to be ironic like me ? I doubt it, some people really think this is a well written song and that scares me
  18. xD When I was five I thought it said "Ima Bee" LOL years later, I look up The Black Eyed Peas playlist, And this comes on! haha xD
  19. I remember when I first heard this song in middle school and I thought it was fucking terrible up until 2:30, then I was like "Well damn, this song just became the shit" xD
  20. yo looking back on this song, the production is sooooo ahead of its time, there music is what music sounds like today, imagine if like a chance the rapper or a Kendrick rapped on this instead of BEP how AMAZING this production would be. Fuck the lyrics and concept to this song real quick and appreciate how nasty this beat is put together,
  21. Is that the same restaurant where Lady Gaga's Telephone and Avril Lavigne's Rock N Roll are shoot? :D
  22. its been a minute since in heard this song, that 4 sure
  23. Imma be lamar from gta 5 and alan from hangover combined
  24. Pretty darn precious what it is,@Katillete and @ShayCarl got the cutest kids, and they be up on YouTube making all them vids, and if you don't know, Imma tell you like this .. Shaytards FTW! 
  25. Imma be wtf? men fuck nigga the los Smis4 kiwi