The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Imma Be. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. Imma be hitting 5,000 Subscribers in 30 days ~
  2. I get it! You're a bee. Can you shut up now?
  3. This used to be my fav songXD
  4. I Miss black eyed peas =( !!
  5. Shaytards anyone?
  6. Yes, yes, we get it! You're a bee! You don't need to remind us! Also, when he says "bouncin' them checks" I always think of cs188's "Suckin' them d!cks, I don't really mind suckin' them d!cks" XD
  7. "Imma be a bank and i'm loanin' out semen." He knows how loans work right..? You get back way more than they lent out.
  8. your good loking Fergie
  9. What ever happened to this band? Good classic. 
  10. Youtube buffered at 0:52...I aint even mad
  11. What the fuck is this video/song supposed to be about?
  12. I used to thought it was wannabe
  13. Over 38 million people have watched this ? that's fucked ! that's too many ! I listen to this song because I like how awful it is, are 38 million people listening to this to be ironic like me ? I doubt it, some people really think this is a well written song and that scares me
  14. Ok we get ur a fricken bee we don't care
  15. +Chad Wild Clay you most watch this!!
  16. The other guys
  17. when music was great before Swag Fags came along 
  18. Fergie's verse, nothing else.
  19. I don't get this song
  20. UTTP's theme song
  21. BMW S1000RR <3
  22. ну моцик сзади был чё не села ?
  23. Imma be Imma be Imma Imma Imma be Imma be trying to forget this fucking song and it's entire existence for raping the music industry.
  24. That moment when you realize that Vega from Street Fighter is a Black Eyed Pea....
  25. What did Taboo do?