The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Imma Be. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. ' I'm a bee' bee has 3 letters... A triangle has 3 sides... Bee rhymes with pea.. Black eye peas... Black eye... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
  2. I have to admit the beginning of the song is pretty good but the rest is just insufferable.
  3. sorry fergie you forgot your ass, ask iggy for some
  4. Youtube buffered at 0:52...I aint even mad
  5. Shaytards anyone?
  6. Like if you're jamming to this in 2015 
  7. +Princess Aleksandra loljk
  8. Black Eyed Peas has a latino, a mulatto, a white girl, a black guy, it's the new fucking world order!
  9. Imma be scared shitless if a big ass robot was chasing after me😹😹😹😹😹😹
  10. This used to be my fav songXD
  11. I just thought of two amazing parodys of this song after watching it. How about "Bumble-Bee" When fergie walks on the bar place the robot in the background is a decepticon and Will I Am is shilah buff (however it's spelled) and when the white dancing robot comes that is bumblebee from transformers. The second one not as good as the 1st but might be more humorous. "I'm Kobe" (as in Kobe Bryant). Fergie is rising her motorcycle and falls off but just before she hits the ground Kobe Bryant comes out of nowhere and catches her. He then walks in to that bar-place which is now the Lakers stadium where Michael Jordan is instead of will I am and they decide to play 1 on 1 with fergie as the ball. After that they go to the place where the other black eyed peas band members are and instead of it being them they're actually famous basketball players who ate doing the dance thing and the robot in the back is just a huge shaqueill oneil or a basketball hoop hoop dancing. No i am not on drugs P.S. I wrote this on my phone so I probably have a lot of spelling mistakes, but who cares :)
  12. ima bee flying around polination flowers
  13. the other guys
  14. Over 38 million people have watched this ? that's fucked ! that's too many ! I listen to this song because I like how awful it is, are 38 million people listening to this to be ironic like me ? I doubt it, some people really think this is a well written song and that scares me
  15. nope. 5 years later and i still don't like that last half xD
  16. i didny no beats were invinted in 2010
  17. 4 years ago, I used to love this song and I'm a white boy. Now, I'm kind of thinking, "Why did I like this song?" He's just saying "I'm-a be" over, and over, and over again! (No hate)
  18. i'm a bee
  19. Dont get me wrong, I love this song but... The fuck does this video even... Whaaat..?
  20. Den legs though
  21. Rimo esta bueno 
  22. I know im commenting now but idgnfs! (
  23. Listened to this song, was 20 feet away from a 3 car crash on the highway. Next day, same part of the song, we swerve off the road to avoid a dog. I think this song is cursed
  24. Food for thought... just reflecting on some of these ODDLY AGGRESSIVE posts.... What does the language YOU use when you "post" say about YOU? Is what YOU are posting really a representation of your thoughts as a human being? If not, what else are you doing with your life to express who you are? Because if this is all you do... Then really all you ARE.... is a critic of Fergie and Iggy Izalea's asses! SO WAY TO GO!
  25. I would fuck the shit out of the chick singing