Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video)

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  1. im just curious who wants me as their honey bee?
  2. Always soo romantic to listen..... Blake... I love you man !! 
  3. Looks like ol red found Blake Shelton after all.
  4. Why doesn't Blake Shelton have more subs?! He is a great country singer and deserves it!! :D I saw him on ''The Voice'' today with Adam Levine, Christina Agulara, and Pharrel Williams! They are really funny :)
  5. Blake Shelton is one of the best Country singer in Country music
  6. Don't know what i've done without Blake Shelton. I'm country myself and Blake just takes it to the next level. His songs are just beautiful. The way he performs Honey Bee is great. And that honey seller is just woow! She is beautiful like the morning sun! 👍👌😊
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  8. aweesomeness reminds me a little of the song I wrote for my wife for our anniversary today
  9. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video):
  10. a song that can make your heart melts. sweet indeed
  11. never heard aboute blake shelton before, beautifull relaxing music, nice video, greetings from slovakia
  12. Recently I bought some painting meterials fromt this bookstore. As I was having my items checked in the cashier the cash register jammed a bit. The cashier girl randomly smiled cutely at me as she was unjamming the machine. It was from their that I sort of had a crush on her that for the next 3 days I went buy different art materials without even socializing with her due to the nervous and shy state I keep feeling. Should I keep buying there everyday or is it just plain creepy to keep doing so..? lol..I need some advice :D
  13. I love everything Blake does
  14. I love playing this LOUD AND LINK SURROUND.. "and Ill be your honeybee!!" alright!
  15. Eddie Sutphin..."Honey Bee"...Fun song, probably one of Blake's best efforts. Good video, great melody pace and groove. Lovable dog is adorable! Pretty girl too!
  16. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video):
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  18. This is one of those songs that I just love to hear on the radio when I'm driving.
  19. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video):
  20. I was relieved to find out 'HoneyBee' is referring to the guy 
  21. Blake Shelton HONEY BEE **** - I love homemade honey... this is another great Honey Bee song.. TNKU for sharing.
  22. so these is the Blake way to ladies,,hahahaha,, liike it
  23. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video): Honey Bee
  24. Jjaja que lindo video :) sobre todo cuando el señor mayoy no deja pasar al galán !!