Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video)

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Red River Blue: iTunes: In Stores July 12th, 2011. Listen to Blake Shelton on Spotify - © 2011 WMG | Honey Bee (Video)

  1. Always soo romantic to listen..... Blake... I love you man !! 
  2. Looks like ol red found Blake Shelton after all.
  3. Im going to steal his dog, and I am going to cuddle him like hes never been cuddle before, im gonna hold him and kiss him and call him George.
  4. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video):
  5. Blake shitone Fuck this guy American for shit I sing much better and play harmonika 40 kolos then this assholes American guy who like chicken mcnugget with ranch on side. They call me isko harmonikas I'm 6'4 with Rolex watch true man warrior dinaric face if you ever in balkan kafe bar right across sredojes pecenjara come see real talent not this homoerotic amerian cry shit. Bosno mojaaa ahaaaa aaaa
  6. Honey Bee....So sweetie with Blake Shelton enjoy with me my country friends.
  7. Thebdpg loves honey.
  8. Cute song a friend calls me Bee he's solo fine Hi Chris
  9. she is looking like Kalpana of Ghajini :)
  10. Love it !!!
  11. Since this Video is getting likes and reshares I'll post it again Honeybee is the best song plus its what I like to say to a girl all i need to do is speak right from the heart
  12. I love everything Blake does
  13. Just who is she ?
  14. I love blake he is awesome guy keep up your great work 
  15. This is So Me!!(:
  17. You'll be my soft and sweet I'll be your strong and steady You'll be my glass of wine I'll be your shot of whiskey You'll be my sunny day I'll be your shade tree You'll be my honeysuckle I'll be your honey bee!
  18. I Love Song Honey Bee
  19. Um Blake ur like her grand-pa
  20. buen dia y exelenta fin de semana mis querid@s amig@s
  21. me and my girls song love her s much and this describes how i feel <3
  22. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Official Video):
  23. Cant stand blake shelton maybe cause he owns a radio station here and about every three minutes they say his name it makes me want to throw up just to hear that name over and over and over
  24. there is absolutely nothing wrong with this song and video! they are perfect! Why can't all music be like this :(
  25. The lines in this song are so well worded.... KILLER COUNTRY !!!!!!!