Blake Shelton - The Baby (Official Video)

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  1. Bruh. I just got punched in the feels and now my eyes are sweating
  2. My mother taped this for me a long time ago and this year she passed away. Her "Baby" sure misses her!
  3. I lost my mind mom this year to cancer. This song reminds me of her because I am the baby of the family. She told me she was worried about me the most when I asked why and not to worry I was I was facing my worst fear losing my mom I loved so much and still do she said because u and I did everything together when u were younger I love u but most of all ur my baby. I love u mom thank u for all u did for me . Morgan barner
  4. Me hace llorar, porque a mi me paso lo mismo del final de la canción no pude despedirme de mi hermano bello q era como mi padre... Solo llore como un baby ... Vivo en Barcelona 
  5. Every time I hear this I cry. 
  6. Damnit right in the feelings...R.I.P Mom 
  8. This song makes me want to not more far away from my mom. Like to stay at most an hour away.
  9. this is my favoret song from blake shelton its really a touchy song if you ask me (:
  10. who else cries every time they hear this song?
  11. Why would some one dislike this
  12. My brother used to always play this song for our mom before he died. :(
  13. Hug your moma now before she is gone. Because one day she will be. 
  14. This is my song to my daddy.
  15. I dont remember my mother. my mother died when i was two weeks old. I am the youngest of her five kids. i miss her every day
  16. I nevey cry, But this song makes me tear up. RIP linda sue woods
  17. I cry like a baby everytime i listen to this song! I get flashbacks it helps the pain come out!
  18. cry, cry and cry! this song is wonderful! mother love <3 
  19. I love this song!!! It brought me to tears! :')
  20. this is for Angel E. MY LOVE
  21. This reminds me of me and my mom
  22. good song ! 😊 my dad talked about this song once before and I could've sworn that I've heard it. but I just listened to it for the first time that I can remember and I like it. my uncle harley actually wrote this, well done ! 😊
  23. Blake Shelton is probably one of the only males (besides Tim McGraw) that can bring me to tears... I don't have the best relationship with my mother but I still appreciate everything she's ever done for me, if it wasn't for her I'd never be here, love you mom 
  24. That is how I felt at my uncle's untimely death and memorial 
  25. I'll always be her baby.. RIP mom