Blake Shelton - The Baby (Official Video)

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  1. Hug your moma now before she is gone. Because one day she will be. 
  2. I love this song
  3. Blake Shelton - The Baby (Official Video) 
  4. this song is so sad but just remember that she will always be in ur heart don't forget that 
  5. I'll always be her baby.. RIP mom
  6. This song sure brings back alot of memories of my Mom. I was the baby of the family and I did get bye with more than my sisters could.I miss you mom very very much. l am sitting here now thinking of y0u and tears are streaming down my face. But I know that because I can feel you looking down on me. I love you MOM and will see you again when the angels are ready to come and take me home.
  7. Yes it bring tears to my eyes thinking about my mom. And am the baby in the family 
  8. When my mom was in the hospital after a stroke, I went home to rest & change after several days in the hospital. This song came on the radio as I drove back to see my mom - when I arrived my family was waiting and mom had passed. Saddest day ever!!! I am the "baby" and mom was my best friend!! Makes me cry every time!!
  9. this is my favoret song from blake shelton its really a touchy song if you ask me (:
  10. Enjoy !!!!
  11. love this song....
  12. I lost my mind mom this year to cancer. This song reminds me of her because I am the baby of the family. She told me she was worried about me the most when I asked why and not to worry I was I was facing my worst fear losing my mom I loved so much and still do she said because u and I did everything together when u were younger I love u but most of all ur my baby. I love u mom thank u for all u did for me . Morgan barner
  13. That is how I felt at my uncle's untimely death and memorial 
  14. Blake's old songs are amazing
  15. After listening this song i always think for my child my daughter and granddaughter
  16. God i miss my momma
  17. Amo esta cancion me llega al corazon me a hecho llorar 
  18. Sitting in the airport trying to get back to my grandma/mom.........probably shouldnt have put this song on.......grown man crying in an airport.........
  19. good song ! 😊 my dad talked about this song once before and I could've sworn that I've heard it. but I just listened to it for the first time that I can remember and I like it. my uncle harley actually wrote this, well done ! 😊
  20. Last baby girl lost my mom 5 years of cancer I miss you mom
  21. this was my mom's favorite song I played it for the day she passed away
  22. Every time I hear this song I cry 
  23. *FOR YOU...♥♥♥*
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