Blake Shelton - The Baby (Official Video)

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  2. Mom & Ronnie, said back when this song came out it reminded me of you all - God, how much does it now that both of you are gone, think of both of you every day, I will always love you sm xxxooo
  3. Great song. My brother said that I was rotten to the core. I was the youngest child, so I got by with more. I guess she was tired by the time I came along. She'd laugh until she cried, I could do no wrong. She would always save me, because I was her baby. I worked a factory in Ohio, a shrimp boat in the Bayou, I drove a truck in Birmingham. Turned 21 in Cincinnati, I called home to mom and daddy, I said "Your boy is now a man." She said "I don't care if you're 80, you'll always be my baby." She loved that photograph, of our whole family. She'd always point us out, for all her friends to see. That's Greg he's doing great, he really loves his job. And Ronnie with his 2 kids, how 'bout that wife he's got. And that one's kinda crazy, but that one is my baby. I got a call in Alabama, said come on home to Louisianna and come as fast as you can fly. Cause your momma really needs you, and says she's got to see you, she might not make it through the night. The whole way I drove 80 so she could see her baby. She looked like she was sleepin' and my family had been weepin' by the time that I got to her side. And I knew that she'd been taken, and my heart it was breakin', I never got to say goodbye. I softly kissed that lady and cried just like a baby. 
  4. Great song Nashville needs to get back to their roots There are so many of the old writers out there that won't in my guess write this new rock country but I know they can write real country songs.. 
  5. This song came out when I was a freshman away at college. Driving back to campus after being home I developed a connection that I related to on some level. Still brings back vivid memories of listening to tunes in my truck, getting lost on back roads while escaping campus for a mental health drive away from campus.
  6. THis is a sad song 
  7. beautiful 
  8. who else cries every time they hear this song?
  9. I knew the guy that wrote that song never knew how close to my heart that song would be god bless you Harley may you r.i.p
  10. I am on the verge of tears this reminds me of my grandma and my dad I was really young when she died but I remember the love that she had for my dad.Its been 9 years since she past away and...god do I miss her.But we all know shes not in pain anymore.....Love you nannoo
  11. Blake Shelton is probably one of the only males (besides Tim McGraw) that can bring me to tears... I don't have the best relationship with my mother but I still appreciate everything she's ever done for me, if it wasn't for her I'd never be here, love you mom 
  12. this reminds me of my mad dash to the hospital to say goodbye to my mama. sadly i didn't make it.
  13. I love his eyes My hubby was hte baby growing up and i become the baby when I married him. His brothers were my big brothers and his mom was my baby. I was living 2 hours away when i got hte call she had died.
  14. I love you boys <3
  15. My son played this song to me over the phone when he was in Hawaii in the Marine Corps and I at home in California. We cried together over the phone. He said he wanted me to be proud of him before I died. I told him I was proud of everything he ever did right and there was a whole lot to be proud of. Then he was deployed to Iraq and died in a helicopter crash around seven months later. I never got to say goodbye. I'm so grateful that he played this song to me.
  16. he so sexy, love his eyes, my middle child says this song is his sister lol
  17. Best song
  19. I love my babies<3
  20. I am crying my mom did not pas away and I am Glad that she. Did not Because she said that because I was the oldest I am her baby R.i.p to all of your patients that have dyed I am sorry I do not wish that people have dye I wish we can only go to the age 20 Love you all 
  21. I WANT TO CRY:(
  22. I love you mom... From your baby
  23. Makes me cry every time
  24. My wife loves this song because the end was the same for her with her mother. Great song
  25. How can you sing it without crying? :(