Blake Shelton - The Baby (Official Video)

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  1. Mom & Ronnie, said back when this song came out it reminded me of you all - God, how much does it now that both of you are gone, think of both of you every day, I will always love you sm xxxooo
  3. Heard this earlier & it brings back so many memories of my mom's passing...
  4. I love you boys <3
  5. I always say this is about my youngest son. He got away with more then his 2 brothers.
  6. Sad song love it anyway
  7. How can you sing it without crying? :(
  8. K
  9. I lived this video to a tee 37 years ago today! I miss you Mom! :( I was her baby of 6 kids.
  10. Every time I watch this, I feel like crying.. Such a beautiful song.
  11. My son played this song to me over the phone when he was in Hawaii in the Marine Corps and I at home in California. We cried together over the phone. He said he wanted me to be proud of him before I died. I told him I was proud of everything he ever did right and there was a whole lot to be proud of. Then he was deployed to Iraq and died in a helicopter crash around seven months later. I never got to say goodbye. I'm so grateful that he played this song to me.
  12. he so sexy, love his eyes, my middle child says this song is his sister lol
  13. Best song
  14. My baby is 22 years old... the youngest of five...
  15. Im the youngest of 7 kids my mom passed away just before this song came out I was driving a 1993 Mustang when I heard it the first time it was like someone kicked me in the chest Im a 6'5" 250lb what some might call a tough well drilling country boy & this song had me in tears & I just do not cry!! I had to pull over and regain my composure it was absolutely devastating to me , I still get teary eyed when I hear it and a chin quiver or two It describes our family to a tee, even my brother robby I guess all the youngest kids must be crazy. Cause he nailed it with my family She did actually always called me her baby Miss you Mom 
  16. Got the call.. I figured one more day. I have to work.. but never got to say good bye.. .... I could not get to Tx fast enough from bama 
  17. My mom is very much alive, but had a health scare last year. Hearing this song, brought me to tears
  18. i loved this song the first time i seen it its a sad song it reminds me of things thats happnd to me
  19. This song is very touching for anyone who has lost someone that they love.
  20. Omg I'm happy this song makes me happy even though its a sad song :) :(o
  21. Cry every time I hear this. For my son love you so much my baby.<3
  22. one powerful song i tell u what yall.
  23. you were just a baby when you recorded this you man.
  24. I really like this song 
  25. i cried when i first heard this song. the way he tells the story in this song sound just like the same when my mom mamma passed just different places and did different things i can remeber going and seeing her in the hospital soooo sad
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