Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

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Music video by Bloodhound Gang performing The Bad Touch. (C) 1999 Interscope Records

  1. Im 16 and I feel like im 66 while listening to this song O~O 
  2. For fucks sake, i disliked this video four years ago, AND ITS STILL BEING RECOMMENDED TO ME!
  3. disgusting, they are objectifying bakers, they should be ashamed, can't believe people like this, i say we go cyber bully an astrophysicist in retaliation 
  4. oh, shout out to you feminists........just ask yourself this question. Does the rest of the world give a shit? I am going to answer that for you. Fuck N-O
  5. I'm a feminist and i have sooo much against this song and video. 
  6. Wish France was still white not black+islam goddamit 
  7. i'm i the only person who goes WTF did i just watch
  8. Feminism is nothing but glorified supremacism which has been over-used by far too many people. Far too many people believe that sexism only goes one way, just as many believe you cannot be racist against Caucasian people. Sexism exists, but it is far less of a problem than people would have you think. I have met far too many women that refer to themselves as Feminists as an excuse to simply be stuck-up. Ladies, you are not entitled to a kiss on the foot because of common mistreatment of your ancestors. If you are truly just as competent and capable as men then move on and get over yourselves.
  9. If a woman has a lot of sex she is not a slut. This song isn't sexist. Sex is natural and it feels good but people are burying themsleves under embarrassment and the fact that you must 'love' someone to have sex with them. Its just saying that we should have sex more. Its not saying that women exist as slaves or anything like that. My friend has sex with her best friends for fun and because it feels good without being their girlfriend. Why not? Sex makes people happy 😊. If I am wrong about the song please tell me, but I don't think its offensive to women at all.
  10. this song is so annoying and stupid. the vocals are off key. the lyrics are disgusting. i don't understand how this has over 100 million views. 
  12. I'm *Mr. Coffee*, I have automatic drip. I miss the *Discovery Channel* h/t to +Kat H​ for making me see this video from her other bloodhound gang video, haha
  13. Really? You censored "doggy style" while this whole song is about sex and gives you really amazing mental images. Fuck you Vevo ruining youtube. also why censor doggy style when i can say bitch fuck tom cruise shit cum guzzling dumpster cunt in the comment section?
  14. It feel like they're making fun of quite a lot of things...
  15. men > women,i hope all feminist can suck the dong they were meant to suck
  16. *Started Listening Tomthe **#BlooHoundGang** When Bam Magera Was pop, but THIS SONG IS AWEWOME*!‼️😉👍 (" The Bad Touch ") Bored at Cheer pra, wth Littlebit.. ☺️😁👍
  17. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch:
  18. im scared im in a dark room and for some reason i think they are behind me (>_<)
  19. I wonder what feminist will say if this song was made in 2014.
  20. like if you're watching in 2016.
  21. This video makes me laugh,
  22. Brings back good memories lol :-p
  23. Was that Peter Dinklage from GOT? I think it was :3
  24. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch:
  25. Im German so i like this song