Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

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Music video by Bloodhound Gang performing The Bad Touch. (C) 1999 Interscope Records

  1. This song is so.... Bad? Good? I honestly don't know....
  2. great moves
  3. old but good :)
  4. i never get tired of this song.
  5. oh so first monkey suits then fox suits i get it....
  6. can we please just keep liking and sharing, so this can get more views than gangnam style?
  7. LOL 100million views almost. such a great riff happy 420 stoners
  8. it's do it AS they do on discovery channel not like. these people's grammar is rubbish.
  9. out of all things to cut out.. they cut out the words "doggy style". its not like that makes it more appropriate haha
  10. Just epic this song is amazing
  11. I thought that censoring anything(I'm referring to the doggy word)basically has to do with parents(like was already said), political correctness, people with too much time on their hands(trolls), and people in general with not even a remote sense of home. Oh and Christians as a whole that swear fire and brimstone will rain on us evil, perverse, sodomites. Good thing I don't give a fuck.:-) 
  12. I want one of those suits.
  13. I understood approximately 1% of this song in 3rd grade.
  14. lol
  15. Holy shit! 96 million views? Jesus!
  16. C'mon 100000000 of views!
  17. When did 90's music get so weird.
  18. Wait, did they seriously just bleeped out "doggy" Style. Oh for fucks sake. I swear the future is going to be filled with prudes and sissy marys that can't use words like this. 
  19. like if your a 90s kids XD lol
  20. The 90's will never die!
  21. lol this brings back memories. This guy I dated acted just like this main guy. Starting to think this was his role model lmao
  22. Well, they are right: we are nothing but mammals.
  23. sweat baby sweat baby
  25. I like this crazy video, i wonder have they made anything new.