Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

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Music video by Bloodhound Gang performing The Bad Touch. (C) 1999 Interscope Records

  1. When did 90's music get so weird.
  2. Wait, did they seriously just bleeped out "doggy" Style. Oh for fucks sake. I swear the future is going to be filled with prudes and sissy marys that can't use words like this. 
  3. like if your a 90s kids XD lol
  4. The 90's will never die!
  5. lol this brings back memories. This guy I dated acted just like this main guy. Starting to think this was his role model lmao
  6. Wukong
  7. Word "doggy" in "doggy style" is censored? I actually rewinded, thought my PC stuck or smth... How retarded this can be? That's the lest offensive part of the song at that. What is wrong with this shit... I mean censoring all the wrong stuff everywhere, leaving brutality and offensive behaviours everywhere in. Good job. That ruined my dinner more than the worm part.
  8. lmao i remember when this song first came out. sucha classic :) ppl will always sing this song especially teeny boppers hahaaha
  9. sweet baby sweet!!!
  10. Małpy!
  11. Hahahah! I like how Discovery YouTube channel is recommended when I'm watching this video XD
  12. So this is the song my friend keeps singing. Nonstop, he sings 'you and me baby ain't nutin' but mammals so lets do it like they do it on discovery channel'
  13. I didn't know doggie was a swear
  14. I came here because of my WoW Gnome.
  15. "Getting horny now" haha
  16. i remember about story the villain who turn monkey after they againts the law that prohibit fishing on saturday...poor people!
  18. Cesar has become too strong
  19. Sex messages. Sex messages EVERYWHERE!
  20. I like how the Discovery Channel's youtube channel is right on the side of this video xD
  21. i can sing this all the way throw
  22. "I'd appreciate your input"
  23. music is shit but rly catchy
  24. Yung Arteezy
  25. thank you lieutenant sarcasm