Bon Iver "Holocene" SNL 2012

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Siempre quise abrir una cuenta en el youtube pero me gano la fiaca. Me costó mucho poder conseguir esta versión reciente de Bon Iver y ahora que la conseguí lo quiero compartir con todos los que seguimos y para quienes quieren escuchar a una GRAN banda. Desde Córdoba Arg, y bue es de la mejor calidad que pude encontrar.

  1. Not a dumb question at all it seems. Had to look over the video and there doesn't seem to be any clear bassist. My best guess would be that the bass line we're hearing is coming from Justin Vernon's topmost "E" string. His thumb seems to hit it whenever I hear a bass note. Whether they did something with the amplification/sound or the actual guitar string (a thicker guage perhaps?) I'm not sure, but the type of guitar he's playing would definitely contribute to warmer tones.
  2. 6-string bass far left front..
  3. I don't think he knows what he's singing about either.
  4. Who. the. fuck. dislikes. THIS?
  5. Music can do that to you. Sometimes I will here a song and it brings back so many memories and it gets me emotional.
  6. Derivative of what? Influenced maybe. I've heard nothing like bon ivers latest. You're looking for someone witty to challenge your infinite unquestionable wisdom? Well, all I can say is that it doesn't take much wit to toss around a few unjustified adjectives and label a band based on preconceptions of something you obviously know nothing about. Normally I'd leave you alone to listen to whatever trash you might consider music, but you're very pathetic, and you need to realize it. Good day.
  7. dude!! every single person in this band is so talented, and so passionate. I would love to see them live!
  8. lol are you serious ?:D
  9. Off topic but black boy is jamminnnnn. Anyway, awesome piece of art
  10. Ben Wallace...
  11. check out live at Coachella 2012. Easily one of the greatest show I've ever seen. so fucking beautiful.
  12. Finally, America's begun to produce music that's adored simply because it deserves adoration. Music of such substance that no additional hype is needed. If this were created by a pack of reanimated prairie dog corpses, its awesomeness would not be diminished.
  13. thats not true, i have seen them live and quite frankly they do have playback bass on a couple of songs. they have a "real" bassist too but on some songs he plays saxophone or something and then the bass comes from the tape
  14. fag a good one.
  15. Moody Hipster with hurt feelings replying with a meaningless remark..
  16. White butler is really into this and so am I
  17. Really love their music.
  18. You're on your own on that one; Justin is awesome!
  19. desde cordoba te digo gracias por compartir che muy buena banda hace poco empeze a escucharla
  20. pretty ......that is all
  21. this....this is art
  22. MIne is "We smoked the screen to make it what it was to be"
  23. That awsome moment when your favourite band sounds as perfect as the album. That's talent.
  24. I wish I could of gone. I live in Colorado Springs so if he comes back I'll make sure to get some tickets.
  25. Or just simply Certified Badass.