Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time

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I do not own the rights to this. I thought is was awesome, and wanted to share it.

  1. Ain't this song the truth :-/ But still, it's very powerful. Very Beautiful. One of those pieces that cuts to the core of you.
  2. Learning to live with the melancholy has been a long journey for me, and one that led me to finding a lot of fantastic in what many consider to be ordinary. After days, weeks, months, of laying in the dark, I kept having to break down a number of beliefs and structures I'd been raised to believe as truths, and that were found empty and unable to provide solace. At least to me. Perhaps I became more ok with not knowing everything, even though I wanted to. My world grew to allow that somethings can seem paradoxical to my eyes, and perhaps only have a better understanding in ways I've not yet learned. That in sorrow, I could find a way to joy. That in defeat and brokenness I could find some peace. That in my individual story of my humanity, I found humanity's shared story of awkward discovery and stumbling forward. So I survived and I learned, and I look for the hints of beauty at the corners and intersections of odd things. I find joy in a breath drawn, that doesn't have to, and a moment to listen to music or laughter or honking of horns. It is hard when our childhood dreams die, when our illusions and constructs fall apart, when we see behind the curtain. When we commence that transition from 'fantasy' to 'fact', or at least our perceptions of them. And then there.. sneaking and peeking around the corners again, the dreams and the beauty twinkle and call us out. Not that we reject fact and launch out into fantasy, or that we build walls against the fantastic and bury ourselves in the fact, but perhaps that we might find a way to walk in the ungainly balance of fantastic facts. Of a world that has dreams and reality. Perhaps this too will fade for me one day, to be replaced by something different. But for now it is where I am, and I will continue to try to walk and learn, listen and share, seek and discover, and be thankful for these extra breaths, these friends I have found, and the fantastic facts that surround. It is enough. And I'm going to go have some cereal. I'm thankful for cereal today.
  3. Well played, Mr. Iver! I don't like the way how you sung here, though. Peter Kroll, Singapore
  4. 5:58 
  5. at 5:10 he misses a note, he is human after all!! awesome song.
  6. Beautiful rendition. Why would this make anyone sad, cry, depressed or otherwise melancholy?
  7. I hear the angels calling.....such a talented soul. I'll be honest man....I'm man enough to admit that this song makes me cry sometimes.....
  8. The power of beards
  9. Aint nothing wrong with sorrow, but you gotta make room for something else... Thin line between heaven and here
  10. Sing like a man
  11. the video has a lag to it
  12. Tune that fuckin piano. That and take your ball bag out of the vice and sing like a goddamn man. 
  13. No matter how many times I watch this video, it still gives me shivers each time.
  14. Beautiful <3
  15. final nail in the coffin of fever. balling
  16. This reminds me of my older brother, he is drug addicted and I try everything to get him back on track, but not much a 16-year old boy can do about it. I just hope that someday he'll wake up before he gets to the point were nobody will be there for him. 
  17. Love! One of my fave artists!
  18. Beautiful rendition.
  19. Wow.
  20. thanks for sharing. indeed awesome.
  21. wonder - full <3
  22. Y,know,sometimes you browse thru tunes on YT and just by chance you happen to hear a song that just makes you go wow,I've just heard that song,take a bow Bon,total class,only two songs that better it are Stagnation by Genesis and The Riddle by 5 for fighting,many thanks man.
  23. Jason...just you.
  24. had this on repeat for days now...
  25. It is what is it.
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