Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time

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I do not own the rights to this. I thought is was awesome, and wanted to share it.

  1. ฝันดี ฝันหวานครับ ทุกๆคน #Good Night 
  2. No. It's called complete shit because that's what it is.
  3. Now I must confess something - I passed this song many many times before - just because of the title, now I took my time and listened to it and it made me cry ... He has got it right, that is how it feels when love has come to its end and basically there's nothing left.
  4. Hell no I'm not! This guy's singing was horrible! 
  5. Absolutely beautiful! I hope this man is famous because he deserves to be discovered!
  6. Makes me think of my wife. I love her so much and wish she felt the same. Sad song
  7. You might want to pick a more masculine key..... ;-)
  8. simply enjoy the day
  9. S <3
  10. so damn soothing
  11. beautiful!
  12. Quak quak quak. Trying hard yes but cannot sing. Even the piano is slightly out of tune! 
  13. Oh god, stop this pain
  14. I love this song!!! it's just SO beautiful and this version is also beautiful and really good!! ^__^ 
  15. I think I just heard heaven 
  16. Now THAT is talent. 
  17. The power of beards
  18. loooooove
  19. ADELE IS STILL THE BEST THAN HIM as fast as she is.
  20. I can never seem to comment on this video because then it would mean I would have to pause it which would mean stopping the music and I just can't bring myself to do it...Until today, after I've heard for 2 years. Well now that ive explained why I've never given this video any sort of accreditation in the form of a comment on YouTube for everyone to see I would like to do it now............ This song is fucking incredible!!!!!!!??! #(+#$+##+@(#-$-🙌🙌🙌🙌
  21. hey kingofalldoughboys... id love to hear your voice... you ass hole. This guy has timing, breathing, soul and control. Its a beautiful performance. And unique. I also respect his piano performance. Whereas your post is just a pathetic waste of letters..barely worthy of the English language. Well done Bon Iver. 
  22. awful. just awful. so friggin painful to listen to this. sounds like a dying cat
  23. Hell no I'm not! This guy's singing was horrible! 
  24. best cover of this song