Bring It On Home | Playing For Change | Roger Ridley

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New CD/DVD Playing for Change 3 available everywhere. Watch the newest video for "Words of Wonder/Get Up Stand Up" featuring Keith Richards at - After we discovered Roger Ridley performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and asked him if we could record him singing the John Lennon version of Stand By Me, we were so blown away with his presence and enthusiasm toward music and people that we wanted to film his entire set. This song, Bring It On Home, Roger dedicated to Mark in that moment. Learn more and join the PFC movement at To browse our videos and CD/DVDs available for purchase, visit Order the CD/DVD Playing For Change Songs Around The World" now at! Order the "War/No More Trouble," "Stand By Me," "Don't Worry," and "One Love" videos and the new Songs Around The World album now at itunes! JOIN THE MOVEMENT See the PFC Band live: To learn more about the work of the PFC Foundation, visit

  1. I have a petition to erect a statue of Roger in Santa Monica where he used to play if anyone could sign thanks. 
  2. tão linda.... Se você mudar seu pensamento . . . 
  3. What a voice... Unbelievable😃!! RIP Roger, thanks for sharing.
  4. Just signed the petition. Lets make this happen
  5. Some of the most talented musicians never make it to the big stage but artists like Roger are far better than most modern day performers. Not only a great talent, the goodness shone from him showing others how you can be great and humble at the same time. RIP Roger. 
  6. Таныг бурхан өршөөг... Агуу төслийн санаа танаас эхэлсэн гэдэг... Амгалан нойрсоорой...
  7. А вот без двигателя прогресса, о жизни без кариеса, между делом, ну ни как нельзя обойтись было!! Прям бежал, что бы остановить плейлист.. Грязи и на ТВ хватает..
  8. R.I.P.... You Went Home. : | Cause You Brought it Home. God Bless ''' Great Soul, Great Street Performer, again.......... R.I.P .. You at Home.
  9. A great musician. A great voice.Thank you, Roger. RIP.
  10. R.I.P genius!!
  11. Meu DEUS, que VOZ!
  12. Damn, i love sam cooke. But man, roger NAILED that song!
  13. The People's Musician
  14. thanks roger. rip. gone but not forgotten
  15. Rest in peace. A beautiful person!
  16. deze man heeft een stem die ik nooit eerder heb gehoord , dit is soul in de puurste vorm , zo diep komt dit binnen , kippenvel , een groot artiest is niet meer, helaas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Bring It On Home | Playing For Change | Roger Ridley RIP Rodger
  18. gostei muito , você canta d+
  19. thanks for this music i love it
  20. nossa que linda voz que dom este homem tem fico feliz quando encontro musicas boas assim
  21. R.I.P.... You Went Home. : | Cause You Brought it Home. God Bless ''' Great Soul, Great Performer, again.......... R.I.P .. You at Home.
  22. Marvelous version of a great song by Sam Cooke.
  23. “With a voice like yours, why are you singing on the streets?” Roger replied, “Man I’m in the Joy business, I come out to be with the people.”
  24. Grande pezzo di Sam Cooke, cantato da un grande cantante.
  25. R.I.P. Roger Ridley
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